Skyrim 1.4 beta patch hits Steam’s servers

Ready for a Skyrim beta patch? Yes, Bethesda is awesome enough to issue beta patches for issues you’ve been experiencing with what is currently the most popular game on Steam — The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. What it turns out this patch does is fix several rare errors, quest errors, crashes, as well as addresses memory problems, so for any user I think it’s worth looking into.

To get the update, go into your Steam settings and opt-in for a beta participation that pertains to Skyrim. Steam will then restart and the update will be downloaded.

As for the mod tools, they come out later this month. See the changelog after the break.

YouTube Now Sees 4 Billion Pageviews Per Day

In what Google could possibly only deem as fantastic news, it has now been reported by Reuters that YouTube sees more than 4 billion views per day. That is a 25% increase in videos viewed per day since May, with 60 hours of fresh video uploaded each minute, up from 48 hours of video added per minute in May, previously. Ads on videos generate $5 billion weekly, albeit only 3 billion videos feature ads each week. This massive growth spurt is attributed to extensive usage of YouTube on smartphone and TV.

PlayStation Vita 3G Data Plan Pricing For AT&T Changes

There is going to be an AT&T 3G version of the upcoming PlayStation Vita. However, the prices for the accompanying data plans has changed since the Vita’s debut at E3 2011.  There’s the $15, 250MB plan and a higher $30, 3GB plan. Previously AT&T announced a cheaper $25 2GB plan instead of the 3GB change. Anyways, since there’s 1,024 megabytes per gigabyte, paying double for 12x the space is fair. Via: AT&T

HyruleCraft Is A Complete Port Of Ocarina Of Time For Minecraft

It may just be in its alpha release, but the developers behind HyruleCraft have high hopes and goals: to turn this Minecraft mod from a basic alpha build into a full representation of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, complete with with quests, guilds, NPCs, dungeons, and more. The project should be complete later this year. Here’s to an epic game inside of an equally epic game.  Via: GenGame

MIT Takes The Android App Inventor To New Heights

Remember the Android App Inventor project by Google? No? Well, it went dark and died last year, but since then, it has been used to show new users how to create apps simply on Android. In fact, it is now used in classes Wellesley College and the University of San Francisco, among other learning institutions.

What MIT is doing for the App Inventor is simple: it has been turned into an open-source application, with documentation and contributions to the code being made available in the future, but for now there’s a standard repository. Updates on this project will be posted on MIT’s App Inventor blog.

Sounds like a good start.

Microsoft knows the Xbox 360 dashboard update had 1080p and color space problems; working on fix

So, it has come to Microsoft’s acknowledgement that the Xbox 360 dashboard update that started rolling out in late-December was great, but there are some serious bugs to make mention of. The first being that 720p seems to be the default setting for the interface, not 1080p, causing some users problems with HDMI. Then there’s the color space, which can sometimes be completely off. So, that all being said, Microsoft is working on a fix, we just don’t know when it will be pushed out to the masses. Via: Major Nelson (Twitter)

Google: 250 Million Android Devices, 11 Billion Market Downloads, 700k Activations Per Day

That’s — a lot!? Google has announced on its earnings call that there are 250 million Android devices roaming the world, with some 700,000 activations per day for new devices. To top all of that off, there has been 11 billion Android Market app downloads, compared to the App Store’s 13 billion (that quite a jump in stats for the Google/Android camp). It’s all good news at Google, it seems.

Whoa: Alienware X51 presents console-sized PC gaming

This is the Alienware X51. It’s a small gaming PC, designed to be the size of an Xbox, roughly. With the usual Alieware lighting scheme, slot loading DVD drive and sleek form, it costs $699, $849 and $949 – with a choice of Core i3, i5 or i7 processors, respectively. Each version of the X51 has a terabyte (1,000 GB) hard drive, no SSD options and 4GB or 8GB or RAM. It also comes with an Alienware keyboard, along with either NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 545 graphics in the cheaper model, or GTX 555 in the better models. As for ports, there’s an HDMI 1.4, on-board WiFi, USB 3.0 and digital 7.1 surround sound. Best of all, in true Alienware fashion, all parts can be upgraded, and it looks fantastic.

Via: Dell