Motorola MOTOPAD Seen Again, This Time With Mr. BlurryCam?

When Andy Rubin dropped the bomb on Android 3.0 Honeycomb with a Motorola MOTOPAD prototype, some lucky dude on the other side of the planet (read: Taiwan) had a glimpse at the MOTOPAD in action — and took this blurry shot for the Internet to see. Specs mentioned were an Nvidia Tegra 2 T20 dual-core chip, gyroscope, 5 megapixel main camera, 2 megapixel front-facing, 7-inch and 10-inch versions with 1280×800 resolution (the one seen above), UMTS/CDMA/LTE connectivity, and lastly 32GB embedded MMC and the Android-lovers microSD slot.

Now we’ll have to see and wait to figure out that this guy wasn’t drinking any Four Loko (can you get Four Loko in Taiwan?), and that he has some legit data. Via: Eng, Mobile01

Microsoft Takes The Crown Again, Sells The Most Consoles For The Month

So, there’s this little company in Redmond called Microsoft. They make the Xbox 360 and Microsoft Kinect. Cut to the terrible post introduction, they’ve sold 1.37 million Xbox 360 units, a 68% rise in sales from the year beforehand. Kinect was a major player in providing that number as well, trumping the Nintendo Wii’s 1.2 million units (Sony hasn’t released any numbers, weird). Via: TNW

iPad 2 Will Contain Front, Back-Facing Cameras As “Confirmed” By Report

With the end of the year (and Christmas) nigh, it’s time for a new iPad 2 report — courtesy of Reuters. Citing many sources, Reuters has come to believe that the upcoming iPad 2 will contain both front-facing and back-facing cameras that work with FaceTime, a higher resolution display to stay in play with the iPhone 4 Retina display, and lastly a manufactururing date of early next year, for a release between March and April.

It’s pretty much what everyone expects from Apple; renewing the feature-set of a product every year when it was supposed to have said features in the first year, along with any other surprises that Steve Jobs wants to throw under. Time to start saving for the pre-orders I suppose. Via: Reuters

Google Makes GMail For Android Awesome Again

‘Tis the season for GMail on Android to become awesome once more. The new Gmail app version 2.3.2 adds better support of Priority Inbox, multiple send, tweaked interface for more buttons that were non-existent or only available in the menus, sent notifications of labeled “important” messages, reply, reply-all, and forward buttons when viewing email, and tons of extra awesome features.

Now the catch: it’s only for Android 2.2 and above, so if you’re one of those Galaxy S users *laughs, yet is sad* then you still have to wait on your carrier to push FroYo to you. Otherwise, scan the QR code to the right, or search ‘Gmail’ in the Android Market. Via: Google Mobile Blog

In Other News: Apple Releases Top iOS Apps For The Year List

If you were wondering what was popular this year on iOS, then look no further than Apple’s official list. Categories covered (if not all) include: Overall Paid iPhone Apps, Overall Free iPhone Apps, Overall Grossing iPhone Apps, Overall Paid iPad Apps, Overall Free iPad Apps, Overall Grossing iPad Apps. A lot of apps, eh?

It’s a very comprehensive list, and great for any developer to be on. Check it out, after the break. And by a list, I really mean a long list. Via: TC

RIM’s Other Smart Move, Renames WES 2010 To Blackberry World Conference

Here’s something else RIM is doing right, besides acquiring TAT: renamed the awfully-named WES 2010 Conference to Blackberry World Conference. Due to a more consumer approach for the company, attendees will be able to not have to say they’re going to the Wireless Enterprise Symnposoium next year, starting on May 3rd to the 5th, but to Blackberry World Conference in Orlando, Florida. Much better.

Also, here’s the new feature set for the event:

BlackBerry World will feature keynotes from leading mobile thinkers, over 100 breakout sessions, Hands-on Labs, BlackBerry training, and opportunities for certification.

Attendees of BlackBerry World will also be able to:

  • Hear the most current information about the BlackBerry solution, new application partners, and roadmaps for the future
  • See live demonstrations of the BlackBerry solution at work
  • Get answers from BlackBerry experts to develop value-driven wireless solutions, as well as carriers and vendors who can help provide valuable wireless research information
  • Meet and connect with key executives who are making the BlackBerry solution part of their business planning, and the industry leaders who are shaping the future of global wireless technology
  • Get training on the BlackBerry platform, with additional opportunities for technical certification

Hooray for practicality! Via: BGR

Exclusive: Hands-On With The Tron: Legacy Razer Gaming Mouse

In honor of Tron: Legacy and its upcoming film debut, Razer has tasked itself with building the ultimate Tron gaming mouse. It costs $100 and uses a 5600dpi 3.5g Laser for tracking on almost any surface (I’m currently using it at full speed on a blanket), lights and sounds at startup and shutdown, a high-quality 7-foot USB cable, and 7 “Hyperesponse” buttons. It turns out, upon unboxing it (which you can enjoy seeing below) there’s a packet for the manuals, and a plastic plate with the Disney, Tron: Legacy, and Razer logos on it. Apparently, it doesn’t work as a mouse pad, but instead, a collector’s item.

The mouse is extremely response, and to test it in the right manner, I fired up a game of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and proceeded to have quicker turns, aiming down of gun-sights, and more kills as a result. It’s definitely better than using the trackpad on a laptop; that’s for sure. As for the build quality, I was expecting more (the entire mouse is built out of plastic, no rubber here dudes) but it still is extremely comfortable to use, and the buttons have the perfect amount of click to them.

A full review will be posted in the coming week, but in the meantime, feel free to gaze longingly at the unboxing while I program the buttons to do my bidding.

Tron: Legacy Razer Gaming Mouse Unboxing

Finally: All Notion Ink Adam Models And Pricing Has Been Announced (update: release date)

Remember the Notion Ink Adam? Today it has its six models detailed and announced, with pricing. It turns out that the Adam will be released worldwide, with Froyo and instead an update to Gingerbread (or Honeycomb) ASAP; Notion Ink might have coded the Adam to very closely resemble all the features of Gingerbead, so a Honeycomb upgrade might make more sense. And now for the pricing:

  • Regular LCD screen and Wi-Fi (only) for $375
  • LCD screen, Wi-Fi, and 3G (U.S and international bands available) for $425
  • Pixel Qi Screen, Wi-Fi (only) for $499
  • Pixel Qi Screen, WiFi, 3G (same thing as above) for $549

So it’s not so bad at all. Turns out this is only for registered “members”, who in turn, are hand-selected to be able to pre-order (I didn’t know you had to let me give you money, when all I wanted was a tablet?).

Pre-orders for “ordinary” customers starts later today. But there’s no shipping date, so at this rate you’d only be forking over the dough. Just a little tidbit of helpful consumer advice, right?

Update: And so Chris of the SlashGear Land has tipped me on this: The Notion Ink Adam ships on the 6th of January, exactly when CES 2011 starts.

Via: Notion Ink Blog