I’ve Bought Myself A DROID X. And I Don’t Know Why.

See, I’ve gotten myself a DROID X from AmazonWireless, for one penny on a 2-year agreement. According to Amazon, it should be on its way next week without issue (it’d better). And honestly, I don’t know why I did it. You could argue it’s “slow news day” and I have nothing to post (which in fact, is absolutely true) but I think it may just be because I wanted a beast of an Android device.

Only for it to become superseded in a matter of weeks.

At least Gingerbread should be coming on it soon — hopefully. I’ll be posting an unboxing and review when it gets here.

And then laugh at my Motorola contact who’s never been able to loan me one for review.

LaptopMemo Gift Guide 2010: Smartphones

Last year they were called smartphones, I think I’ll call them superphones, even if the phrase will go down in blasphemy, it’s pretty cool. But to save you from the confusion, I’ve titled this guide “smartphones”, so let’s continue. The phones seen below on all four major carriers in the United States are what I think were the best of this year, and deserve to be presents for the holidays. Let’s continue, shall we?

Something I Forgot To Post: Parrot AR Drone In Person

This is something I actually forgot to post from CES Preview, which was exactly 9 days ago. Turns out, one of the best (and only) things that there were was free food (!), my Samsung contacts and the Galaxy Tab with Galaxy S, and finally the Parrot AR Drone. This wonderment of technology that meets R/C, toys, and mobile smartphones is controlled by your iPhone/iPad using its motion censors. You’ve probably heard of it a thousand times, and if you haven’t I’ll continue with how it works.

Each one costs $299.99 and comes with an outdoor and indoor kit, both pictured in the gallery below. the AR Drone is a noisy UFO-like object, but when in action it’s a reason to smile at today’s toys. On numerous occasions, the demo AR Drone followed me around the showroom, and even tried to bump into me, while mostly everyone else smiled and laughed. And for some reason, my Dad wants one, and not me. Interesting.

Originally there was going to be HD video of it in this post, but then the file is not being read. Oh well. Enjoy the shots after the “more” then.

All DROIDS From Verizon Now 1 Cent At Amazon

If you’re missing the $200 necessary for a new DROID smartphone, then if you don’t have a penny I’m going to have to report you. AmazonWireless is selling all the Droids — the X, Incredible, 2, and Pro — for one darn penny each on a new contract with free activation, which lasts until November 22nd.

You’d be a complete n00b not to buy one of these if you can. Via: AmazonWireless

Toyota’s RAV4 EV is quite a looker, and Tesla powers it

Tesla and Toyota are pretty much in perfect harmony now with the RAV4 EV debuted at the LA Auto Show. Current models can go travel 100 miles on single charge, but Toyota is currently fine-tuning the 2012 RAV4 EV to get that 100 mile battery life in all conditions, and even more than just that. As for Tesla’s involvement, they pretty much have everything to do with designing the SUV; the power train, battery, electronics, electric motor, gearbox and software.

Twitter Adds “Who To Follow” To All Users, Names And Tab Still In Testing

Apparently Twitter has gone out of their way tonight (that start is just not well-written) and released the “Who To Follow” page to the public. The URL is accessible to any Twitter user, but only a few thousand as it seems get access to the tab, which either has the name of “People”, “Who To Follow”, or “Directory”; the latter is what I see in my account @stefanetienne.

The main purpose it seems of this new trick up Twitter’s wing is to find users that you want to follow, calculated by the tweets you publish, for example tweets I’ve made about gaming have directed me to companies like Bungie and Machinima commentators like MuzzaFuzza, as well as the users that you follow and follow you.

Although most of these tools had already existed in past forms, this particular incarnation is different from all the others, because it completes the new site design and integrates deeply with one thing: getting you to be more active on the site by finding more accounts that are related to your interests.

But it’s a great idea.

iOS 4.2.1 Gold Master Now Available For Apple Devs, Hopefully Final

Hopefully, this is the final Gold Master version of iOS 4.2.1, which should be inbound to iPhones, iPads, and iPods soon enough. Reported fixes is the final clamp on that Wi-Fi bug and a few other improvements for members of the Apple Dev Center. If you know a dev, ask him/her for iOS 4.2.1. If you don’t know anyone, then try not to get it off BitTorrent or something and wait for the release.

Like you’d ever listen to that.

Via: Apple