Artsy Editor Aims To Simplify & Redesign The Default WordPress Writing UI

As any humble (and then some) blogger might know, WordPress is quite awesome, however the writing experience and interface requires many steps (at least 3-5) to attach a simple image or add a link to a selection of letters. Stephen Ou, creator of iTunes Instant (remember?) has recently begun creating a plugin which would replace the current interface and implement his own, dubbed Artsy Editor. An early build screenshot is seen above. While there is no solid launch date, an official site has recently launched and offers a 50% discount for those that sign-up via email when Artsy Editor launches.

Apple iPad 2 Review: All Tablets Should Be As Good As Or Surpass This

It’s the most hyped tablet of them all — the iPad. Once mocked for its funny name in its first iteration, competition began losing to it, and the tide changed (and also everyone bought one). Now the iPad will approach its 1-year anniversary in 2 days (as of time of this writing). So within less than a year, the iPad 2 has been released. Exact sales numbers have not been outed, but considering that no one can buy one (unless you have awesome internet friends, like I do), they are expected to be quite high.

Review is after the break.

Windows 8 Welcome Screen Revealed In Leak, Borrows Metro UI Elements


What’s a good way to start off the weekend of tech news after the abomination that is April Fool’s jokes (albeit some are funny)? Well, it turns out the Windows 8 welcome screen has been (purportedly) leaked and borrows many (if not all) elements seen in the Metro UI seen in Windows Phone 7 and previously the Zune HD. According to the report by DownloadSquad, clicking your profile photo logs you in and on the “tablet edition”, a swipe is made across screen to achieve the same thing. Looks promising.
Via: DownloadSquad

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play Released In 11 Countries (Sans U.S.A.)

Today marks the release of the world’s first “PlayStation Phone”, the Xperia Play. It’s currently available in 11 countries: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Gamers in the United States will be seeing Xperia Plays on Verizon sometimes in May, while your foreign counterparts get to enjoy (hopefully) the Xperia Play. 60 games are offered at launch, some of which include N.O.V.A 2, Need for Speed, Asphalt 6 (which is available for free), Assassins Creed Altair’s Chronicles HD and more. Press release, after the break.

Macbook Air 11.6-inch Review

It’s an Apple product, folks. If you’re a hater of the most close-minded and close-sourced manufacturer in the industry, read something else on LaptopMemo. If you’ve realized that Apple has been leading the market in design and innovation for mobile products (read: iPad and iPhone), then continue reading, because you’re smart enough to see things as they truly are. Moving on.