Motorola creates hype over upcoming LTE smartphone reveal on Friday

It’s hype, but of the Google/Motorola variety. An LTE smartphone destined for a full reveal on Friday is the subject of a recent Motorola Facebook post, and besides that most spied information about Motorola’s next flagship smartphone point towards a new RAZR, it seems that it’s just another dual-core Android smartphone. Or so Friday could tell — otherwise. Via: Motorola (Facebook)

Apple Will Dump YouTube In iOS 6, Google To An Create App For That

Here’s the deal: Apple has had a rocky five-year relationship with Google. It’s been good and bad. Android only made it worse. And now, Apple is filing for divorce. Literally.

Google Maps has already been removed by Apple in iOS 6 developer beta builds, and will be replaced by Apple’s own in-house creation. As for YouTube? Well, that’s going away, too. But thankfully, Google has already committed to creating a new YouTube app for iOS, so it’s a win for both companies, but somewhere in the black and white where a gray area exists, it’s a bad situation for us (the users, the consumers of both companies’ products), at least in the long-run — a constant tug-of-war between both companies means that occasionally they will not be focused (perhaps). Apple’s statement confirming this is below:

Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store.

Via: Verge

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Is Approaching Mars On The Livestream

If you’re walking the streets at 1:30AM Eastern Standard Time at Times Square in New York City or at The Exploratorium in San Francisco, then you’ll see NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover land on Mars. Otherwise, if you prefer to stay at your respective lodgings, you’ll find it streaming over the internet on NASA TVWired Science, or on the Xbox 360. Also, at the source link, there’s a 3D simulation of the landing, with descriptions of what is occurring and what steps Curiosity will have to make in order for the Mars landing to be awesome — successful, basically.


Tritton Warhead 7.1 Wireless Surround Sound Headset (Xbox 360) Review

This is a Madcatz and Tritton gaming headset, built just for the Xbox 360 via a wireless connection, and is mostly an intense gaming accessory. For $300, it’s a considerable investment for your gaming repertoire, and probably worth it only if you’re serious (and are also willing to dump $300 on a surround sound headset that only works on an Xbox 360). And for just that reason, I’m not very fond of the Warhead 7.1 wireless headset. But that’s no reason to give it a low score. Let’s see just how much of a warhead it’s supposed to be.

Apple Was Open To The Idea Of 7-Inch iPad, Internal Email Shows

See that below? That’s an official internal Apple email taken from the Samsung vs. Apple court session, where both companies are pulling out all the stops to prove who has the original designs on several products and patents. The email involves Apple execs Eddy Cue, Tim Cook, Scott Forstall, and Phil Schiller, with the subject of “size matters”. Turns out they had a lengthy discussion about several tablet sizes and it turns Time Cook spoke to the late Steve Jobs, who was open to the idea.

So, does this mean there will be a 7-inch iPad? Not exactly, it shows that Apple cares about how the iPad would be in different instances. But now we know it’s not a complete fantasy. Via: CNet

Microsoft dumps the Metro branding over fear of lawsuit

It’s very odd and sudden. Metro, the naming designation used for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 products just got nicked. How so? It all seems apparently due to the random fact that a German company also has the same name — “Metro”. This could cause a potential lawsuit, so Microsoft has not only told developers to stop referring to the versions of their upcoming applications “Metro styled”, but also will be moving away from the name entirely.

As for a new name? The “transition from industry dialog to a broad consumer dialog” will introduce a new name (supposedly) to the design interface of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 to 8 devices.

Otherwise, it’s all colorful tiles for now. Via: Verge, Giz 

Valve has a new policy: sue us and lose access to Steam

Warning all agents: Valve Software, the firm behind immensely popular gaming portal Steam has edited the subscriber agreement to state that by subscribing to Steam (thus using it), users agree not to file lawsuits against the firm itself. In fact, Valve went on to say the following:

“It’s clear to us that in some situations, class actions have real benefits to customers,” Valve said in the statement. “In far too many cases however, class actions don’t provide any real benefit to users and instead impose unnecessary expense and delay, and are often designed to benefit the class action lawyers who craft and litigate these claims.”

Thus, this is the double-edged blade that Valve has created. Play games, don’t sue, is Valve’s new ball game.

Via: Kotaku