Wireless Hotspot Feature May Come To AT&T iPhones In iOS 4.3

This small tidbit of news comes from BGR, which purportedly has some screenshots of iOS 4.3 version 8F5148B with a baseband version of 04.08.00. While this may or may not be possible, it’s a sign that Verizon is handing it to AT&T by getting mobile hotspot support a main feature of the iPhone 4, since yesterday they introduced the feature on the Verizon version with support of up to 5 different users at once.

Microsoft Objects The Usage Of “App Store” By Apple Alone

Microsoft has taken into its thinking rooms to object and possibly win an argument that it has just started. In a recent filing, Microsoft labeled the trademarked term “app store” as something “generic”. Perhaps that when you buy apps from a store, it becomes an “app store”. Frankly, this may fly into Microsoft’s favor, however, Apple has other ideas, like for example stating that the “app” is short for Apple (tricky one, Cupertino!).

And an excerpt from the filing:

“Any secondary meaning or fame Apple has in ‘App Store’ is de facto secondary meaning that cannot convert the generic term ‘app store’ into a protectable trademark,” write lawyers for Microsoft in a motion for summary judgment, filed yesterday with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. “Apple cannot block competitors from using a generic name. ‘App store’ is generic and therefore in the public domain and free for all competitors to use.

This will be interesting to follow, no doubt about that. And, Microsoft still has guts, even after the launch of Windows Phone 7.

Via: TechFlash

Verizon iPhone Is Real: $200, February 10th, 2-Year Contract

It doesnt get more realistic than this. The verion iPhone is a real official product, for $200 (a 16GB model) on a 2-year contract starting February 10th as the sale date. It is the same iPhone 4 millions already have on AT&T, except with CDMA radios bound to the United States, and a mobile hotspot feature for up to 5 different users. The $300 model has a larger storage size: 32GB. Other than that, history in technology has been made: the Verizon iPhone is real, and here to stay for quite a good time. Via: Apple

Google Goggles Cheats Sudoko Puzzles, Reads Boring Ads

So this is the updated Google Goggles app, which besides the rapid amount of Android versions released, is updated every few weeks with an awesome feature. This time in version 1.3? Sudoku cheating support and reading of all print ads from August 2010 and onwards. The first new feature allows an Android phone or iPhone to scan the puzzle, analyze it, and give you a possible means of beating it, which is insanely brilliant (time to find the old Sudoku puzzle book).

The second, albeit a bit boring, can scan a print ad, recognize the brand and/or data, and search for it. Other little tweaks include faster scanning, a “torch mode” to better light objects (on some devices), gets rid of the annoying shutter sound, and also allows users to upload images from your gallery into Goggles. The update is live on both the Android Market and iOS App Store. Via: Google Mobile Blog

The PlayStation Phone Can Play Games, See?

If there was ever doubt that the PlayStation Phone could play games (which frankly, would be a bit strange) then all doubts should be dashed with this new leak, demonstrating a PlayStation emulator in action playing games.  Questions that might arise for example is why is there an emulator, but that could be answered be un-finished software. Although with a little more time, hopefuls will see what Sony Ericsson has been up to. Via: Edge Mag

ExoPC Slate Review

This is the ExoPC Slate. A Windows 7 tablet with a UI coating that can be used at your will, so that you have to option is use normal Windows, or the ExoPC UI layer installed to make the tablet easier to use. It’s not incredibly easy to buy due to many facors, and is not polished, but it makes for the best Windows 7 tablet available right now. Of course, that depends on how good a Windows 7 tablet can be, and that’s what I’ve come to conclude in this review. Just click on, and we can get started.

Verizon iPhone owners may have other advantage besides network — unlimited data

Like the entire Verizon iPhone rumor/saga of events, this may not be true, but nevertheless, it’s been discussed to a few people, and might have originated from the source. What the latest tale from the rumor mill states is that for a certain amount of time, iPhone users on VZW would be offered an unlimited data plan, thus further alienating AT&T’s data-caps and lower usability of its network (let’s face it, AT&T). The general LM reader will know when January 11th strikes, and if it’s for a Verizon iPhone at all.