Origin Outs Its 11-inch Gaming Laptop Powerhouse, The EON11-S

As the days go by, it seems that Alienware’s decision to stop making new versions of the popular M11x is more of a bad decision than before. Today, Origin, a company that sprouted from Alienware’s defected employees, announced their re-branded version of the Clevo 11-inch laptop that many companies are going to use for the basis of their 11.6-inch gaming laptops. This particular version with Origin’s badge on it includes the new Intel Ivy Bridge processors, a 2GB NVIDIA GT 650M GPU for some great gaming, Optimus graphics-switching technology and a battery rated for 6.5 hours of runtime. The laptop starts at $999 (compared with $1,099 for Maingear), except you’d better go to Origin’s site to find out what kind of specs you get for such a low price. At least it looks good and is pretty light.

(Editor’s Note: adding an Ivy Bridge CPU instantly bumps the price to $1,294, and at the base price you get a Pentium processor. Really.)

Via: Origin

The Suunto Core Alu Watch Is Slick Beyond Compare

This is everything amazing about the Suunto Core watch I reviewed last year, but with a new look and all the same features — an altimeter, barometer, compass, depth meter, multiple watch, date, and alarm functions, sunrise/sunset times, a digital thermometer, and the electro-luminescent dot-matrix display — all into one aluminum case with silicone rubber strap. As of yet, there’s no price or release date for the Core Alu, but it’s a certainty it’s launching soon. Via: Suunto

Steve Wozniak Says Windows Phone More Beautiful Than Android, “No Contest”

This is a real blow to Android, which Steve Wozniak (an Apple co-founder) was very much a fan of, and owned plenty of Android devices. It is taken into account that Steve probably has a Nokia Lumia 900, which he stated he was eager to acquire. Moving on towards his praise, he says that Windows Phone 7 is like you’re “with a friend not a tool.” He goes on to say using Android is more of a chore, and there is “no contest” between Google’sOS and Windows Phone. And he’s not done yet; he bashes iOS: it is “more awkward” in its interactions than the Lumia phone containing Windows Phone 7. His only problem? Lack of more (and better) third-party apps for Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Via: Anewdomain

Firefox 13 Beta Now No Longer Opens All Tabs At Restart

Remember those times where something strange happened, and then — boom? You had to re-launch Firefox, and all of your 20 tabs erupted into a volcano of tab terror. Well, no more. The new Firefox 13 beta (for those that still stick with the fox that Mozilla has created) disables this feature by default. There’s also speedier browsing in general, with plenty of changes on the developer side. Via: Mozilla, WebMonkey

Project Glass Seen And Used On Charlie Rose, With Google X Founder

On a recent (and always delightful) episode of Charlie Rose, features the founder of Google X Sebastian Thrun, who is the second person that has publicly used Project Glass. In the episode, he takes a photo of Mr. Rose using the camera found in the glasses, which can be seen above. The TV cameras, on the outside also were able to see the battery pack of the glasses. He takes the photo by tapping the glasses, then submits it to Google+ by nodding twice. Unbelievable? Yes. See the source link for the full video, and if interested in the glasses rather the majority of the discussion focusing on higher education and future projects, skip to the 30 second mark.

Via: Charlie RoseSebastian Thrun (Google+)

Twitter Updates Android And iOS Apps With New Search And Discover

Quickly, it can be said that Twitter has updated their official Twitter app for iOS and Android. The changes? Improvements to discover, search and notifications, allowing users to view “Activity” — described by the social network as a “stream of updates that shows which tweets are favorited or retweeted by the people you follow and which accounts those people follow or add to lists.” Very nice definition, indeed. It’s available as an update on both the App Store and Google Play Store for download right now. Your call, humans.

Via: Twitter

This Is Samsung’s Exynos 4 Quad Chip For The Next Galaxy Phone

Ahead of the announcement of the entire Galaxy S3, it seems as if Samsung thinks it’s a good idea to talk about their new processor. It is based off of the ARM Cortex A9, Samsung’s new chip—which and is called Exynos 4 Quad — each and every one will feature four cores all running at 1.4 GHz. In terms of its building process it, unlike the older Exynos 4 Dual, uses 32 nanometer technology instead of the older 45 nanometer tech.

But was does any of this mean? For starters, it is capable of full 30fps 1080p video playback and recording, will feature an interface for HDMI 1.4 and also come with some embedded image signal processing capabilities while also being 20 per cent more energy efficient than its predecessor.

Via: Samsung