LG Makes An Android Called Optimus 2x, And It Has Tegra 2 For Extra Pwnage

LG. Android 2.2 (2.3 hot on heels after launch). Nvidia Tegra 2  processor at 1GHz. 8GB of on-board storage (up to 32GB with  microSD). A 1,500mAh battery. 4-inch WVGA display. HDMI-out on 1080p HD. An 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording and 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera. And hopefully a battery life of 20 hours.

Those are the specs for an LG Optimus 2x, previously codenamed “Star”. This is, the most awesome sauce Android phone I’v seen in a press release. Damn, that Nexus S looks old now doesn’t it? It’ll launch in Korea next month, then Europe and Asia. No word on a U.S release, but when you see smoke, there’s usually a fire, and CES 2011 should bring plenty of these awesome smartphones. PR after the cut. Via: Eng

Gmail Now Has Email Delegation Feature, I’m Still Not Showing You My Personal Email

I could definitely tell you that Gmail now has a delegation feature that allows your assistant/sidekick to reply and create emails, as well as read them under your name, but not change settings, passwords, or chat. What I’m not going to do is hire someone to read my email for me (I’m perfectly fine, thank you). To find the feature, head into Settings, then the “Accounts and Import” tab. It’s been rolled out for all users, so there’s no waiting for a silent OTA. Via: Gmail Blog

LG Quantum Hands-On

Another box (smaller than the CR-48, of course) showed up today, and it contained an LG Quantum. This will be just a quick few quick impressions of what’s it like to use a Windows Phone 7 device (specifically the Quantum itself), in the bullet points below.

  • It’s a little heavy and bulky, and is a gallery of different plastics of different qualities. The Quantum is the lowest-end feeling handset in the WP7 line, and it shows (but it isn’t bad).
  • Windows Phone 7 flies on the 1GHz Snapdragon processor.
  • Slide-out keyboard is a little too large for comfortable use, and the FN/caps keys are oddly shaped and positioned.
  • The 5 megapixel camera with 720 HD recording are both well-balanced in terms of colors, and shutter speed.
  • The screen orientation doesn’t change when you open the keyboard. That is utter failure on LG’s and Microsoft’s part.
  • I’m going to have to spend plenty of time with the Quantum and WP7 to fully understand its pros and cons.

And a gallery is below, for your viewing pleasure (you’re welcome, don’t mention it).

LG Quantum Gallery

Hands-On With The Cr-48 Chrome Laptop!

Either this is surprise package day here at LaptopMemo HQ, or the tech gods are happy with us. In came the CR-48, Google’s reference hardware for Chrome OS. Right off the bat I’ve unboxed it, and found that the setup is extremely fast and easy, that all my bookmarks, apps, and history are available, and that this will be one of the most interesting tests I’ve done for a laptop.

The built-in camera works relatively smooth, the matte screen can be pretty (very) bright, and of course, the island-style keyboard is very comfortable (reminds me heavily of the Macbook Air and black Macbook). And as most reports have confirmed, the touchpad sucks, so I’ve connected the Tron Razer mouse which I reviewed earlier, and guess what? It works! The VGA port I haven’t used yet, and the SD card slot confuses me (don’t know where to browse the contents of the card). The USB works very well though.

Now if you’ll excuse us, it’s time to have lunch, and start extensively testing the CR-48. Check out the gallery below while I’m doing that and you’re — doing something.

CR-48 Hands-On Gallery

Google Voice Calls iPad And iPod Touch To Enter The Club, In A Half-Baked Way

In the world of the Phantom Tollbooth they’d call this a “half-baked idea” or a “half-baked dessert”. Say what you want, GVoice is official on the iPad and iPod Touch. Before you go “yippe-kay-yea”, this only enables the very basic features of Google Voice, while the calling feature (which is essentially a basic one) calls one of you phones, which in turn calls the person you’ve selected. Think of it as using a phone to call a phone, then to call another phone. It’s available now from the App Store, and is probably worth the download. Via: Google Voice Blog

Dell Venue Pro Delayed Till January. Like That Wasn’t Going To Happen.

Remember the Dell Venue Pro, a 4.1-inch, 1GHz Snapdragon, slide-up QWERTY monster of a smartphone? It possesses some of the greatest looks for Windows Phone 7, in my humble blogger opinion, but naturally it seems, Dell can’t help not messing up some new product when it launches. First was the Wi-Fi bug, then the battery, then SIM card issues, and now a release date and proper launch delayed till January, due to customers receiving emails from Dell stating so.

Le sigh. Via: xda-devs

Microsoft To Release Army Of Slates With iPad In Sights

With CES 2011 just around the corner, Microsoft might just be in the business of countering the iPad’s nearly unfailing goal of staying at the top. To make this report short, let me explain quickly what’s going on here: Microsoft may demo Windows 7 or Windows 8 on these tablets, which would be manufactured by Samsung, Dell, and others.

One particular model (the Samsung Gloria?) would have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, possibly turning it into a consumer-oriented productivity tablet, or just plain old business. Microsoft is also focusing on apps, as an app market would be present and based on the web. Either way, this upcoming CES will be full of surprises (and maybe that M13x I’ve been dreaming of from Alienware). Via: Bits NYT