Finally: All Notion Ink Adam Models And Pricing Has Been Announced (update: release date)

Remember the Notion Ink Adam? Today it has its six models detailed and announced, with pricing. It turns out that the Adam will be released worldwide, with Froyo and instead an update to Gingerbread (or Honeycomb) ASAP; Notion Ink might have coded the Adam to very closely resemble all the features of Gingerbead, so a Honeycomb upgrade might make more sense. And now for the pricing:

  • Regular LCD screen and Wi-Fi (only) for $375
  • LCD screen, Wi-Fi, and 3G (U.S and international bands available) for $425
  • Pixel Qi Screen, Wi-Fi (only) for $499
  • Pixel Qi Screen, WiFi, 3G (same thing as above) for $549

So it’s not so bad at all. Turns out this is only for registered “members”, who in turn, are hand-selected to be able to pre-order (I didn’t know you had to let me give you money, when all I wanted was a tablet?).

Pre-orders for “ordinary” customers starts later today. But there’s no shipping date, so at this rate you’d only be forking over the dough. Just a little tidbit of helpful consumer advice, right?

Update: And so Chris of the SlashGear Land has tipped me on this: The Notion Ink Adam ships on the 6th of January, exactly when CES 2011 starts.

Via: Notion Ink Blog

Apple Strangles Music Publishers A Bit, Releases 90 Second Previews

There was talk of 90-second previews coming to the iTunes Store for music a while now, and it turns out the feature has been turned on, at least for big-name record labels. The usual 30-second demos still are the majority though, and the 90-second previews will be slowly rolled out to more albums and songs. And now I wonder if Apple has extended any of the Buddha Bar previews. Via: AppleInsider (outsider?)

300,000 Android Phones Are Activated Each Day, Worldwide, According To Andy Rubin

This is a major increase in sales/activations, but the simple one-liner from Andy Rubin on Twitter leaves much more info to be desired. Nevertheless, Andy Rubin has stated that there are 300,000 Android phones being activated each and everyday, which is much different than shipping phones, in which case they aren’t activated for consumer use. It’s a great fact for Android as a whole, however. Via: Twitter (Andy Rubin)

BlackBerry Playbook Seen In Action For More Than 9 Minutes. 10 Minutes, Actually

The lucky weasels at BGR — Mr. Magician Boy Genius primarily — got to record a full 1080p HD demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and to see some of its extremely fine points. Trust me, with this running loose and Android 3.0 on tablets, the iPad will have to make more than one tweak to stay relevant. In order not to spoil any awesomeness for you, I’ll just embed the video up there for you to watch. It’s only 10 minutes, and it’s in 1080p so that’s a great excuse. Via: BGR

Nikon Coolpix S8100 First Impressions

So turns out this is a day for gadgets to come straight into the “office” and onto LaptopMemo for review. The S8100 is high-end point-and-shoot camera, similar to everyone’s favorite Canon Powershot S95. It has a 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, 10x digital zoom, 1080p HD video recording (with a slow motion 240FPS video mode), continuous normal shooting for 5 shots at 10fps, panorama and macro modes (both work great), ISO up to 3200, EXPEED C2 image processing tech, motion detection and image stabilization, HDMI and AV-out, and a 3-inch screen with a resolution of 921,000-dots (!).

One cool feature to note of is the Nikon Best Shot Selector (shortened “BSS”, funny!), which takes ten shots at once when the shutter button is pressed, then picks the sharpest and best image out of the bunch, and then saves it on the SD card (SDHC is also supported). I haven’t had much time to play with the S8100, but considering I’m heading out for a few hours and charging it via USB to an outlet, I’ll take it with me. The review will be posted just a couple of days before Christmas (or sooner). Hit past the cut for 2 more shots of the Coolpix S8100.

Texas Instruments Finishes Its 1.5 GHz Dual-Core OMAP Processor For Release In 2011

This is big news, even if you don’t understand what’s going on (which would be strange). Texas Instruments, a major provide of the chips for smartphones (besides Qualcomm who produces the Snapdragon) has announced its newsest processor, which is dual-core, runs at a default speed of 1.5 GHz, has the name of OMAP4440, a 1.25x graphics performance increase, support for 1080p video and glasseses-free 3D, two 12-megapixel cameras in parallel setup (3D photos would be possible), and a PowerVR SGX540 GPU.

If you still don’t understand what you just read, then read this: it’s sort of like stuffing a Core i7 in your smartphone *brain explodes*.

Texas Instruments will begin shipping the new processor in the second half of 2011 to manufacturers, so actual handsets with this technology should launch around the last quarter of next year. We can wait, can’t we? Via: OMAP4 TI

New Motorola DROID Froyo FRG83D Update Inbound

Not much news over here. The Motorola Droid — grandfather Droid/old Droid/Droid 1/Whatever — has a new update inbound for Android 2.2. New features include the new Gmail app, updated Twitter app, Microsoft Exchange improvements, updated News & Weather widget from stock Android, and a few other things of that sort. Expect the OTA to be floating to your handset any moment now. Via: VZW (PDF)

Pre-Orders For the Notion Ink Adam Start Tomorrow, Finally

Some were skeptical. Like me and John Biggs, but hey, Notion Ink proved us wrong. The Notion Ink Adam just passed through the giant’s desk (a.k.a FCC) and is available for pre-order tomorrow for only “members”, then supposedly it’ll be available for you know, purchase. Besides that awkward decision, the Notion ink Adam will be available in six variants like the iPad, and will be unveiled on the 9th. Considering Notion ink spoiled the Gingerbread release date, I don’t see why not it would be part of the feature set.

Till tomorrow then! Via: Notion Ink Blog