Android 4.0 Coming To Transformer Prime On The 12th And Unlocked Bootloader

This has to be in the list of all time great Android software upgrades for any particular Android device. The Android-powered ASUS Transformer Prime will see a massive boost to its feature set, with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich being added to the system on the 12th of this month, then an unlocked bootloader download will also follow. Interestingly though, ASUS explains that the bootloader was in place to enable Google video rentals, and that users will have voided their warranty and be unable to rent videos from the service if they use the bootloader unlocker — a sure bummer, no doubt. However, the good news outweighs the bad, and users can expect the update to be rolled out soon.

Via: ASUS (Facebook)

Remember The Official Windows Phone Unlock Tool? It’s Been Killed, At Least For Now

It turns out that the WP7Chevron team was allowed only to sell 10,000 tokens at $9 each to unlock Windows Phone 7 devices for modifications. ChevronWP7 spokesperson Rafael Rivera wrote, “Microsoft isn’t involved in our discussion yet. And they can’t provide us with more unlocks because we haven’t asked yet. If we do request more, we’re sure Microsoft will respond positively – as they have in the past.” So if you weren’t able to get your unlock token, then your only alternative now is a $99 official Microsoft unlock. Not appealing, indeed.

Via: WPCentral

Samsung Galaxy Note seen in AT&T clothing

This could all be the work of a fantastic Photoshop render made to build up hype for no particular reason (which is why I pay less mind to news like this), but a Galaxy Note with AT&T branding has purportedly been spotted in a render. As a quick refresher, the Galaxy Note sports a 5.3-inch display with a 1280 x 800-pixel resolution, an 8-megapixel camera, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video chats and a 1.4GHz processor. AT&T’s version of the Galaxy Note will also supposedly contain 4G LTE support to top all of that off.

Via: Android Central

HTC Amaze 4G Review

First the sensation, then came amazement. It is a pretty awful pun on the Sensation 4G being the former to the Amaze 4G, but it stands perfectly on its own. What the Amaze 4G has done is simply raise its HSPA+ data speeds to 42MBps, a faster 1.5GHz dual-core processor, new styling, and a better sensor in the 8 megapixel camera, capable of 1080p HD video recording (same specs for the camera, just better quality on the Amaze). To top all of that off, the Amaze 4G has a fantastic design reminiscent of the Sensation 4G (obviously), but alos the HTC Legend, an Android handset so old (by Android’s standards) that it is only a legend by now. Sorry, HTC just makes it easy to make puns out of the names of their products.

Full review after the break. And it’s the last LM review for 2011.

Apple’s Great Designer, Johnathan Ive, Is Now A Knight Per The United Kingdom

It’s no longer Johnny Ive (or Jonathan Ive), but Sir Jonathan Ive. You see, every fan of great consumer device design knows that Mr. Ive has had some of the greatest industrial designs for computing devices the world has ever seen.  As such, he has been accepted for knighthood in the United Kingdom, reports the BBC. And as such, Jonathan Ive’s official title is Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE). Congratulations, sir. Via: 9to5Mac

Verizon drops $2 convenience fee, customers rejoice silently

It marks a win for Verizon’s customers: their $2 “convenience fee”, (which isn’t entirely convenient if people don’t like it) has been dropped, not only due to customer feedback, but like an angry German Shepherd dog, the FCC has begun growling in a most familiar manner. An FCC official states that, “on behalf of American consumers, we’re concerned about Verizon’s actions and are looking into the matter.” If the new policy is allowed to go live on January 15th, then customers will have to pay this additional fee to pay their bill over the phone or online. How inconvenient!

But since according to VZW’s press release, seen after the break, it’s been scrapped. So that’s good.

Leaked Windows Phone Roadmap Gives Insight On Tango And Apollo After Mango

There is not much else to speak about this leaked roadmap: Tango is the version that comes after Windows Phone “Mango”, the current version that adds multitasking, speeds, and many improved features. What will be featured in Tango is the ability for cheap Windows Phone devices that can take over the lower sections of the market. However, the real excitement comes from Windows Phone Apollo, which if WP is successful enough, will launch at the end of 2012, and will add high-end smartphones (dual-core technology, HD screens, etc.) and a focus on business, bringing Microsoft back into the spot that RIM has a hold of with its Bold series — enterprise users. If any of this should happen, Microsoft would have a much better bet on taking over a chunk of smartphones sales from Android and Apple’s iOS — perhaps. Via: WMPowerUser