Google Sharpens Up Their Chromebooks And Chrome OS

Want an Acer Chromebook? Well, now that’s $0 cheaper. Want the Samsung Chromebook? Well, it comes in black now, too. Do you have a prototype Cr-48, like I do? Well then, you’ll be pleased to know that the Chrome OS is getting a face-lift with multiple enhancements and user interface changes to better benefit its look and the coming holiday season. These changes may not be much, but it’s good enough to keep people from being contentious and keeps Google’s PR for Chromebooks look unsullied.

So all in all, it’s some good changes for the better. Nice.

Via: Google

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

There isn’t a reason for me to go on and on about Skyrim in a review (because I’d just stop and start playing the game). There are sites dedicated to this sort of thing, like this one. Once you start off, you are bound (literally). Through some initial combat, you are then thrust into a beautiful full HD world with both dangers, disease, beauty, temples, forts, castles and castle-towns, cities, colleges, wilderness, tundras, and even the game’s version of heaven. Skyrim feels almost limitless. As the Dovahkiin (translated from the game’s dragon language as Dragonborn), you possess the soul of a dragon, but are a mere mortal. At the very beginning of the game you can specify what race, gender, and cosmetic features you will posses. I am a Nord, a hearty and tough human race in Skyrim, the lands of which you will explore in Tamriel. We Nords have the power to use a Battle Cry, which works like the first Dragon Shout you acquire in the game, but is considerably weaker. We also have the ability to withstand tough winters, but other races can breathe underwater, or be immune to certain diseases.

It’s a fascinating fantasy RPG world. And the rest of the (somewhat lengthy) LaptopMemo review is seen after the break.

Geeky Tyvek Wallet Micro-Review

It’s made out of Tyvek, a stubborn material. It won’t rip so easily or even burn so easily. And now, it’s in the origami-like form of a wallet for $15. It’s capable of holding some credit cards, business cards, and cash. And in this case, the design is all about Pi, or 3.1415926535 (and continuing, of course) for you geeks and math nerds. So it is pretty awesome.  And since it is made out of the same material of FedEx shipping packs, and is even stronger, it makes for a formidable and somewhat discreet wallet. It measures 3 3/8 inches wide by 10 inches long, open.

And best of all — it works and is now my primary wallet. Available at ThinkGeekScore: 9/10

Get Pwned — Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Sells $775 million, 12M copies in 5 days

Now this is just monstrous. Battlefield 3 and Skyrim have had sales in the millions and no doubt are the most successful titles for both publishers that make them (DICE/EA and Bethesda, respectively). But in this case, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer games, and Activision have made $775 million in 5 days with Modern Warfare 3. And while it’s not a huge step up for the game, it’s still worth the sales it’s getting. Via: BGR

Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update confirmed

In a recent tweet from Samsung UK, there has been confirmation that the Galaxy S II will ride the Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 wave. This means, well, that the SGS II will be pretty awesome, more so than it is now. As for the US variants, keep in mind Samsung has always been somewhat late, patchy, and undecided with getting all carriers to update that Galaxy devices on time, and because of this is it usually expected that it will come out at a later date than the international version of the smartphone. At the very least though, it has been confirmed. Via: Samsung UK (Twitter)