Gran Turismo 5 Has Been Released

It’s done. It’s official. It’s finally over. The masterpiece that is Gan Turismo 5 is 1000+ cars, the most realistic physics and graphics of all time, 26 track locations with 71 layouts, the photo mode, the tuning and parts shops which change everything from oil to rims, and of course the music. It’s available now for PlayStation 3, and it’s downright awesome.

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Colorware Takes The Macbook Air And Gives It A New Coat — Of Money

See, the 2010 Macbook Air really isn’t that expensive. The 11-inch model runs at about $999, and the 13-inch at $1,299. For what’s essentially and iPad with a keyboard and Mac OS X, it’s pretty good. Turns out you can make your purchase little bit more expensive. By that, I mean a bucketload. The above version that I coin “LaptopMemo Edition” will run you about $2100, brand new. At minimum, the least you can spend seems like $1,850 in total.

I can go on for minutes talking about how expensive it is, but honestly: If you had $1,850 (or more depending on the finish), wouldn’t you make your very own laptop, and laugh at everyone else in the face? If you’re the “look at me” type, sure you would.

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Acer Unveils A Completely Evil 4.8-Inch Android Phone With 1024×480 Res

This is insane. I understand the land of EVO 4Gs and DROID X, but having this unnamed Android smartphone just announced by Acer with a 4.8-inch screen at 1024×480 resolution, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, 8 megapixel rear camera (with LED flash), 720p video recording,  six-axis Gyroscope + accelerometer and LED edge lighting, and Flash 10.1 support (FroYo or Gingerbread?) is inhuman.

According to Acer, it’s “100 percent smartphone. 100 percent tablet” (whatever that means) and it’s due for a release in April 2011. It also has Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11n WiFi, HSDPA support, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and an HDMI output, if your face has already melted off from the strengths of this tasty smartphone. Press release after the break.

The Notion Ink Adam Is Delayed Again. I Love The Smell Of Vapor, Don’t You?

It’s not like I don’t want the Notion Ink Adam to launch. I was once in good contact with Notion Ink’s CEO, Rohan Shravan, who was willing to give me exclusive video and photos of the tablet. Turns out, he and his team changed the Adam again and again, and then they became stupid. That’s right, stupid. If you can’t ship a tablet, why keep on adding more features? Turns out the Notion Ink Adam will now have A-GPS, 802.11n support, and Unreal Engine support using NVIDIA’s Tegra graphics chip.

That’s already on top of the 3.2 megapixel swivel camera, 2 USB 2.0 ports, mini USB, HDMI, a micro SD slot, SIM Card slot, and DC connector. On top of the Bluetooth 2.1 and Cortex A-9, on top of 10.1″ WSVGA (1024 x 600) display or a Pixel Qi display, both with multitouch. And again, on top of the headset jack, microphone, and stereo speakers.

If it keeps on getting delayed, and you keep on adding more features, how the heck will you ship this tablet? Tell me, I’d like to know smartie pants.

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Apple Gets Into Black Friday By Posting Sales Teaser

According to Apple it’s a “shopping event”. Turns out, like all other Black Fridays, Apple discounts their Apple products by a nice although not large amount, but enough for you to spot a difference. As long as you promise us that you won’t shove people around for the nearest iPad (and maybe buy us one; I kid, I kid) then get your angry mob kit ready, and head out to the nearest Apple store Friday, November 26th. Oh, and with the credit cards in “almost dead” mode.

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Razer’s Official Tron Mouse Out For $100, Brings Lights To Party

Guess what? If you like TRON: Legacy right now — which is entirely possible if you have a set of eyes and aren’t in  a cave — then Razer has designed a gaming mouse for the pro gamer crowd. Priced at $100, you get a mean and powerful 5600dpi 3.5g laser sensor, seven “Hyperesponse” buttons, a design resembling that of Tron, and lastly light and sound effects. I like this mouse. Which is why I’ve sent a review unit request.

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Samsung Mesmerize Unboxing

Turns out this is exactly like the Samsung Fascinate, which I reviewed, and liked but despised the option of no Google Search by default, or being available at all for that matter. U.S Cellular is a regional only carrier with service in 26 states (not Florida, but it’s roaming on 3G, possibly on Verizon) and is the fifth major carrier, the fourth being T-Mobile USA. Reviewing the Mesmerize will be a lot like reviewing the Fascinate, since the specs are exactly the same, except for one thing: It does have Google Maps and Google Search, by default.  Unboxing is below!

Netflix unveils its new streaming-only, cheap plan, jacks up the others

So, Netflix! It’s been leaked, has become a rumor, and now is confirmed and in effect. Current U.S customers of Netflix will have to pay a $1 extra on the most popular 1 DVD/2 DVD out with unlimited streaming plans (that means me), and new customers who don’t care about DVDs will have a streaming-only service option for $7.99 per month.

All plans in the Netflix range get price increases from $1 to $8 in fact. To see the entire chart of how much extra you’ll be paying, see the chart after the chop.