The PSP2 (or NGP) Won’t Cost $600 At Launch, Says Sony

Remember the PSP2 that was recently announced (actually I mean it’s called the NGP, for now)? It’s the successor to the PSP, and it’s the most powerful portable gaming hardware to date. Well, while the hardware is both huge and seemingly awesome, price is a factor. Rumors swirled, and soon your NGP would cost $600. Cue on Sony to blast this one. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida stated that “It’s not going to be $599,” and obviously that Sony “will shoot for an affordable price that’s appropriate for the handheld gaming space.”

It better be Sony. It better be. Via: EuroGamer

Bummer: Motorola ATRIX 4G Won’t Do 1080p At Launch, Will Need Update

Uhh, unexpected? The Motorola ATRIX 4G, a handset so undeniably cool on AT&T that has yet to be released, that it can’t support 1080p HD video recording or content using the Tegra 2 processor — at launch. Hopefully soon thereafter, the promised update will appear. Keep in mind without 1080p, the Atrix would still have 720p, its slick speeds, awesome dock which is a laptop, and the name — Atrix 4G sounds a little like pwnage, no? Via: Motorola

LucidChart Holding A Contest With Google To Give Out 100 Cr-48s

You may have heard of my awesome coverage of the Cr-48 through many sources. I don’t have a problem to push that out there, nor the feeling to reserve the right to say that the posts were awesomesauce. Moving onwards.

LucidChart is one of the best (and most popular) productivity apps in the Chrome Web Store. Turns out, Google is helping you out by giving 100 free Cr-48s — but you have to earn one. Whereas the pilot program was for the lucky few (i.e like me), and contests were held at numerous sites (but of course you never won anything), this contest actually encourages you to really earn a Cr-48 for free.

The task to win one is creating the Most Creative Diagram or Most Useful Template, using the app. Keep in mind the rules are that you are at least 18-years of age (A 14-year-old is telling you this. Good times.) and are a legal resident of the United States. Otherwise, hit up the link for tips and the full rules, explained by LucidChart themselves. Source: LucidChart

[Thanks, David and the guys at LucidChart!]

This Is The Next-Gen PSP, Codenamed NGP

This is the most intriguing portable gaming device announced of all time. Just read the specs of the NGP, codename for “Next-Generation Portable”, and you’ll see that not only is it huge, but insanely powerful. A 5-inch, 960 x 544-pixel OLED touchscreen display, two analog controllers (!), two touchpad control surfaces, two cameras, electronic compass, SIXAXIS support, GPS/Wi-Fi/3G connectivity and a quad-core processor.

Quad-core processor setup on a portable gaming device, n00bs.

The NGP will launch in the holiday season of 2011, and will have access to something called the PlayStation Suite, which is an emulator for PS1 games at first, then will feature an Android game store, which currently is in development (requires Android 2.3). To compensate for devices that don’t have hardware controls, touchscreen controls will be an option in the PS Suite app. Both glorious press releases for the PlayStation NGP and PS Suite are embedded after the break.

Google Brings Desktop Notifications For Gmail To The Desktop As A Chrome Exclusive

There are plenty of reliable solutions for getting desktop notifications for any new emails you might receive from Gmail in the Chrome Web Store. Today, Andrew Wilson (Software Engineer) published a post displaying the new notifications feature by activating it in Settings. The feature only works for Chrome users, but will be expanded to “the standard Web platform”. In other words, I’m activating the feature on my Gmail account right now. Via: The Gmail Blog

Microsoft Sells Over 2 Million Windows Phone 7 Licenses To OEMs

This latest bit of news from Microsoft still doesn’t confirm one thing: how many Windows Phone 7 handsets have been sold to consumers since launch? Either way, Redmond felt the need to release this new data, which was picked up by the awesome dudes and dudettes that reside at Engadget:

  • ‘Early research’ says 93 percent of WP7 customers are ‘satisfied’ and 90 percent would recommend the platform to others. We don’t know details about the research, though — number of customers polled, time frame, so on.
  • Average of 100 new apps in the Marketplace per day, and over 6,500 total are available right now.
  • Most importantly, “over 2 million” licenses have been sold to OEMs around the world.

So yes, no one knows how many WP7 handsets are actually out there. Move along now, kiddies.
Via: Engadget

That’s Confirmed: Verizon iPhone 4 To Have $30 Unlimited Data Plan (Update: Not So Much?)

Today in a chat with the Wall Street Journal, Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon and lover of all things 4G LTE, confirmed that the iPhone 4 heading to their network in February 10th will have the option of an unlimited data plan for $30 each month. Apparently, according to the WSJ Lowell stated that, “I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot. Not offering an unlimited plan would put up a barrier for customers who might otherwise switch from AT&T.”

Well said, Mr. McAdam, well said.

Update: Bollocks. Now WSJ updated their article stating the Lowell will adopt a similar tiered pricing model, like AT&T’s, later on. Essentially, that means “in the future”.

Via: WSJ