Apple Had Amazing Q3 Results, As Is to Be Expected

Think of this: Apple has iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion coming around the corner further stabilizing their dominance in proiding amazing user experiences on their hardware, and further advancing their monopoly of making the nearly-perfct software. But what about hardware? Well, for the third of 2011, Apple sold 20.34m iPhones, 9.25m iPads, and 3.95m Macs. Those numbers are well above the estimates made by analysts and Wall street. PR after the break for your analysis.

More Minecraft 1.8 Screenshots Added: Cooked Chicken And Taller Maps

So while the release to the monumental Minecraft Beta 1.8 nears, more screenshots have been outed by both Notch and Jeb, this time displaying cooked chicken (seen after the break) and taller natural formations. Also an experimental bug launcher is available for those who would like to stress-test it and give the geeks at Mojang AB an easier time at getting the new launcher ready for Minecraft Beta 1.8. Via: MC Forums

Google Has Acquired G.Co For Shortening Their Products

Tired of long URLs for Google’s products and pages (like Google+ profiles)? Well, Google is too, so they have now, much like Twitter’s, and Amazon’s Apparently the link will go online later today, and will be the ultimate form of verification that you’re visiting a true Google page or product, in the format of[XYZproduct/service]. As for the price of said TLD, .Co founder Juan Diego Calle states a domain like costs more than $1.5 million, and as part of this monumental addition to the .Co portfolio, the 500 Startups will become, therefore giving the “.Co” branding the true definition of “company”.

So now, here’s the question: Is better than

Samsung Within/Galaxy S II For Sprint Seen Chilling In Blurry Fashion

Well, will you take a look at that? My fellow geeks at Thisismynext have busted open another exclusive (don’t be surprised, it just happens for them) and took a short but blurry look at the Samsung Galaxy S II variant for Sprint, which in the recent months was dubbed the Samsung Within. As all reports of US-bound Galaxy S II go, the new line of Galaxy S II devices will all have Android 2.3.4 with Touchwiz 4.0, an 8 megapixel camera and front-facing, and the dual-core 1GHz to 1.2GHz ARMv7 setup seen in the European model, as well as possibly coming in every carrier’s flavor of “4G”. In this case, we (and by “we”, I mean “I”) cannot wait for the Galaxy S II to launch here in the States. It’s just boss.