iOS 5 Beta 5 Now Available As An OTA For Developers (updated)

iOS 5 beta 5 has just been released to developers, and is available for download via the new over-the-air update function found in iOS 5 beta 4, but can also be updated the old way: Connecting the iDevice to iTunes. Full changelog after the break.

Update: At the moment, not all iOS 5 beta 4 devices can get the update (including myself on my iPad 2), as Apple’s servers are under heavy strain. However, most of you devs should see the update by the end of today.

Suunto Core Glacier Gray review

Does anybody wear watches anymore? Well, people in fact do. Whether or not high-end watches like the Suunto Core will be all the rage like smartphones are is a definite doubt, but as seen the in the review after the break, there really isn’t anything wrong with this expensive watch. It’s pretty cool, actually.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Touchwiz Update Rolling Out To WiFi Models

The optional Galaxy Tab 10.1 Touchwiz updat that was detailed and side-loaded to press devices earlier this week is now rolling out to all consumers who have the WiFi edition of the Galaxy Tab 101, while the I/O 2011 and 4G LTE editions wIll follow sometimes after. In order to check if your Tab 10.1 has the update ready, go to Settings > About Tablet > Update. The Touchwiz update adds a tuned interface, Media Hub, Social Hub, Music Hub, Amazon Cloud Player, Movies in Android Market, Swype keyboard for tablets, quick-launching apps, a new quick panel, as well as a photo editor.

Sprint Unveils The $100 Samsung Conquer 4G, Complete With Gingerbread

This is your entry-level budget smartphone. A 1GHz processor, Sprint ID UI service, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 4G WiMAX data speeds, 3.2MP rear-facing camera (flash and zoom included), a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, 3.5-inch touchscreen with 320×480 pixels resolution, and all the normal little Android bells and whistles for $100 on 2-year contract. This little smartphone launches August 21st. PR after the jump.

Notch Is Rich: 3 Million Copies Of Minecraft Sold

Notch has diamonds for eyes. Get it? No? Then play Minecraft.

According to both Notch himself and PC Gamer, Minecraft has sold 3 million copies as of today, at roughly $21 USD a copy, with more than 10 million users registered (and of which 3 million bought the game). That’s a lot of money (in gross, excluding taxes and so forth). In fact, that’s so much money Notch should make Minecraft in real-life. Just saying.

And it doesn’t stop there: with 1.8 coming out soon, Minecraft’s Adventure Update is only getting bigger and better by the day. Time to play some Minecraft, I suppose. Via: PC Gamer

HP Touchpad Goes Down To $399.99 Just For A Weekend

HP really wants you to buy an HP Touchpad. First they marked it down by $50, and now by a full $99.99 for the WiFi 16GB model. The sale runs through tomorrow and up until Sunday. And webOS just got updated on the Touchpad bringing a plethora of fixes, speed increases, and more, so if it fancies you to buy a tablet with a rather mixed future but with a great software interface, then go straight ahead at the source link. Via: HP

Gmail Now Has Honeycomb-Like Preview Pane Feature In Labs

Huzzah! Gmail on Honeycomb is deemed as one of the best versions of Gmail, and now the desktop version has access to a coveted Honeycomb feature: preview panes. By going into Settings, then Labs, you can enable the Preview Pane, which lets you see emails without loading a new page for them and even allows you to split the content vertically or horizontally, which works well on large, high-resolution screens. It’s handy and I’ve already enabled it for my personal account — go ahead and check it out.

Via: Official Gmail Blog