Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Software Update Coming Soon, Bringing Touchwiz Along

Ready for some software “enhancements” from Samsung? I thought so (or not), because Touchwiz, a new app drawer, Samsung Media Hub, Swype, several new widgets and unlocks are headed to the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 soon. Once updated however, there isn’t a stock way to go back. However, there will be an iPad 2-esque remote wipe and tracking function. Check out all the details on the upcoming update, at the source link. Via: Samsung

Mac OS X Lion Now Available To Devs As Gold Master

As in software engineering, any software that has reached “Gold” or “Gold Master” status means that it is ready for primetime, and all or any bugs have been squashed (until more are inevitably found). Well, if you’re waiting for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion later this month when it launches on the Mac App Store for $29, then you’ll be happy to know that some of your favorite applications will probably be taking advantage of the new OS X by the time it launches.

Now Anyone Can Join Google+ By Using Their Google Account

That’s all folks. Google+ is now open to anyone and everyone with a Google account, as according to the Google+ homepage. Yours truly is on Google+, so you can add me to a circle here. Since the service is highly successful within its first week of availability, I do have to say I’m putting positive bets on Google+ and that already it will be one of the major new social networks of the new digital social age. Oh, and it’s awesome. Via: Google+

Skype for Android now has video calling on select devices

Since Skype is on a roll recently with their acquisition from Microsoft, the announcement of an upcoming iPad app, and now a completely redesigned Android app that supports video calling on devices that use Android 2.3 and above, specifically on the following devices: HTC Desire S, the Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, the Sony Ericsson Xperia pro, and the Google Nexus S. According to Skype, more handsets will be added in the close future. More new features for the app include a new main menu, easier contacts integration and access, a “mood box” much like the desktop client, and of course bug fixes. It is available for free on the Market.

Via: Official Skype Blog

iTunes App Store Now Houses More Than 100,000 iPad Apps

That’s great news out of Cupertino this morning. The iTunes App Store is now home to 100,000 apps optimized or specifically made for the iPad. Is it unusual? Not in Apple’s case. Does it belittle other tablet makers and their app offerings? Very much so. With tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and HP Touchpad debuting with only a few hundred or thousand apps, to see this milestone come at the launch of said tablets either is infuriating or inspiring for them. Via: MacStories

Awkward: RIM Replies Anonymously To Open Letter By “High-Level” Anonymous Employee

If things couldn’t get worse for RIM than its falling stock, execs losing income, software flops, managerial crisis (as seen from the outside) and overall disapproval of their products, then it’s the open letter sent to BGR this morning regarding a long and candid look at where and how bad the company’s current status is, purportedly all written by a high-level employee who has been verified as an actual employee, but not to the point of a name or title.

On the other side, RIM published a blog post today in response to the letter — without anyone in the byline. Just another anonymous. Awkward. However, it’s good enough to know that despite all the negativity around the BlackBerry RIM is still up to responding to some of it.