Bethesda Releases The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Trailer

It is the first upcoming paid DLC for Skyrim, and from the looks of the trailer, there will be vampires, ridiculously amazing levels and towns, crossbows, new armor, horses, spells, moves, environments, and dragons doing the craziest things imaginable. Coming this summer, Dawnguard will debut for Xbox 360 first (for 1600 points), with PC and PS3 following soon thereafter. Via: Beth Blog 

Windows 8 Release Preview Made Available To The Public

So, here is Windows 8 Release Preview, coming exactly after the Consumer Preview and Developer Preview. What the new features? A trio of new apps, a “Flip ahead” browser gesture, Flash support and a few of the updated multi-monitor features. Wikipedia and are also jumping to debut apps in the Windows Store, thanks to the operating system now being available in 13 languages. Also welcomed is are performance and stability fixes, along with smaller tweaks like being able to pin stocks to the Start screen. Microsoft also made note of the $14.99 upgrade price for those who buy select PCs starting June 2nd.
For those of you who are currently on the Consumer Preview, just do a clean install to upgrade, which means unless a user account is tied to a Microsoft ID you’re going to lose your personal settings. That being said, check out the source link for the full release notes. Via: Microsoft 

Gigabyte Unveils World’s Lightest Laptop (Purportedly), The X11

Weighing in at a tiny 975g (2.75 pounds) and measuring 16.5mm (0.65 inches) to 3mm (0.19 inches) by being made of carbon fiber, the X11 is Gigabyte’s claim to fame as the world’s lightest laptop (or Ultrabook?). As for internals, there’s Intel Core processors (Ivy Bridge generation), 4GB of DDR3 RAM, Mobile Intel HM77 Express chipset with Intel HD Graphics 4000, a 128GB SSD, WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Ports-wise there’s a power jack, USB 2.0 and mini DisplayPort on the left side, with microSD, combo audio and USB 3.0 on the right. On top of all of that, the screen is a 1366×768-pixel LED-backlit panel with a 1.3 megapixel camera, chiclet keyboard, buttonless trackpad, and a probably sealed 4730mAh 7.4V Li-ion polymer battery. Prices will range from from $999 to $1299 with Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional, with availability to be announced soon.

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Flipboard For Android (In Beta) Now Available As APK File

After being unveiled on the Samsung Galaxy S III, the amazing Flipboard for Android will now make its beta debut as a legit APK app file via the company’s own severs. While it may not be on the Google Play market just quite yet, this is a step in the right direction. You can download the Flipboard app for Android at the source link, then sideload it your phone or tablet. For those of you who are in the dark as to what sort of an app Flipboard is, it converts social feeds and websites into a beautiful, smooth magazine format with great animations. Via: Flipboard for Android (APK Download)

Google And Samsung Bust Out New Chromebook And Chromebox

Sporting the recently-released Chrome OS 19, the shiniest and so far best iteration of the operating system by Google so far. The newest hardware that will run it is produced by Samsung. First off, the Series 5 550, is a laptop with a 12.1-inch display, an Intel Core processor (what model, Samsung?), 4GB of RAM, an HD Camera, two USB 2.0 ports and 6 hours of continuous battery life (purportedly).

Now, the Chromebox resembles Apple’s Mac mini (being that it is very small and a square of sorts), but adds four additional USB 2.0 ports. Both Chrome computers are equipped with built-in dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Gigbit ethernet; the Chromebook has a 3G connectivity option. As for pricing, the Series 5 550 starts at $449 and the Chromebox can be purchased for $329 — starting today.

Via: Google Blog

Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle With Forza 4 And A Wheel Is Rather Sufficient

So, this is just a quick news byte. For $299 you would be purchasing yourself a 250GB Xbox 360 Racing Bundle, consisting of the console itself, Forza Motorsport 4 to build your racing skills to a higher degree and a Wireless Speed Wheel to top it all off. Who’s excited?

Well, at least it comes out in mid-June. Not into it? Alright, moving on. Via: Major Nelson

Apple Books June 11th For Its Next Keynote Event

Just in time for the almost repetitive announcement of new hardware in the month of June, every year, Apple has booked a keynote on June 11th at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. Reason? No one in the press or public truly knows, but all possible evidence points towards new Macs, iPods, or the next iPhone. Whatever it might be, the 11th of next month is not too far off. Via: GadgetBox/MSNBC

Nokia Shows Off A Lumia 900 — Batman Edition

Very simple idea from Nokia: take everything people love and hate about the Lumia 900 (more love than hate, I might add), coat the polycarbonate body in all black, and slap a laser-etched Batman logo on the back. This special edition will be produced in limited quantities, for the UK, Germany, France and a couple of the other European destinations in in the coming weeks or months. Via: Nokia (Facebook)