Comcast Buys Out Microsoft’s Stake Of MSNBC

Short and simply put, Comcast bought out Microsoft’s stake of MSNBC, turning the well-recognized media company back into NBC. Another change associated with the deal is that NBC will be moving headquarters from Redmond to New York, and writers there are seeing great new posters in the New York office that represents the new change. In the meantime, Microsoft plans to start their own news service later this year, but really who would sway from the classic NBC, yet now with a new face?

Via: Physorg

How The Mighty Have Fallen: Nokia’s Lumia 900 Is Now $50

While it may the best Windows Phone out there  (comparing it to the other “best” smartphones is very hard, as the Lumia 900 can sometimes just fall short), it’s not exactly super popular. If readers remember correctly, the Lumia 900 was supposed to be the pinnacle of Window Phone innovation and would take other smartphones by storm. And then it was announced that Windows Phone 8 would not be supported on the Lumia 900, and that Windows Phone 7.8 would  be the only major update the Lumia 900 sees, thus practically dooming anyone who bought it or would have, had Microsoft not imposed such restrictions.

And so, after all that, AT&T has downgraded the Lumia 900’s price point: to fifty bucks. Yup, now it’s a $50 low-hanging fruit that will soon rot. Via: AT&T

Carbon for Android will launch for free on the week of the 22nd of July

Primarily the launch of Carbon for Android is Google’s fault. It was originally supposed to a paid premium app, after its solid start on webOS then its jump to Windows Phone. Carbon’s developer, Dots & Lines said in a Google+ post that it aims to submit the Holo-themed app to Google Play the week of July 22nd along with private testers who have had access to alpha builds of the app who will be receiving an update to a near-final beta version.

Best of all (and the worst for Dots & Lines) is that Carbon will be a free, premium app, but with no ads. The main reason being is that even at this year’s Google I/O developer conference, the search engine and smartphone giant did not extend paid apps to the United Arab Emirates, so Carbon’s developers had no choice. At the very least, they may have designed the best Twitter Android app on the Play Store, but that still remains to be proven.

Via: Dots & lines (Google+)

Microsoft Announces Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle At This Year’s Comic Con

Lookie here! It’s a Halo 4-themed 320 GB Xbox 360 with custom sound effects; two Halo 4-skinned controllers; a wired Xbox 360 headset; and a copy of the standard edition of Halo 4, all for $399The console’s ring of light and the Xbox Guide button on each controller will now glow blue instead of green and the bodies of both console and controller are translucent. Plus, there’s some tokens for exclusive Xbox Live avatar content and in-game DLC.

The release date of this limited edition bundle? November 6th.

Via: Major Nelson

Some Photos Of A Supposed New PlayStation 3 Surface

There are new photos supposedly displaying the newer and even slimmer PlayStation 3 model. The fact is that these are definitely not completely bogus shots, as they have the (supposedly authentic) model numbers CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B and CECH-4011C, all of which the source of the images — Tecnoblog — says corresponds to systems with 16GB 250GB, and 500GB storage. This all heavily contrasts to the latest PS3 Slim, which has a model number of CECH-30xx. Some diagrams showing up at the American FCC also seem to back up this rumor, so it’s time to see what else happens; i.e. start waiting.

Via: Technoblog, Joystiq

Aerographite Is Now The Lightest Material Ever Constructed

Aerographite. That’s the name given to the lightest material ever made, with a density of less than 0.2 mg/cm³, it is mostly just hollow space but can support weight 35 times more than say, aerogel. And it can conduct electricity. Researchers at the Hamburg University of Technology and the University of Kiel, both in Germany, made it from a network of hollow carbon tubes grown at nano and micro scales, and soon enough, it could be all the rage in ultra lightweight construction building. Via: Wiley Online Library, New Scientist 

Digg Just Got Sold To Betaworks For Something North Of $500,000

Current CEO of Digg, Matt Williams, has told All Things D that Digg was sold for an amount more than $500,000 including cash and equity. The approximate number is unknown, but it is known that Digg has been declining rapidly in the last few years due to the unpopular 2010 redesign, which forced Kevin Rose, founder of Digg to resign from the company in March of 2011. Currently Digg sees something between 4.5 to 7 million unique visitors each month. Betaworks, the company that has purchased Betaworks will integrate the social networking service into, another service that compiles content for the user in the form of an app. Via: Wall Street Journal