Android Saw 3.7 Million Jolly Activations Over The Christmas Period

It may not be earth-shattering numbers, but Andy Rubin and the rest of the Android team members must be happy to hear that 3.7 million new activations occurred during the Christmas period this year (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). This comes as very jolly news, as Android currently sees at least 700,000 new activations on a daily basis.

On the flipside, analytic firm Flurry published some more stats:  6.8 million new iOS and Android devices went live on Sunday (Christmas Day). App downloads also exceeded any previously known levels for the year, jumping to 242 million on the 25th. Good times. Via: Andy Rubin (Twitter), Flurry

Introducing Rage Faces For Facebook Chat — A Trollface Keeps The Doc Away

I don’t know who in their right mind would do something, so, so, so — awesomesauce. You see, it has been the dream of a fantastic troll, such as myself, to be able to express my feelings via a “trollface” or a “MeGusta” face. Thanks to some first-class geeks , my dream is now a reality. The applications of these codes are ingenious — in fact if you possessed the right username and codes, you could shrink just about any image (including your profile pic) and throw them into the Facebook Chat box. The codes for the faces are as follows:

Poker face [[129627277060203]] Forever Alone [[227644903931785]] OK guy [[100002752520227]] Me Gusta [[164413893600463]] Lol guy [[189637151067601]] F**k Yeah [[105387672833401]] Problem? [[171108522930776]] [[218595638164996]] [[100002727365206]]

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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Brevity Review: Gunnar Optiks Edge Onyx

This is the same awesome lens technology used in the Anime Onyx glasses I reviewed a few months ago. The only difference? The lens and frame design. This may be the shortest review I’ve ever written. The idea here is that the Edge Onyx just looks more sporty than the classical and professional  Anime Onyx. So the review score is the same: buy it, it just depends on your style. And since I’ve started wearing prescriptions with the same tech in them, I don’t need any more Gunnars on my desk.

Available For Purchase At Thinkgeeek. 

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Brief Review

Most especially this was not expected to arrive at my doorstep, but thereafter it was begging to be reviewed. Essentially, let me get to the point: it’s a family-oriented adventure game published by Activision (hello, MW3!) featuring Spyro, and you can load different characters into the game via a dock that uses RFID chip technology into each figurine of the characters . You can buy more figurines to use more characters  with different abilities, and the saves are cross-platform between PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. That all being said, the version I tested was the Xbox 360 version, and I enjoyed it in co-op mode on a 1080p HD screen.

As for the game itself, it’s prey appealing to kids of a younger age. My favorite character was obviously Spyro, and his ability to ram into enemies in the numerous worlds, as well as using mainly fire elemental attacks, and leveling up all the way to level 10 (the max level with all abilities for your character). It’s a great game to buy for a young gamer — even good enough to be used as their first ever game. Well done.

Verizon Wireless 3G and 4G are down, nationwide (update: returning to normal)

The most reliable network is having its reputation sullied for the second time this month. Both 3G and 4G LTE service is down nationwide. leaving us with 2G or EDGE. Pretty much every state is reporting no data: California, Rhode Island, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York have all apparently been interrupted. And there’s no ETA on a fix. And since I’ll be out and about at that time, using either AT&T or T-Mobile, you’ll have to keep an extra eye out on this.

Update: Then there’s this one dude in Massachusetts that says he’s okay. 

Update #2: Initial reports state that service is slowing returning.

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