Google+ Just Got Put In Shape With Another Makeover

This is the new Google+. Geared at keeping the design dead simple while keeping it packed with features and information, it seems as if this design should be the inspiration for many other social networks out there. This morning, the update being sent out by Google, gradually to all Google+ users, includes revamped navigation, drag-and-drop elements and actions that appear when you hover over each item, the introduction of new features geared at making it easier to discover conversations to join, new profile pages, a dedicated page for Google+ Hangouts (Google+’s multi-person video chat service), and also centering the entire design to your screen, making it look very, very uniform.

While I have not had access to the update via my Google+ page, there is the entire post at the Google Blog showing what exactly has changed.

Toshiba presents the Excite 7.7, 10.1, and 13.3 tablets, all with stock Android 4.0

This is the new line of tablets by Toshiba. No longer plagued by the failure that was the Thrive series, the Excite line of tablets all use a vanilla/stock version of Android 4.0, NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core SoC, and textured aluminum backs with thing profiles. The Excite 7.7 and 10 both have a 1280 x 800 AMOLED display, while the massive Excite 13, which as per the name suggests, contains a 13.3-inch display, steps it up to 1600 x 900 resolution. Additionally, there are full-sized SD card slots on the 10 and 13 models.

Did I mention that the Excite 13 looks like it means business? And it weighs a hefty 2.2 pounds.

Now, here where the object of money comes into play: you’d need to pay $650 for the 32GB Excite 13 when it goes on sale June 10th, which is well above the baseline tablet price. Next is a 64GB storage option for $750 (!), the Excite 7.7 for $500 on June 10th for 16GB and $580 for the 32GB configuration. However, to try and rush things, Toshia is making the 10-inch early to the market, arriving May 6th starting for $500 and 16GB of built-in storage space.

It’s all very complicated with Toshiba, and there mistake with gadgets is usually launching many at once, or making complicated launch plans. Or even worse, not ensuring the experience is comfortable for the user, but hopefully the Excite series is an exception. PR after the break.

Word Has It The HTC One S Is Launching The 25th?

Something leaked to TmoNews suggests that the HTC One S will launch very soon — Wednesday, April 25th. Why? Well, according to an internal T-Mobile training document sent to the site, most plans are to be set in stone by the 16th, then the One S will take the flagship position at its stores, online advertising, and TV until mid-June, as well as a push for the Beats Solo headset, as Beats Audio-enhanced HTC devices no longer come with the headphones required for the full experience.

Annoying? Yes. Making the HTC One series less exciting? No.

Via: TmoNews

Google Chrome OS Sees Aura UI Update, Reminiscent Of Windows And OS X

OK, then. Stealing would be too harsh of a word, but Google Chrome OS has just seen the Aura UI update, which adds several features to the development channel (the least stable build). To be very specific, version 19.0.1048.17 adds Google’s hardware-accelerated Aura UI, window manager, desktop, overlapping windows, a Windows-style taskbar, and a Launchpad-esque app launcher. It’s almost the best of both worlds, but the sad part is that the very first Chrome OS device, the Cr-48, won’t get access to the update (at least, for now?), but rather the newer and branded Acer AC700 and Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks.

Otherwise, there a are few other incremental changes, like additional file support (tar, gz, and bzip2), updates to Chrome OS’ local audio and video player, and new modes for multiple monitor handling. Very nice.

Via: Google Chrome Releases, Aura Chromium Page, Google Operating System

Last Week On LaptopMemo: Iconic News And A Site Redesign

Last week was all about changes. See? Well, except the first link below; that’s for this week.

Instagram bought by Facebook. (And launched on Android last week.)

A new Dodge Viper.

AT&T now unlocking off-contract iPhones and HTC has pitiful Q1 earnings

Plus, we redesigned the entire site with young internet entrepreneur Dustin Snider and his team of ninjas! It looks very chic yet just shy minimalism, if we do say so ourselves.

Surprise: Facebook Is Buying Instagram For A Billion Dollars

Just coming out of the room and into the office to find this in my news feed was — unusually interesting.

Moving on, Facebook intends to purchase Instagram, the much-favored photo-sharing and vignette-filtering social networking app for iOS and Android, for a solid $1 billion. This comes not long after Instagram and Co. launched the new Android app, alongside several updates to keep both versions of the app up to speed.

The only real question now is — what is Facebook going to do to (or with, rather) Instagram? For one, it has to steer clear of Gowalla’s fate, which was one of death, but also to reach higher than it currently is. Check out Mark Zuckerberg’s full statement on the deal, after the cut.

In Photo, HTC One S Clearly Smokes Galaxy Nexus’ Benchmark Score

This is a very premature thing to say, or rather speculative, but above you can clearly see that the HTC One S on T-Mobile reaches much higher computational benchmark scores in the app, Quadrant, which is used by both enthusiasts and tech reviewers alike to see some of the overall capability of an Android device, besides the anecdotal methods, like downloading many apps at once and multitasking between different apps in a short period of time. Needless to say, we’re (and by this, I mainly mean myself) excited to see both the One S on T-Mobile and One X on AT&T release this month.

Via: SlashGear