Fujifilm Finepix X100 Price Outed: This’ll Cost You, But It’s Still Cool

Face it. The Fujifilm Finepix X100 is the most awesome looking retro camera with (some) modern-day parts. Turns out, Fujifilm has finally outed the release date and price after unveiling it in late 2010. The 12.3 megapixel shooter will be shipping to the States next month, with all wallets and credit cards crying for help: $1,199.95 which gets a 23mm F2 prime lens, a pretty standard ISO range of 200 to 6400 (with boost available up to the usual 12800), a built-in ND filter, Hybrid Viewfinder, and that sweet, sweet magnesium alloy chassis design. Yup, that’s all you have to know about it now. It’ll ship in March. Via: Fujifilm

Sprint’s Kyocera Echo Is A Dual-Screen And Out-Of-Place Android Device

It has two screens, both of which “combine” for 4.7-inches of screen at 960 x 800 pixels! It runs Android 2.2! Has a 5 megapixel camera for 720p HD video recording! And it’s from Kyocera — is that anything special?

It’s made out of cheap looking plastics, only uses 3G, is as thick as a brick, but at least has a second-gen 1GHz Snapdragon powering it. The hinge allows it to be propped up like a laptop, used as a regular single-screen phone, or have both screens laid flat. Look, if you’re going to use a smartphone, how will you perform the fancy “simultasking” that Sprint and Kyocera are spewing out as a “true” way to multitask on a phone? And while the the mail and map apps can use the extra real estate for better viewing, you’re looking at something bigger than an EVO 4G and almost as big as a Dell Streak. And how long will this thing last on a charge, anyway? Turns out it comes with a spare battery pack charger and battery. Heh.

There’s little point in have a dual-screen phone, when the consumer market is already adjusting to bigger phones, which have proved a success. It’s as if Kyocera execs and engineers said in the style of Dilbert, “We can’t beat HTC, Apple, and Samsung, so let’s put two screens together and sell it!”. Like that would work. Via: Sprint

Sony VAIO YB Now Shipping With AMD Fusion For $600

It’s Fusion time! No really, the Sony VAIO YB is shipping for $599.99, of which contains a 1.6GHz AMD Fusion APU (for decent gaming and battery life), glossy 11.6-inch screen at 1366×768 resolution, 4GB of tasty RAM, 500 GB of hard drive space, and silver or pink color coatings. Also, Amazon will be selling a 320GB hard drive with 2GB of RAM variant for $50 less. Check it out, if you’re so inclined.

Via: Sony Style, Amazon

Canon Continues Its Series Of Awesome DSLRs With The Rebel T3i

It’s the Rebel T2i, but with the number 3 attached. Same specs, body, and look, except with a swivel LCD screen, 5x digital zoom, and still has a an 18 megapixel sensor (remember almost everything is the same), and still shoots glorious 1080p HD video at 24/25/30fps. It’ll be available for $799.99 in March, while the T2i’s price will be lowered for the exact same specs and stuff. Via: HH

HTC Thunderbolt can be had with $50 deposit to BestBuy

imageToday is the Super Bowl. If you’re a geek or a being of different social engineering/status, this also means that you can place a $50 deposit on the HTC Thunderbolt that uses Verizon’s glorious 4G (I call it four gees) service, and might be available for pickup on February 14th (the 4.3-inch monster will purportedly cost $249.99 on a 2-year contract). Otherwise, you can read up on the CES announcement of the Thunderbolt here.

Via: Droid-Life, BestBuy

Neapolitan Astronaut Ice Cream Review: Freeze-Dried Goodness

This is Astronaut Ice Cream. Space astronauts usually have a freeze-dried version of the delicious dessert we Earthlings know as ice cream, but in the form of a dried brick. After ordering some of this stuff for $3 at ThinkGeek (no affiliation with them), I chose the classic “Neapolitan” flavor, which consists of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Read on for the full review, and learn how this stuff is made!

Verizon breaks its own first-day sales record with iPhone 4 in 2 hours

So get this straight: you’re Verizon, you have the iPhone 4. Pre-orders start at 3AM. In all but 2 hours, all pre-orders are gone and you’ve made company history for most sales on the first-day for any device — ever. That sort of a accomplishment usually renders a press release, which I have queued up for you below.

And while there aren’t actually any numbers to support the claim by Verizon, keep in mind Apple manufacturers plenty of iPhones for launch, and that Verizon had to be ready for this, in some way. Oh, and the next batch of CDMA iPhone 4s come out on the 9th.

Via: SlashGear