Google Chrome Now Most Used Browser, Beating IE, Says StatCounter

It has come to this day: Google Chrome is the world’s most used web browser, as pointed out by Global Nerdy and StatCounter, the service currently evaluating and classifying this information. While it may not be entirely official, this is a big leap for true, modern browsing with a great interface, compared to the Firefox and Internet Explorer browser (you too, Safari!).

Specifically, the stats say that for the first time in human history, Chrome produced higher traffic in a week than IE, and May 14th–20th marks the first time Chrome has averaged a higher traffic share over a full seven-day stretch. See more about the whole subject at the source links.

Via: TNW, Global Nerdy, StatCounter

Google Now Completely Cleared For Acquisition Of Motorola, Courtesy China

When American and European regulators gave the “ok, go” to Motorola Mobility and Google for a planned acquisition originating from the latter, all that remained was an Asian counterpart to make the last approval: China. Now that the Chinese have given Google their blessing, the final steps towards Google having the whole of Motorola’s mobile phones division in their pocket begins now, starting with some in-house preparations.

According to a statement recently made to AP, Google plans for the entire deal to be through by early next week, and also to keep the symphony in motion, has to keep Android free to use by anyone for at least five consecutive years — a given, actually. Via: WSJ, Techmeme

Nokia Lumia 900 Review

During the past year, Microsoft has evolved the Windows Phone platform to accommodate higher-end devices, and with Nokia’s partnership to produce devices, comes the lovechild of the collaboration — the Lumia 900. Hosted in the United States by AT&T with their sparkling new 4G LTE signal, on top of the slower 4G HSPA+ data speeds, the Lumia 900 places itself as one of the most beautiful, and from initial impressions, is the best Windows Phone to date. So, that completely warrants you jumping after the break, to read the full review!

Price as Reviewed: $99 on AT&T with a new, 2-year agreement. Thanks AT&T PR reps for the device!

Facebook IPO Official For $38 A Share Under Ticker Symbol ‘FB’

So, Facebook’s IPO is now official, for $38 a share. Now that the company is public, 421,233,615 shares of its common stock will be up for shots at a price to the public of $38 per share. Trading begins on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “FB,” with the outfit offering 180,000,000 shares of Class A common stock and selling stockholders offering 241,233,615 shares of Class A common stock. Closing of the public offering is expected to occur on May 22nd, subject to the usual “customary closing conditions” of some sort.

Good stuff. ViaFacebookTechCrunch

Porsche 918 Spyder Prototype Now Sporting Black And White Body

This time, the Porsche 918 Spyder prototype that costs $845,000 was seen sporting a new black and white shell, rather than the prototype camouflage used to ward off those pesky spies and auto/tech sites. The 918 Spyder (in case you were wondering) contains 770 horse power, and obliterates 100 kilometers of road for every three liters of petrol (78 miles/gallon). It is able to achieve such astounding numbers by combining a combustion engine with electric motors, a carbon-fiber reinforced-plastic monocoque (self-supporting) shell, rear-axle steering, and a fantastic upward-venting exhausted system (it looks awesome, right?). The 918 Spyder is booked for its initial production run beginning in September of 2013; the first units are making their way to American customers late next year.

Via: Porsche Drive

Halo 4 ‘Spartan Ops’ Will Be A Weekly Feature

Starting November 6th (the release date), Halo 4‘s Spartan Ops co-op missions will be episodic, giving players a new mission and cinematic back story every week as they progress through the game’s multiplayer offerings — which is fantastic within itself. As for the “War Games” mode, it will allow players to participate in standard competitive matches, while “Spartan Ops” will tell the tale of the Majestic Squad that serves aboard the UNSC Infinity freighter through weekly, single player or four-player co-op missions, which is were the Squad is located.

As for the Halo 4 limited edition which will retail for $99, it was detailed in a press release earlier today:

  • Free access to nine additional competitive “War Games” DLC map packs scheduled for post-launch.
  • Early access to six Specializations, which players can use to custom tailor their character and unlock new customization options.
  • A USNC Infinity Briefing Packet, which includes concept art in the form of schematics for Spartan armor, as well as Blueprints for the Infinity, the freighter upon which the game’s entire multiplayer experience takes place.
  • Unique skins for your Spartan-IV armor and Assault Rifle, and an exclusive in-game emblem
  • Props and armor for your Xbox Live Avatar
  • An extended, 90-minute version of the “Forward Unto Dawn” live action series, complete with bonus videos and featurettes about its creation. The series will also be available online starting in October.

Very promising. And hopefully we’re looking at a game of the year, starring Master Chief.