Verizon Wireless 4G LTE MiFi Now Available Online For $99

t’s the Verizon Wireless MiFi 4510L 4G LTE wireless hotspot. Novatel’s newest MiFi (they were the first to create one, remember?) launches April 21st for $99 after a two year service agreement and rebate in retail Verizon Wireless stores with a $50 monthly service plan which gets you 5GB of data usage, with additional usage billed per gigabyte. It also contains a handy E-Ink screen for telling you battery life and signal strength, as well as a microsSD card slot to share over the network with devices that are connected to it. Currently however, the 4G LTE MiFi can be had on for the aforementioned price. PR after the jump.

Samsung Planning Monster Smartphone Chip With 2GHz Dual-Core Processing Power


According to Korean blog MK, a “high-ranking” Samsung official stated that they are “planning to release a 2GHz dual core CPU-equipped smartphone by next year.” Also mentioned was that the new silicon would “have the data processing capacities of a regular PC.” That, dear readers, would be a very accurate statement, if true. Better yet, Samsung may outsource this chip to other manufacturers. Now we just need a killer-looking smartphone with that kind of power and new battery technology — one can dream, no?

Via: MK