Apple Blocks Sale Of Galaxy Tab 10.1 EU, Design-Related Injuction Won In Germany

According to Foss Patents and numerous other sources, Apple has won a preliminary injuction against Samsung in their ongoing, worldwide intellectual property and patents battle, with Apple decalring one thing, for almost every new Samsung product released within the last few months: A copied or stolen design, technology, or “feel” that Apple has patented (in this case it’s a design patent in Germany for the iPad). This time it’s the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Apple has won an injuction to ban the sale of all Galaxy Tab 10.1s in the European Union, sans the Netherlands, where additional legal proceedings would need to be initiated to achieve the same result. Already in Germany, Apple’s immediate injunction now has the right to stop sales of the Tab 10.1 (and if Samsung disobeys, a fine of $350,000 per offence would be enforced) and until Samsung appeals (which is extremely likely), then the Tab 10.1 has no place in Germany. In fact, in order for Apple to secure the ban in every EU nation, then they will still have to follow through with extra paperwork.

Whatever they have to do at the moment though, it’s still a massive blow to Samsung. Via: Foss Patents

GUNNAR Anime Onyx Review: These Glasses Are Awesomesauce

I rarely give any reviewed product the “awesomesauce” in the title of the review. But the Gunnar Anime Onyx glasses does deserve it. To put it short and simple, these glasses are designed for long computer-usage. They refrain the amount of brightness seen on the screen, and turn that light into natural light, using several technologies that Gunnar has patented and/or has found in a variety of sunglasses/prescriptions. The end result is less eye strain, a smaller chance of migraines, along with well-lubricated eyes that could take several hours of computer usage without take a major beating to the optical nerves and/or the retina. As you might know, at the age of 14 I do spend quite a while in front of tablets, smartphones, computers, and just about anything else with a screen. So I do get eye strain (on occasion). And it is very annoying. So when I found out that Gunnars existed, and that my friends at ThinkGeek were willing to send me a pair for review, I decided it’s time to get locked and loaded.

Review after the break.

Google+ iOS App Updated, Now Works On iOS 5, iPod Touch, And iPad

Huzzah for a Google+ for iOS update! The app now supports several tweaked and performance related things, like aggregated circle add notifications, huddle settings, as well as adding support to both the iPad and iPod Touch. Also, when using my iPad 2 with iOS 5 beta 5 installed, the app works on it as well. Check out the rest of the details on the updated Google+ app at the iTunes link. Via: iTunes

$700 HP Touchpad “4G” HSPA+ Edition Now Up For Pre-Order

HP is so desperate to sell a ton of Touchpads. Like really. They’ve even discounted them, and now the $700 32GB internal storage, 1.5GHz processor, webOS 3.0.2, 4G HSPA+ model on AT&T is available for (sans-contract) pre-order on Amazon. Link for those interested in an operating system without much of a future at this pace on a tablet is at the source. I honestly believed a webOS tablet wouldbe a hit, but with so many bugs at launch (and most of those bugs fixed after launch) I’m no finding anyone interested in it, at all. Is webOS really doomed? Via: Amazon

Apple Releases A Low-End, Sans Thunderbolt $999 iMac For Education

In a bid to get schools and education customers into Mac territory (which is where educations should be), Apple has released an iMac for $999 with specs that have been brought down to a 3.1GHz Intel Core i3 dual-core processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 250GB hard drive, Mac OS X Lion, and an AMD Radeon HD 6750 GPU with 256MB of memory. Also worth mentioning is that the RAM is not upgradeable in this edition and there is Thunderbolt port (gasp!). Oh, and there’s no Bluetooth either. I really guess they had to compromise on this one. Via: Apple

iOS 5 Beta 5 Now Available As An OTA For Developers (updated)

iOS 5 beta 5 has just been released to developers, and is available for download via the new over-the-air update function found in iOS 5 beta 4, but can also be updated the old way: Connecting the iDevice to iTunes. Full changelog after the break.

Update: At the moment, not all iOS 5 beta 4 devices can get the update (including myself on my iPad 2), as Apple’s servers are under heavy strain. However, most of you devs should see the update by the end of today.

Suunto Core Glacier Gray review

Does anybody wear watches anymore? Well, people in fact do. Whether or not high-end watches like the Suunto Core will be all the rage like smartphones are is a definite doubt, but as seen the in the review after the break, there really isn’t anything wrong with this expensive watch. It’s pretty cool, actually.