Microsoft plans Windows 8 Public Beta release in February 2012

For the computer users eagerly awaiting Windows 8, or had a taste of the developer preview that reached 3 million downloads, then it is high time that you know a Windows 8 beta will be made available for download on February of 2012, Microsoft states. That sounds nice a well, doesn’t it? While a specific date isn’t set in stone you can be sure to get a partition ready, check your drivers, your workspace, etc. for the installation of the upcoming beta. Also, the beta will contain the full Metro Windows 8 interface; essentially the new and refined look of Windows 8 not properly recognized in the developer preview.

White Droid RAZR, XYBOARD 10.1, And 8.2 Tablets Coming This Month

Not much to talk about (just kidding). The Xoom 2 or as Verizon Wireless puts it, the XYBOARD 10.1 and 8.2 will come out this month at Verizon stores. The XYBOARDs come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities for $530, $630 and $730, respectively, while the 8.2-inch model will ship with 16GB of storage for $430, or 32 gigs for $530. Also: a white DROID RAZR. Not bad for some mid-week tech, Moto. Press release straight from the source after the break.

EA/DICE Releases Another Back To Karkand DLC Trailer Featuring Wake Island

Another example why Battlefield is of amazing scale and deserves the respect of all gamers. The Back To Karkand DLC will be released on December 6th for PS3 and December 13th for PC and Xbox 360. The DLC will include four new maps and a ton of extra weapons and vehicles, all for $14.99/1200 Microsoft Points, or if you’ve pre-ordered the game, you’ll get it for free, like the guy typing this right now.

Non-Tech Post: Jones Soda Has Some New Holiday Flavors

This is totally awesome. 12 ounces of Jones Soda in a glass bottle, all in holiday themes all for $7.99. Don’t mind if I do! As according to Jones Soda themselves, this is what the flavors are like:

1) Ginger Bread: made from only the smiley faced heads of 100% organic, free range, gluten free gingerbread people. 2 Sugar Plum: fresh squeezed a la the aforementioned fruit of legend, and plucked from the only known remaining Sugar Plum tree in existence, nestled deep in the Foja Mountains of Indonesia. 3) Candy Cane: a drink so crisp and winter fresh, you’ll have no choice but to exclaim “By the beard of Santa!” in a crowded library, and finally 4) Pear Tree: a nectar so refreshing Zeus himself was known to sip it from his silver goblet, whilst wearing headband antlers.

Damn. Descriptive much?