Samsung Galaxy Note Made Official On AT&T — $299 On Feb. 19th

AT&T has announced that the massive Samsung Galaxy Note will be made available on their 4G LTE network this February 19th for $299 on a new contract. Specs include a rather large 5.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display at 1280×800 resolution with Samsung’s S Pen stylus for “increased productivity”. As for computational hardware, the Galaxy Note’s press release does not mention the camera, Android build, or processors, but AT&T was sure to mention that it would be available for pre-orders on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th.

Hrm. Marketing strategies.

This Week On LaptopMemo: It’s Back And Better!?!

an instagram morning

Back in 2010, I used to write a wonderful roundup post entitled, “This Week On LaptopMemo”. Its goal was simple: to compress this week’s stories into one post, with links to each of the aforementioned stories. After its success, like a true oaf, I stopped writing it (due to laziness, I concur). So today, it’s been decided (confound it!), that This Week On LaptopMemo is back! It will be presented in different formats each week, but for the 1st week, it will be in the form of– dun dun dun —  bulletpoint links.

That all being said, let’s get on with this week’s best tech news, which had all the elements for awesomeness: a former CEO departs, tweets can be censored, and Apple has enough cash to make another Apple pie.

Photoshop CS6 teased on video with darker UI

In what Adobe describes as Photoshop CS6 being more intent on “immersion” is a darkened UI that would help with — something? Anyways, the video of Photoshop CS6 in action can be watched above the very words that I’ve just finished typing. Of course, software designers at Apple as well as leaning towards the more “professional” black color scheme, which depending on how you look at it, also looks sharper and even charming.

Via: Teh Verge

Google intent on killing Android menu button, urges dev to do the same

It has come and gone: the menu button. Apparently, just a few months ago it was all the rage at Google, but now as part of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google is urging developers and designers to try and not use the menu buttons at all, to a point where it would not exist in the hardware. What the big G wants is devs to make use of the Action Bar, first seen in Android 3.0 Honeycomb. While in some apps this may prove troublesome, most of them will have to update to work on the newer software (properly, that is), so improvements can easily be made so that actions that rely on the menu buttons are switched to vertical or horizontal positions. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

At the very least Google is making Android more uniform. Via: Android Developers

Mozilla is fine-tuning their Firefox start page

Mozilla is doing what Google can with Chrome, and they can’t. That is, have a fast launch cycle (multiple versions of the browser in the month or in a quarter), whilst keeping all parts of the software polished. An example of this is Firefox’s start page — it has stayed almost the same since a decade ago, when it first launched. And so it shall change. A full preview of all of the new elements is available at the source link. Via: ExtremeTech

PlayStation Vita US launch bundle: 8GB card, 3G, and PSN game for $299

This is sweet. Near the launch (February 22 in the U.S.), the PlayStation Vita (we want one so badly, Sony. *wink*) will have a bundle that retails for $299 and contains an 8GB memory card, 3G + WiFi Vita, a PSN game (of unknown title), and an AT&T DataConnect Session pass “good for one free 250MB session.” It is reasonable and Amazon seems to be the only retailer with the limited edition bundle currently available for pre-order — at least for now.

Kudos to Sony for getting an attractive package available at launch to boost sales.

Via: PlayStation Blog, Amazon

Jon Rubinstein, former CEO of Palm, leaves HP

In the last hurrah of the grand webOS saga, the famed CEO, Jon Rubinstein has left the company. He was responsible for bringing Palm from the bottom of the market to owning and operating one of the best mobile operating systems ever created, webOS. This has been confirmed at AllThingsD, in a brief statement from an HP spokesperson: “Jon has fulfilled his commitment and we wish him well.” And that was that.

More coverage at the source links. Via: The Verge, AllThingsD, Image credit: Giz

Leaked HTC Sense 4.0 Previewed: New UI, New Features, And More

Tech site PocketNow claims that they have had hands-with a near-final leaked build of HTC Sense 4.0. This new version of Sense will contain a new UI, new features, no on-screen buttons for Ice Cream Sandwich, meaning that the hardware will still carry four distinct capacitive buttons: home, menu, search, and back. Sense 4.0 will also feature a full landscape mode, a completely reworked mail app, tight Dropbox integration with 50GB of free storage, a Safari Reader-style function for the browser (that would be awesome, HTC), and universal Beats audio for supported phones. That’s quite a long set of achievements for Sense UI that hasn’t been observed for quite a while now.

There’s even talk of a 3D task switcher. However, since there are no photos of it in action, we’d have to label this with a grain of salt before anything stated by PocketNow can be taken into serious consideration. Via: PocketNow