Samsung Calls People “Sheep”, Teases The Next Galaxy

Hmph. At least it’s some sort of progress. From tgeltaayehxnx  to a day later, we see a teaser video that doesn’t really show much. Other than calling people sheep (sheeple?). So one of the biggest phone makers in the one called every single one of its customers sheep? I don’t know how to take that. Anyways, the video is available after the break.

Adobe Has CS6 Up For Pre-Order And The Monthly Creative Cloud Service

 This is something big. Adobe has announced a $49/month with an annual subscription or $79/month for month-to-month plan for users to get full access to any CS6 tool, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and AfterEffects. How? Through the new online cloud suite which will also include Adobe’s new HTML5 design and development tools Muse and Edge, and will be deeply integrated into the company’s tablet apps. This suite can download and use apps on up to two different machines.

Also, for those just interested in Photoshop, there’s a subscription for $19.99/month with an annual membership and $29.99 without, which is fantastic, with teacher and team pricing available in the near future, as well. Now, when is all of this awesomeness available? According to Adobe, they “are scheduled to be available within 30 days.” Better yet, there will be seamless sharing of work and transitioning from tablet to the desktop for ideas and projects you may make.

And as for the boxed CS6 suite, it still will be available, but of course is no longer as “cool” and the Creative Cloud.

Full Adobe video on the Creative Cloud service,available after the break. Via: Adobe, TC

This Week On LaptopMemo: Hanging With One S And Gaming News Rampage

This week hit a peak on LaptopMemo, mainly due to our HTC One S hands-on on at a great press event here in NYC (see video). It was followed by Alienware’s new laptops (and killing one of the best), then it was all about gaming moving on from that. From Arma 3, to Dishonored, EA’s Crysis 3, 343’s art for Halo 4 getting leaked, and finally the pricing and release date for the HTC One X.

A good week of news that was, no doubt.

Samsung teases the world with next Galaxy — via an anagram

This had to be one of those “give them something for a boring, slow news day Sunday” kind of PR ploys. According to the Samsung Mobile Twitter account: “Destination: tgeltaayehxnx,”. As those of who read anagrams would decipher, that translates to “the next Galaxy”. And so says the countdown page; something interesting might happen in the next couple of hours.

ViatgeltaayehxnxSamsung Mobile (Twitter)

Arma 3 will contain a 19km island map, with trailer and screenshots aplenty

 Bohemia Interactive’s Arma 3 for PC will have an additional island for its realistic simulation of modern combat. In this case, the new island contains 19km of real estate, and is called Stratis, which is full of rough terrain located in the North Aegean. Also, there is an intense feeling of beauty in the game(duh). Specifically of nature, even though most of the time you’ll be armed with tanks, fighter jets, and guns, as well as a purportedly compelling story line. But hey, once the game comes out later this year, maybe you can take just a moment to walk around and enjoy the island — and not get annihilated. Video after the break. Via: PCGamer