AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphones Review

_IGP0434In Copenhagen exists a sound hardware company, called AIAIAI. Their directive is to produce high quality audio products, but design for everyday use, sans overbearing logos and design — that is to say, they’re rather minimalistic.

In 2012, the company debuted a pair of headphones that were customizable to much fanfare, but as with any first iteration of a technology product, had some shortcomings.

Enter 2015, and the TMA-2 debuts: a framework that allows for the customization of sound drivers, ear cups, headbands, and cables. After the break; here’s what I thought of it.

LG G4 Review: Some Parts Incredible, Others Not

_IGP0417It’s flagship time at LG, and the G4 is bringing a strong suit of software and hardware to convince buyers to sway away from HTC and and Samsung. But can it do all of this without an all-metal frame, or a outstanding design in general? Also, it’s worth noting that in today’s smartphone market, if the camera isn’t great, then it’s a no-go.

I’ve been using an LG G4 to in the hopes of sorting through it, and finding out.

Nintendo Makes A Profit For The First Time In Four Years

2000px-Nintendo_red_logo.svgFor the first time in four years (read: circa 2011), Nintendo has turned an annual profit. Despite sales being own 3.8 percent year-over-year, Nintendo still managed to return a slim profit margin: ¥24.8 billion (about $207 million) and a net profit of ¥41.8 billion ($350 million) off ¥549.8 billion ($4.6 billion).

The reason being? Well, the Wii U sold 340,000 units over the past three months, so there’s obviously a contributing factor there.

Still, the Japanese video game company of legend needs to turn a few more gamers to its systems before a Mario Party can be thrown.

Via: Nintendo

Finally: Here’s The Final Oculus Rift, Launching In 2016

oculusCompared to the prototypes over the last few years that have garnered Oculus Rift worldwide attention, including an acquisition from Facebook last year, the final version of the Oculus Rift will take all of that and deliver on another level.

Specs are still being kept under wraps, but the new consumer-ready Oculus Rift will launch in early 2016, with better ergonomics, tracking capabilities, a much better design, and of course — top-notch games and tech demos that support it.

Fun (virtual) times are ahead. Via: Oculus

Gunnar Sheadog Review: An Edgy Lightweight


In my years of reviewing gear, I’ve come across many different Gunnar frames (one, two and three, in fact) — computer glasses designed to protect the eyes against the blue light of displays, causing strain and other vision problems. Years after the company first debuted, Gunnars now come in Rx prescription versions, as well as yellow and crystalline lenses.

To this point, they all achieve the desired effect to varying degrees, partly due to how well the frame fits to the face and eyes. So, for me at least, the magic comes from the frame, and not so much the lenses; when in fact, they are the source of the magic that is eye strain reduction.

So naturally for 2015, the lightweight (2o grams) Sheadog frame looked inquisitive to test.

LSTN Zebrawood Bowery Earbuds Review: Rustic Looks, Modern Sounds

IMGP0335 copyAt LSTN Headphones, headphones and earbuds are the only two products sold, but with a twist: wooden housing. This pair of earbuds, called the Zebrawood Bowery feature a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted wooden housing, so no two pairs look the exact same. But that’s not all there is to LSTN’s earbuds: a Neodymium magnet mounted to an 8mm driver, a frequency response from 20Hz-20KHz, all of which is connected to a gold-plated 3.5mm headset jack — at the end of a 1.2 meter nylon cable.

So, aesthetically and technically, the Zebrawood Bowery is pretty decent, especially if wood sounds like a good idea.

HTC One M9 Review: Even A Brilliant Formula Needs Tweaks

IMGP0327The “One” branding has been here for at least three years, and is HTC’s crown jewel — in the midst of hit-and-miss attempts at conquering the Android smartphone spectrum.

Oh, but don’t be lead astray by the opening statement: the One M7 and M8 have been some of the best flagship devices in the Android lineup to-date. But every year, the competition comes closer to achieving things that HTC always did, like build quality.

The current landscape: leather backs, metal trims, curvatures, glass backs and entire metal bodies. And so, the HTC One M9 needs to prove to the world why it is not only a design and engineering success, but why it should be a consumer success.

LG G4: This Is A Mean Smartphone, With Much Style

IMGP0294It’s only been a few hours since UPS delivered an LG G4 from Korea, but I’m already settling in nicely. The LG G4 is the (ever heard of this South Korean tech superpower) latest flagship smartphone to debut out of LG Mobile.

Is it worth the year-long wait? Yes, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and at least pay attention to the specs — and design, that’s been tweaked slightly as well. For example, the model I have has a hammered plastic back, which looks and feels gratifying but a leather-backed version will debut in beige, black, sky blue and yellow colors — that’s what you want.