My Favorite Laptop, The Alienware M11x, Is Now On Sale For $600


The Alienware M11x, which as you might know, is Stefan’s favorite laptop (this post is being typed on it now). Ask any agent at Alienware headquarters and Dell, and they’ll tell you I love it god-knows-how-many-times, gave it “Stef’s Top Pick Award”, and pwns n00bs nightly in either Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, or Bad Company 2. Now, the Core 2 Duo version (that means no Optimus for you, like me, sadly) costs $599.

That’s right, for $600 bucks you can get one of the most highly-awarded laptops of the year, with 160GB of hard drive space and 2GB DDR3 RAM.

Of course, that config is nothing compared to the 4GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, Core i7, Optimus battery-conserving rig I’m typing this on. But it’s good nonetheless. Via: Dell Online Store

Windows Phone 7 side-loading tool released

Think of this like a jailbreak, or something like that. By downloading a simple executable file (.exe to you geeks, like me for example) and a few of those familiar clicks, you can side-load apps on to your Windows Phone 7 device. The main purpose according to ChevronWP7 is to test experimental applications, or with different APIs. Otherwise, if you have some nerd genes, go straight to the “via” link for the download. And that’s only if you have some nerd genes. Via: ChevronWP7

Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds On Windows Phone 7 Is “Highly Unlikely” This Year

So, Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7? Not happening, at least not this year. Strangely though, ever since Microsoft illegally used Angry Birds as a form of showing what types of games were launching on Windows Phone 7, Rovio Mobile has been quietly angry about discussing anything related to WP7.

Case in point: Don’t piss off the birds at Rovio. Via: TheNextWeb

Samsung Mesmerize Review

The fifth out of 6 Galaxy S phones (or is it seven) is the Samsung Mesmerize, a re-named and completely identical version of the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon Wireless, which is also the first true “Bingifed” Android smartphone. The only difference for the Mesmerize is that it’s on the 5th largest carrier in the United States, U.S. Cellular. Keep in mind they only offer CDMA service in 26 states (excluding Florida, for one), so I’ll consider this review just something for the heck of reviewing it.

Nokia’s X7-00 handset chasing cars in Need for Speed, uses a buggy Symbian build

So Nokia. it’s a company not exactly favored by smartphone-goers right now, but still, they’re resilient enough to go ahead and launch the XSeries set of phones that focus on multimedia. Specs of the X7-00 will roughly match that of the Nokia N8 Failure Edition, except the X7-00, being the media smartphone that it is, has 4 Dolby speakers, and a buggy-looking, early build of Symbian running on it. You can see it in action above, if another Nokia device interests you. Via: Nokiasaga

Update: The video’s gone private. Oh well.

Windows Phone 7 Reaches 3,000 Apps And 15k Devs With More Inbound

It’s time to see how far Windows Phone 7 has come since its November 8th launch, and that’s 3,000 apps and games, with 15,000 developers and counting. These numbers of course please the Windows Team Blog who announced the new milestone, but until we can get to review one of those bad guys, I’ll be staying very expecting of Windows Phone 7. And yes, I’m still waiting on my review unit from AT&T.

In the meantime for you Black Friday buyers/maniacs/bargain-hunters, you can buy any WP7 device and get another one free, providing that you sign 2 contracts, each worth the usual two years of agony.

Gingerbread Chilling Out On Samsung Nexus S

Hey, and Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. readers! Also, looks like with have the Samsung Nexus S running Gingerbread, and it’s definetely using a 4-inch screen (Super AMOLED or even its successor, SA 2), with 800 x 480 resolution (sigh), an ARMV7 CPU, and the ability to shoot video in 720p (a given on any high-end Android device). More shots are at the always-sneaky and helpful XDA-Developers.

Via: Giz