Chromebooks Will Get The “OK Google” Voice Search Touch

Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 3.24.31 PM - Display 1Google have the “OK Google” command ready on more than just its online search engine, watches, Glass, phones, tablets, and cars — soon Chromebooks will be added to the list. Users will be able to say “OK, Google”, to activate voice search on the notebook, as long as the screen is on and the system is unlocked. Currently available on the developer preview channel, this feature will make its way to stable channel and become final.

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Instagram Is Now Valued At $35 Billion

instagramWhen Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, the tech industry was astounded. Circa December of 2014, and Citigroup has reevaluated Instagram, stating that it’s worth $35 billion. The increased value is thanks to the social media company announcing last week that it reached 300 million users.

Furthermore, Citigroup expects that Instagram could eventually contribute $2 billion to Facebook — if the network was fully optimzed for creating profits.

Via: TC, Tech Investor News

Mars Rover Curiosity Comes Across Methane, But No Distinct Proof Of Life

14-330a_0Methane. A chemical that results from decay of organice matter, was read by the Mars Curiosity Rover. Measured in the atmosphere around the rover, along with organic molecules in a rock-powder sample via drill, has been the best evidence for life on Mars. Back in 2013, the methane recorded in the atmosphere were was too low to support living microbes — 1.3 parts per billion. However, recording over 20 months show that the amount varies, and that on average, 7 parts per billion of methane exists on the red planet.

Sushil Atreya of the University of Michigan and a member of the Curiosity rover science team, has this to say about the new results, “This temporary increase in methane — sharply up and then back down — tells us there must be some relatively localized source,” and that, “There are many possible sources, biological or non-biological, such as interaction of water and rock.”

Furthermore, Curiosity found organic materials in the rock-powder sample, however skepticism remains, as the organic material could have been delivered by metoreitites.

Time (and science) will tell. Via: NASA

Moto 360 Review: The Best First Attempt At A Smartwatch

20141207_141743The Moto 360 is is an extremely unique sort of gadget, but for unusual reasons. Sporting a circular design, the Moto 360 is designed to be a true watch — not a gadget. Its covert styling and stainless steel casing, available in black or silver, is appropriate for a business affair, or a rave. That being said, is it worth the price of a new on-contract smartphone, so you can look cool at the office or in the club? Let’s enterain that idea (and many others), in the review after the break

Researchers In Italy Illustrate The Most Detailed Nerve Endings

1412_snaptag_1By applying a decade-old technique known as SNAP-tagging, the lab at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Italy developed a new technique to illustrate nerves, touch receptors, and hair follicles — all seen as vibrant fluorescent colors, looking more like n art piece than cutting-edge microscopy.

Scientist Paul Heppenstall is marveled at the detail accomplished by the new technology, speaking of the lead image above, which is of nerve endings below the skin: “It’s shocking the first time you see it,” he says. “Normally you’d just see the big fat one without any idea that all these other fibres are there. That was a stunning example.”


The PlayStation Experience Previews Gameplay For Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

uncharted_4_a_thiefs_end_game-wideThe PlayStation Experiecne event illustrated (with new gameplay video) a preview of the last entry in the Uncharted series, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. In it, legendary video game charcater and fortune hunter, Nathan Drake, dives back into the world of thievery with plenty of new foes and gameplay mechanics added along the way.

Developed by The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog, plans for the game are set for releasse in 2015, exclusively for PS4 (where else would it launch?). Gameplay video, after the break.

The Aston Martin DB10: A New Gen, A New Bond Car

aston-martin-db10-2The next James Bond film, dubbed Spectre and due for a threatrical release in late 2015, is accompanyed by a new cast and new tech, including the new Bond car — the Aston Martin DB10. The intial images look like a dream car; appropiate considering that only 10 will be built. However, as past Bond cars have shown, design elements trickle down into their more readily-available vehicles.

So, there’s that.

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Ferrari Goes Extreme With The FXX-K

ferrari-fxx-kThe LaFerrari is an excellent testament to Ferrari’s ability to take track technologies and styles, then implement them into a road car. The FXX-K, on the other hand, does none of that — it’s extreme, in every aspect possible for something with an engine and four wheels — a true track car.

There are a few clever tweaks that make the FXX-K go so much faster than the LaFerrari, including the HY-KERS drivetrain, using new camshafts, intake manifolds, eliminating the silencers of the exhaust system, and other technical improvements. The result: an astounding 1,050 of horsepower, with four track-ready performance modes: Qualify, Long Run, Manual Boost and Fast Charge.

Price? TBD, but probably is just as extreme as the car.

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