The $399 iPad 2 Has An Improved 32mm Processor And Better Battery Life

This is quite an odd event. Those of you in the past that bought iPad 2s (like myself) are going to find that even the recently marked-down iPad 2 for $399 released by Apple to coincide with the release of the new iPad (3rd-generation) has a smaller, more energy efficient 32mm processor with new transistors, thus creating better battery life by 16 percent in web browsing and as much 30 percent when playing games, according Aandtech. You can tell if your iPad 2 has this new setup if when benchmarking it in an app like Geekbench it says “iPad 2,4”. The problem?

You can’t tell what iPad 2 model it is until you take it out of the box. In other words, it’s a $400 gamble until retailers phase out the older models of the already old iPad. Confound it.

Via: Aandtech

Samsung Galaxy S III: June Release For North America, May 29th For Europe

Low and behold!

The Samsung Galaxy S III from the beloved producer of the last two Google Nexus devices. In the new SGS III debuting in North America this June and on May 29th in Europe. The new features and specifications of the SGS III are alongside this sentence for your perusal: a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display at 720p resolution, 8-megapixel primary and 1.9-megapixel front-facing cameras with 990ms start-up time, a 3.3fps burst mode, with best-shot selection (similar to HTC’s One series), all to be contained by 16 or 32GB of storage (64GB version is coming later) with microSD expansion, Bluetooth 4.0 support, GPS with GLONASS reception, high-throughput 40MHz 802.11n Wi-Fi, NFC, and a large 2,100mAh battery. All powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor.

Aesthetically, it measures 8.6mm thick (136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm, to be extremely precise) which is actually a bit thicker than the last-gen S II’s 8.5mm. And per usual procedure, the global edition has 21MBps data speeds delivered by HSPA+, and localized editions however could use 4G.

In terms of software the Galaxy S III has Samsung’s Android offerings with Android 4.0’s native features. This is ought to be Sammy’s next blockbuster device. Who knows? Commercial after the break.

MIT And Harvard Join To Create edX Web Education Platform

This is an evolved form of MIT’s free online courses established last year; essentially Harvard took notice, and joined the club by joining MIT and creating the edX platform to offer courses and content for free on the web. At the moment, there is little info on the available subjects just yet, but video lessons, quizzes and online labs will all be a part of the curriculum, and those who comprehend the coursework can get a certificate of mastery upon completion. The cost of this little project: 60 million dollars, with each university giving up half. The first courses will be announced this summer, and classes are slated to start this fall. Information at the source link.

Via: edX

Philippe Starck Designs Spray That Gets You Instantly Drunk For Seconds

This is a truly stellar idea, which stems from one of the world’s best minds — Philippe Starck. While he did not invent the WA|HH Quantum Sensation spray, he did design the canister that delivers the 0.075 milliliters of alcohol that gets you instantaneously drunk. However, its French American scientist creator, David Edwards, says that after those few seconds, you will not be hungover, and interestingly, be able to pass any driving test. The price of this fantastic invention? Only 26 dollars. Nevertheless, I like the mere fact that the creative Mr. Starck can always do something rather unusual in its application.

ViaAFP (French), Le Laboratoire

RIM CEO: BlackBerry 7 Devices Won’t Upgrade To 10 — It’s Ludicrous

As you are now aware, BlackBerry 7 will be the OS of choice for RIM in the future for its low-end smartphones and devices, however the new and shiny BlackBerry 10 will house the top-of-the-line devices released by RIM. Unfortunately, users of current BlackBerry 7 devices will be unable to get an official upgrade to BlackBerry 10, thus RIM is leaving another generation of its users in the dark, unless they buy a new BlackBerry. It’s shameful, really. RIM still hasn’t thought things through. Via: Verge

Spotify For iPad Launching At App Store Later Today

From early critiques of the new Spotify for iPad app, the music streaming company has designed a very usable and aesthetically pleasing app. In the end however, it simply is a re-scaled and polished version of the multiple mobile apps available, no really introducing anything new to the scene. But still, this is worth looking into if you use Spotify. Press release after the break. Via: Techmeme