Watch Windows 8 Start Up In 8 Seconds Due To Kernel Hibernation

Wouldn’t be cool if Windows 8 booted up in 8 seconds from hibernation? Well, that’s exactly what Microsoft is planing, due to a new form of hibernation for computers — the process of saving the current state on the hard drive, then resuming by performing a full start. Well it turns out that Windows 8 hibernation would pre-load the kernel of the OS, rather than all of your open apps, meaning that boot time from such a small file takes literally no time at all (especially using a solid state drive), so the new boot time from hibernation is 8 seconds. Pretty boss, I know. Video of it in action after the break. Via: Building Windows 8

Microsoft Still Leads With Xbox 360 Console Sales At 306,000 Units

Well, huzzah for the Xbox 360, the leading home games console for the past few months! Jumping up from a July decrease, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft managed to sell 306,000 units, despite the low amount of blockbuster games, however with some promise as September and November being months that three major games launch for the Xbox 360 — Minecraft, Battlefield 3, and Modern Warfare 3. And keep in mind the Xbox 360 will soon  have a slurry of limited edition systems, so demand may very well increase again. Via: GameSpot

Motorola DROID BIONIC Now Official: September 8th Release For $299.99

It’s final! The DROID BIONIC is officially coming out tomorrow, for an unexpected price of $299.99 on contract with 4G LTE provided by Verizon Wireless. Specs include: a dual-core 1GHz TI OMAP processor, 1GB of RAM a 4.3-inch qHD display, the Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread OS with Motorola’s custom UI skin, has Webtop support (like the Atrix 4G and Photon), 1735mAh battery, and finally an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus, LED Flash, and 1080p HD recording with a 2MP front-facing camera for video chats. Full PR after the break.

Carol Bartz Out As CEO Of Yahoo, CFO Will Be CEO In Interim

It is nothing new that Yahoo! has had quite a story to tell in regards to its corporate drama. Now, for another addition to the book is female CEO Carol Bartz, who has run the company for 30 months, and during that time, has made Yahoo! go into a downwards spiral in most cases, and even a laughing stock, (however their traffic ranks are still among the highest in the world). And from my point of view, it’s about time Bartz took got out of there and gave Yahoo! the opportunity to do something other than get Microsoft’s Bing as a buddy. As for Yahoo’s next CEO, that remains a question, but for the interim, their CFO will be taking charge. The scoop, picked up by AllThingsD, can be seen at the source link. Via: AllThingsD

Minecraft Beta 1.8 Official Trailer Released — Blue Spiders, Beef, XP Orbs And New Combat!

Is a release for Minecraft Beta 1.8 just around the corner? I think yes, as the first official trailer has been released, and as for its creators, Notch and his team at Mojang AB have been hinting a a release soon. Check out the video above, where a new spider is introduced to the game (read: a blue one), the new combat moves, XP orbs, new eating animations, and NPC villages that will spawn near your first spawn location just in case you need a quick place to stay.

T-Mobile’s HTC Amaze/HTC Ruby Is Quite A Show-Stopper In Leaked Pics

So what do we have here today? The HTC Amaze 4G/HTC Ruby, duh. What may be T-Mobile’s next flagship smartphone (which would be strange, considering how awesomesauce the Galaxy S II is) will contain a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 4.3″ qHD display (960×540), 16GB of storage, an 8MP camera and a 2MP front-facing camera. With specs like those, anyone could drop the Galaxy S II in a heartbeat, which is also probably why it isn’t released yet (the other answer being it is not ready for production). Furthermore, we may have a new version of Sense UI on the Amaze 4G — Android 2.3 with Sense 3.5. You can find more leaked pics at the source links.

Via: TC, DroidSans