New Android Market Changes Include In-App Purchasing, Tap Tap Revenge, And More

So, the Android Market has finally made the leap from the official app store for Android to something truly awesome. First off, there’s Market.Android, which allows for purchasing and downloading apps via the web, which are all automatically synced with your Android device, including more than one, and can even be nicknamed for easy identification. Second is in-app purchasing, using real or virtual currency, and an SDK which is currently being provided to devs so that apps with the new feature may be launched at a later date. Third is the arrival of iOS exclusive Tap Tap Revenge by Disney Mobile, including Radio Disney a few other apps they constantly promote that are under their belts. The new Market is currently live (ish, some users can’t log-in at the moment).


The Daily: A Newspaper App For The iPad, Meant To Be Modern

The Daily. An iPad-exclusive “newspaper” is due for launch at 12PM EST on the App Store, and is priced at 14 cents a day, or $1 per week, with the first 2 weeks priced at free. What you’ll be getting is 360 degree photos, heavy multimedia content, the promise of 100 pages of content being available everyday, professional voice-over audio for certain articles, and finally knowing that Rupert Murdoch is the founder of your news app. Also interesting is that due to the launch of the app, the Apple Store has the option for in-app subscriptions.

As a writer, personally I don’t find the The Daily something out-of-this world, but it may just be worth the free trial, and perhaps the title of your “modern newspaper,” if there is any worthy content that could otherwise be accessed through the iPad’s browser, without paying more for it. Via: The Daily

SlothChat: Something About Sloths And Money, On The Internet

A new startup from John Biggs of CrunchGear fame and Ed Zitron is about sloths — and making money off of them. My nerd senses cannot tell me if this is an early April Fool’s joke, or a real startup that has pictures of sloths, with some of them wearing funny hats and sunglasses. Anyhow, as Ed himself puts it, SlothChat is:

A social media method of making your sloth monetizable. It’s revolutionary and pragmatic.

So, yeah. It’s about sloths, money, SEO, and the web. This can only spark some new sloth memes (or money for your sloth), of which there is perilously little. Via: SlothChat

Samsung Galaxy S 4G: Froyo And A Front-Facing Camera. Not Much.

It’s the same-old, same-old from Samsung here. The Galaxy S Vibrant is now the Vibrant 4G, and has access to 21MBps HSPA+ “4G” on T-Mobile, a front-facing camera, and Android 2.2. Froyo with Touchwiz 3.0. Instead of Avatar as the movie that comes built-in, Inception is, and has DoubleTwist for the media-syncing. It’ll launch sometimes in February. PR after the chop.

T-Mobile G-Slate Launching In March, Can Capture 3D Content

First the Motorola Xoom, second the T-Mobile G-Slate with LG. 1 GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 8.9-inch display, 32GB of internal storage, gyroscope and accelerometer, stereoscopic rear-facing video cameras capable of full 1080p 3D capture, one of which is a 5 megapixel still camera with LED flash, a third 2 megapixel camera up front for video chat, and glasses required for viewing said 3D content. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network or WiFi are your choices on the G-Slate for getting connected. You can also port 1080p video over HDMI to any external display that supports 1080p. The G-Slate will launch sometimes in March. Presser after the jump!

AT&T’s 4G First: HTC Inspire 4G on February 13th for $99.99

Surprisingly, for a high-end 4G Android handset like the Inspire 4G, AT&T is pricing things pretty low. Keep in mind the inspire 4G uses a 4.3-inch Super LCD display, 1GHz processor, an 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, Android 2.2 and HTC’s Sense UI 2.0 (and the online suite of Sense services), HSPA+ “4G” data speeds, 4GB internal memory and 8GB microSD built-in, mobile hotspot support, and Dolby Mobile with SRS WOW HD sound.

Whatever the price point is and may be, HTC’s Inspire 4G is pretty inspiring for AT&T’s current series of lackluster Android phones like the Aria, no? Press release after the cut. Via: AT&T