HP Palm Pre 2 GSM unlocked available for $450

If you have a SIM card and $450, along with some reason to infinitely love HP webOS 2.0 and the Palm Pre 2, then HP is selling an unlocked version of the handset for $450, starting today, and shipping in 24 hours. Oh, and as a refresher of the specs for you, here ya go: 1 GHz processor, 3.1-inch multi-touch display with 320 x 480 resolution (meh), Wi-Fi b/g, Bluetooth, GPS, 16GB of on-board storage, and a 5 megapixel camera. Via: HP

Google adds online Docs editing to both Android and iOS devices

It’s about time. The famous Google Docs never, ever had a mobile editor, which severely pissed off many users, including myself. Turns out today people can quit their whining and experience basic (yet the best essentials) of online Google docs editing on iOS 3.0+ (including iPad) and Android 2.2+ mobile devices. A special feature for Android users is the speech-to-text feature first built into 2.1 Eclair (yet not supported on 2.1. Weird, right?), which let’s you jam out GDocs with your voice. According to the Google Mobile Blog, the editor will roll out in the next few days.

MemoDeals: Bad Company 2 for $13 at Amazon!?

I’m distraught. I’ve paid the full $29.99 for Bad Company 2 a few months ago on Steam, went up to Rank 33 Lieutenant with all unlocked weapons, and now Amazon is selling the same digital copy of the game — for $13. Woe is me! That only means you can profit, right? If you can’t afford Black Ops, or MW2 (both the same crazy $60), then spring for Bad Company 2. It was one of this year’s hottest games, wasn’t it? Via: Amazon

Toying Around With A New DROID 2

The DROID 2 really does feel — unreal — probably due to the inclusion of plastic on the front. Like a toy. It doesn’t feel like a serious DROID, like the X, Incredible, Pro or the original.

Thanks to the Verizon rep who unboxed it for me, and even let me bypass the activation screens just to take a quick look at an Android 2.2 device I’ve seen and used before.

[Thanks, VZWDude_Aventura!]

Twitter updates their iOS app with new features, promises Android and WP7 too

Two major apps on the iOS platform announced changes/app availability today, and in Twitter’s case, both Windows Phone 7 and Android. The new iOS app update brings the following:

Whenever an account that you follow mentions you, you’ll immediately receive a notification. You’ll know who is talking to or about you on Twitter, and you’ll be able to continue the conversation in real-time. Notifications for @mentions will initially be available on SMS and on the latest version of Twitter for iPhone, which you can download today from the App Store.

Some of these snazzy features (including ones not mentioned here due to numerous things, including @JakeOSmith being a semi-troll) are also being promised for smartphone users of other platforms, as Twitter explains they are “working hard to introduce this feature to Twitter for Android and Twitter for Windows Phone.” That’s welcoming news, isn’t it? The complete list of changes is below.

Via: Twitter Blog

Now This You’ll Never Forget: Official Google Voice App for iPhone Launches

Today, Apple said you’d never forget this day. Turns out, some band called th Beatles is now on sale in the iTunes music store. Big deal. But Apple was right, you’d never forget the day that the App Store approved the official iPhone Google Voice app, and it’s free. Push notifications of text messages and voicemails allows users to access GV’s settings and dialer directly from their iPhone. Now get downloading before something freaky happens, m’kay?