Apple CEO Tim Cook Will Donate His Millions To Charity


In a recent interview with Fortune, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed his entire fortune is going to charity — all $112 million of it, plus the $665 million Cook holds in restricted stock. However, being that Cook is a good uncle, he’ll also be paying for his nephew’s college education.

Being that Cook is an interesting man, he also intends to have a deeper impact with his millions when it comes to doing good, in an initiative similar to Microsoft’s Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Via: Fortune

Sony’s Major “Yukimura” Update Due Tomorrow For The PS4

ootri-ps4-teardownThe new “Yukimura” update for PlayStation 4 units debuts tomorrow, and brings major changes to the gaming console that’s currently in the lead, sales-wise.

First off, searchable gaming friends from Facebook, context of who else plays the same games that you do, an auto-screenshot of when a Trophy is earned, a verification badge for developers and gaming celebrities (so you know who you’re getting pwned), as well as improvements in accessibility for those who are have impaired visibility or natural dexterity.

But best of all? A new suspend/resume feature, allowing gamers to jump in and out of games and instant-resume (a la Xbox One). Still no word on the Spotify Music app debut, yet.

Sony Xperia Z3 Review: A Great Flagship, But With A Few Parts Left Out

20150324_073741 The current flagship of the unsure Xperia line from Sony — the Z3. A waterproofed yet sleek phone with Gorilla Glass adorning the back and front. It’s both rich in aesthetic and performance but between those lines, exist a few omissions. Still, the Z3 is a prime smartphone, but stiff competition from Samsung, HTC and Apple in the Spring of 2015 are direct threats to its aging hardware.

We’re going straight to the point with this one — onwards!

HTC CEO Peter Chou Steps Down, Co-Founder Cher Wang Takes Spot


Peter Chou used to be the CEO of HTC, but in the up-and-downs that HTC has experienced in the past few years, Chou was not always at the head of the company’s greatest decisions (see the Robert Downey Jr. deal). Shortly after the One M9 launch, Chou will stand down as CEO and transition as the leader of the HTC Future Development Lab. What they’ll be doing? Apparently he “will be instrumental in identifying future growth opportunities for the company.”

Chairwoman and co-founder Cher Wang will take the position as chief executive officer. The journey continues.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 9.0: The Un-Contract, Business Plans, And Partnering With GoDaddy & Microsoft

DSC_0081T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere is in New York City with the T-Mobile crew to present Uncarrier 9.0. This particular event ups the ante for T-Mobile public relations and their business customers.

The best price is the only price for everyone (in terms of business lines). Unlimited talk & text plus 1GB of 4G LTE data, at $15 per line at 20+ lines; at 1,000 lines a business can get each line priced at $10. Adding more data per line is accomplished per line, or per pool. In pooled purchasing of additional 4G LTE data for business users, $4.75 per gigabyte (an overage over the gig is still $4.75) is the price for a pool (say a 100GB pool).

To help invigorate the use of websites for businesses: T-Mobile has partnered with GoDaddy (!) to supply a free .com domain and website plan, as long as a single business line is activated. For a custom .com email, T-Mobile has also partnered with Microsoft, for customized email addresses.

Business family discounts are also being introduced, says Legere. Employees’ families save up to 50% when a business line is activated at T-Mobile, since family members are added as lines, rather than as completely new customers.

But, don’t fret: consumers will experience a different plan, called Carrier Freedom, which allows T-Mobile to pay the ETF up to $650, now including devices and the plan.

Legere, also states he’s bringing the contract back — in a new format, called the Un-Contract. It’s a consumer commitment that makes promotional plans permanent. Fixed plans won’t be changed, and unlimited plans will not be changed in price (but it might go down) or availability for the next two years.

Images after the break of some of the new Uncarrier moves, visualized.

HTC’s ‘Uh Oh’ Program: Offering A Replacement One M9, Once, For Free

htc-one-m9-announce-fullbleedExtending the pros of owning an HTC smartphone, the Taiwanese tech talent is adding the ‘Uh Oh’ program to its HTC Advantage customer guarantee.

The deal is: break your shiny new HTC One M9 once due to a cracked screen or water damage (or switch carriers) and they’ll offer one free replacement. Do it again — well, you’re out of luck buddy.

Also, there’s an incentive to not abuse the service: if you don’t wreck your new phone in its first year of life, you receive a $100 discount on the next HTC One purchase, presumably for the One M9’s future successor.

The only con of all this? It’s a United States-only program.

Via: HTC ‘Uh Oh’

Windows 10 Will Launch In 190 Countries This Summer

windows-10Times are changing in the PC space. Windows 10, the grand unification of Xbox, mobile, tablets, desktops, and laptops for Microsoft is due for release in the summer, in 190 countries and in 111 languages, the company states. So, all of that should be fun, no doubt.

However, a bit of news that is more interesting is the free upgrade for users on Windows 7 and 8 that includes all versions — genuine or otherwise (!). Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, told Reuters that, “We are upgrading all qualified PCs, genuine and non-genuine, to Windows 10.”

The report was in regards to  China, but considering “all qualified PCs” is a very broad term, this could also extend to other regions — and thus really make the adoption rate of Windows 10 immense, then luring the profits through the use of premium programs.

Via: Microsoft