Duh: The ‘Total War’ Creative Assembly Says Current-Gen Consoles Can’t Handle The Games

In a rather obvious comment, Creative Assembly’s studio director Mike Simpson told Eurogamer that the current-gen home consoles (namely Xbox 360 and PS3) “just can’t cope” with the hardware requirements of the real-time war strategy series, Total War. This of course from a technical standpoint makes complete sense: the PS3 has a petty 256MB of RAM and the Xbox 360 a meager 512MB of RAM; most PCs struggle with Shogun 2 or Fall of The Samurai with several gigabytes of RAM. It is essential for console manufactures to step up their game once their next-generation consoles debut, as the current hardware is aging at an increasingly alarming rate.

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Tweetdeck Is Down After Bug Opens Other User’s Accounts

This goes into a major list of bizarre bugs that the tech industry has ever seen in software. Within the hour (as of time of this writing), Tweetdeck has been taken offline due to a report originating from Australia detailed how a single user could access hundreds of other user’s account from the start of the “New Tweet” page, obviously a severe bug in the app. Via: TechCrunch, Official Tweet

TweetDeck is now back online.

As soon as we learned about the issue today, we took TweetDeck down to diagnose the situation. We discovered a bug that caused a very small number of TweetDeck users to have access to other TweetDeck users’ accounts. (The accounts that could be accessed were random; it was not possible to select specific accounts and access them.)

No one’s password was compromised, and we aren’t aware of any instances where this access was used maliciously. As a precaution, we removed account credentials associated with affected TweetDeck users; they will need to log in to authorize the TweetDeck application to access their accounts.

Google Chrome 18 Now Available, Improves Graphics Performance

Simple, quick update: Chrome 18 brings improved graphics performance. To do this, it’s enabled GPU acceleration for Canvas 2D (a graphical element of HTML5) for the first time in a non-beta release, meaning that it should improve gaming and web app performance dramatically, while reducing the strain on your computer’s CPU.  There’s also aother WebGL graphics standard — the TransGaming’s SwiftShader rasterizer, a software-based solution that allows for older computers to access basic 3D web content. It’s disabled on newer machines, but it’s nice for Chrome to have such large support. This update should come automatically to your version of Chrome, but if it doesn’t, head into the settings and check for the update, manually.

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Minecraft made a massive $80 million in 15 months

Congrats, Mojang AB!

In the 15 months since the first alpha build back in October of 2010, Notch’s child and Mojang AB’s best game to date, Minecraft, has made a gross profit of $80 million. That report comes from the Financial Times, which noticed Mojang had filed finances in Sweden (their home turf). After interest, taxation and depreciation deducted, that’s $13.5 million in the pocket, with Notch as the main shareholder and a dividend of $3.7 million, which is shared with the rest of the company. In the meantime, Mojang is working on two new games: Cobalt and Scrolls, both of which may strike rich if they really are as seductive as Minecraft has been.

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Grr: Android 4.0.4 Only Out For GSM Nexus S And Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ , Not LTE Variant

This is getting on our (read: my) nerves. Both the Sprint Nexus S and the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus seem to be the second-class citizens that the other Android devices are, as they never receive updates, such as the new Android 4.0.4 which adds smoother screen rotations, camera fixes, stability improvements, and numerous other bug fixes and tweaks to Ice Cream Sandwich that have long been asked for. For those of you that do have an HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus or a GSM Nexus S (meaning with SIM card), then the update is freely available to you, unless the download has not come down to your handset, since updates like these are gradually rolled out to the masses.

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Brevity Review: Portal 2 Test Candidate Hoodie

This is an official Aperture Science hoodie that retails for $60 from our friends at ThinkGeek. On the front, the iconic Portal 1 and 2 character slipping in between space, is 100% cotton, two front pockets, has ribbed cuffs and bottom. Wearing it is a very comfortable experience, despite the smallest size looking like a medium-sized hoodie when you make comparisons to other hoodies. Now, what I think is the most special about this hoodie is the back: it proudly displays the “Test Candidate” that you are when you wear a Portal 2 hoodie (or would if you were actually part of the game, in which case I’d like to steal your position).