Latest HTC Merge Leak Found In This Month’s Entrepreneur Magazine

Turns out since I’m an avid reader of the Entrepreneur Magazine, I feel ashamed having not being able to provide *cough* better photographs than AndroidCentral did. Everything you’d want to know about the Merge is in the ad, including its abilites, like “a work phone that’s updated for your life … Everything your work phone couldn’t do.” Turns out the Merge has been so heavily leaked that I’m wondering why Verizon hasn’t released it yet, due to the high specs it has, the Merge could have even been considered an honorary DROID.

Via: AndroidCentral

The Shiny LG Star Runs Froyo With A Skin (Sigh), Looks Cool

Look, it’s the LG Star! Considering phones like these never get to keep their prototype naming when going to retail, you can stop dreaming of owning a Star (no pun intended) but LG’s star is pretty powerful because this new leak confirms some of the specs: a Tegra 2 processor, 8MP Camera, 1080p video, front-facing camera, Android 2.2 with LG skin (insert joke about crappy skins other than Sense and Blur here) and lastly — that’s it. Check out the source below for the full plethora of photos.

Via: Phandroid Forums

Windows Phone 7 To Get Double Whammy Update In January?

According to what seems like insider knowledge from Microsoft WP7 dev Chris Walsh, the first ever update for Windows Phone 7 will be “massive” and could be considered Windows Phone 8. Keep in mind Microsoft learned from Google and Android, and that every once in a while when a software update is needed on the platform, Microsoft will independently send you the update without much carrier oversight, like an Windows 7 software update. And purportedly what will be in the new update would be some heavily requested user features like Bing turn-by-turn voice directions, custom ringtone support (yeah, Microsoft forgot), copy/paste (they “forgot”that too), and multi-tasking (of some form, maybe 3rd party access). So, now we wait for the things that Microsoft’s new platform should have had from the beginning. Via: WPCentral

Motorola Olympus unintentionally sparks Facebook post from AT&T, gets yanked

That was quick. While I saw it develop over Twitter, this recent development on the Motorola Olympus smartphone — mainly interesting due to the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor — on Facebook prompted a swift pull from AT&T on the message, which replied to a user asking when the Olympus might launch, and received an answer of “the Motorola Olympus should be available in December or January.” Sounds good, no? Turns out AT&T officially states that “This response was posted erroneously. We don’t have any information to share about upcoming devices.”

Interesting. Via: BGR, AT&T On Facebook

Is Windows Phone 7 Even Selling?

Microsoft produces the most popular operating system of all time for PCs. After getting slapped back and forth on the mobile space, a new market to create, sell, and rule, Redmond decided enough was enough and set its eyes on Windows Phone 7. Long story short, they have 5 devices in the United States, and not one report has originated with solid info on how many have been sold. Handsets like the Dell Venue Pro are hard to find, but not because they aren’t selling; only a few are in stock and users buy them on the spot.

It immediately begs the question why, since Microsoft has been so keen on releasing Windows Phone 7, making all of their devices “wonderfully mine” (a motto for the campaign) and designing what can only be described as a good start, many times better than when Palm launched the Pre, and which failed in the longterm.

And now onto your usual programming.

Sprint 4G Lights Up in 6 New Cities, Miami Included

Early this morning, Sprint pulled the plug (or plugged it in) for 4G WiMAX in six new cities: Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. These additions join the 68 other markets where 4G is a staple and is currently active. As for San Franciso, Sprint thinks “that it expects to launch the San Francisco market – home to Silicon Valley and thousands of tech enthusiasts – on Dec. 28.”

And if you remember, LaptopMemo had an exclusive on 4G spotty coverage in Miami, and it turns out that our connect was just about one day late on the arrival of Sprint 4G. Via: BusinessWire

T-Mobile G2 Will Be Free On Cyber Monday, With A Contract Of Course

Now is the time to look at Cyber Monday, when technology is the center of savings for the holiday season. So far, the first deal that crossed my inbox is the T-Mobile G2 for free on a 2-year contract with T-Mobile, online only. The Android 2.2 stock, 5 megapixel with 720p HD recording, 800MHz Snapdragon MSM 7230 generation chip in this superphone packs a better punch than most Snapdragons (which are clocked faster) and it has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Enough with the refreshers and the deals, this post ends — now.

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