Lenovo X1’s Aims To Be The Best And Thinnest Thinkpad, Ever

This is now one of my personal favorite laptops to hit the market in recent months: the Lenovo X1. Launching tomorrow starting at $1,399, you get a 13.3-inch Gorilla Glass display with 1366×768 resolution, tough as nails construction which can survive several spills and falls, a fully-backlit keyboard, Intel’s WiDi 2.0, Dolby enhanced speakers, HD webcam, weighs 3.89 pounds, is .87 inches thin at its thickest point, and .67 at its thinnest. Processor options include a dual-core Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3.

Rapid Charge technology is also included, which recharges the battery to 80% in 30 minutes, has a great selection of ports, including a Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, Ethernet, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, eSATA / USB combo sockets, 4-in-1 card reader, and finally a 38.4Wh battery which purportedly provide up to 5 hours of charge whilst a $150 slice 35.5Wh battery can be attached to the bottom to add another 5 of battery life.

The Lenovo X1 launches tomorrow at a starting price of $1,399. Press release after the jump.

Samsung’s May 24th Press Event Has Been Postponed

Coming straight from Samsung is some rather confusing news: journalists/bloggers (including yours truly) invited to their May 24th event event in New York City has been “postponed until a later date.” It is unclear as to why this happened, but possible announcements included the Galaxy S II for United States carriers, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and perhaps maybe even the Galaxy Tab 8.9.

DryCASE Tablet Waterproof iPad Case Review: It Works!?

So here’s what this is: A waterproof “vacuum-sealed” case/cover for you iPad, but can be used for just about any other tablet due to its size. It retails for $60 and comes with a neoprene strap to carry your iPad on-the-go, in fully waterproof and scratch-proof fashion. First of all, I have to praise DryCORP for this, really: Because it’s vacuum-sealed (read: it comes with a small handpump for extracting air from the case) it allows you to use the iPad while in the case. Which isn’t something new, but cool nonetheless. Read on for the full verdict and some iffy feelings I have for the DryCASE Tablet Waterpoof case as well.

BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres Micro-Review

Sent in by my friend(s) at ThinkGeek for review come the BuckyBalls: rare earth magnetic balls that come in a cube which consist of 216 BuckyBalls. The magnetic grade of the BuckyBalls is N35 and measure 5mm in diameter, each. A standard set of balls costs $30 and their main purpose is being a time-waster — which they definitely are. I’ve had way too much fun building all sorts of things with the BuckyBalls, and since they’re rather difficult to use, can act as a form of light brain exercise as well, since you’re constantly trying to find ways to build something using little magnetic sphere that measure only 5mm, making it challenging, too. Totally worth it and super fun; just don’t lose any of them, since that seems rather easy. Other than that, there’s no real minuses to the BuckyBalls: they just work and are fun. Score: 10/10

BuckyBalls Hands-On Gallery

Available for purchase at ThinkGeek!

Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite HDD Transfers Data Via WiFi To Your Phone, Tablet, Etc.

Ever wished you could use your tablet, phone, Android or iOS device to transfer data to a $200 500GB hard drive with WiFi data transfer? Well, now you can! The Seagate GoFlex Satellite hard drive uses an app for the transfers; an Android version is coming this summer, but can still be used on Android using via the browser, whilst an iOS version for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad already exists. The GoFlex Satellite is also battery powered and will last up to 25 hours on a single charge. It also comes with a USB 3.0 data cable for wired transfer.

Via: Seagate

Samsung Galaxy S II Carrier Names Are AT&T Attain, Verizon Function, And Sprint Within

Hey, Galaxy S II! We all really like your design, dual-core prowess, and Android 2.3 with Touchwiz 4.0. But when are you coming to the States, which is across the pond? Well, at the very least, no one except the U.S. carriers and Samsung know of release dates, but now we know of the names. AT&T will be getting the Attain, Verizon the Function, and Sprint the Within. T-Mobile’s variant isn’t mentioned in the recent leak of a case by the guys at Pocketnow that contains the carrier names of the Galaxy S II, but you only hope it can be just as awesome as these. Also, just in case you’re doubting the authenticity of the names, keep in mind Samsung trademarked them not too long ago (seen at the source links).

Via: PocketnowUSPTO (Galaxy Attain)(Galaxy Function)(Galaxy Within

Samsung Infuse 4G And HP Veer 4G (You Know, HSPA+) Now Available

Both of AT&T’s newest phones are officially now on sale. The HP Veer 4G, which most reviewers find to be an awful 2.63-inch touchscreen webOS handset whilst using fake “4G” HSPA+ and an 800MHz processor. The Samsung Infuse 4G on the other hand is a 1.2GHz single-core, Android 2.2 with Touchwiz 3.0 powerhouse, as well as a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen at WVGA resolution. It also uses AT&T’s phony 4G network, which is many times slower than the 20MBps download speeds capable on 4G LTE devices like the Samsung Droid Charge.

It’s your call. Links to both devices are next to the “via” text. ViaHP Veer 4GSamsung Infuse 4G

Sony’s PlayStation Network Has Begun A “Phased Restoration”

It’s time! A new update has been pushed to PlayStation 3s as version 3.61, which also requires you to fully reset your PlayStation Network password on either the PS3 you registered your account on, or via a verified email process. A phased rollout of the PlayStation Network has begun in both the United States and Europe (a map of the U.S. indicating which states have service is available for your viewing here; there’s no map for Europe). The restoration also includes the gaming section of PSN and media connections such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, MLB.tv, friends list, chat, PlayStation Home, and more.

Also, Sony’s Kaz Hirai, Representative Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Deputy President (essentially president of Sony’s consumer products division) has a video for you, seen below, which details what precautions have been taken to insure this doesn’t (hopefully) happen again, as well as information about the restoration of the PlayStation Network. Via: PlayStation Blog