The Future Of Agriculture? Smartpots Debut With Click-To-Grow Feature

The way humanity has cultivated for all these centuries has changed with the passing of time, introducing industrialization to the mix to make things slightly easier. But now, a new smart product is dawning over the walls of that established form of cultivation: smartpots. Basically, these Click & Grow Smartpots which retail for $60 will allow you, “the grower”, to push a button, and from upon that action the pot will periodically water the plant cartridge contained in the pot, and controls the amount of fertilizer, dirt, and water by warning you with a small light.

Will it work? Mouths and pockets will tell.

Via: Click & Grow

Check Out This Unbelievable Gameplay Of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

Everything you would watch in the video below is 11 minutes of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes gameplay. It’s the prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5, and looks absolutely fantastic. Besides the fact that it will leave you mouth open due to its fantastic attention to detail, you’ll soon realize near the end of the video that the so-called CGI cutscene is actual gameplay. Enjoy.

Lenovo IdeaPad U310 Review: This Is The Right Start

After a week passed, sitting down in the middle of a forest, I was using the Lenovo U310 ultrabook and thought, “you know, it’s not the best laptop I’ve ever used, but for the price, it’s okay”. Now, I think about that thought and realize that the U310 has a design akin to another laptop, to the point where Lenovo’s creativity could be questioned, but that isn’t per say a reason to be hostile towards the U310.

It’s an inexpensive sub-$1000 — depending on the configuration — ultrabook, perfect for the back-to-school season, and it has a decent display, processor, and even 6 hour+ battery life. And for all of that, you get a decent package.

It’s Just Common Sense: Laptops Before And After The Macbook Air

Of course the companies will “take cues” from Apple’s original designs of the Macbook Air and their other devices. To what extent the change is however, you have to see Sebastian De With’s post — at the source link — comparing the two eras of laptops, and how much they changed afterwards Apple debuted the Macbook Air design in 2008. It’s really mind-boggling to see the truth, as part of an illustration of press photos that those companies use to promote their newest products.

Check it out. Via: De With

The Razer Blade: An Ultimate Gaming Laptop For Less Cash But More Power

Enter, the late-2012 Razer Blade. It costs $300 less from the original $2,799 (making it $2,499) and from that you get an unannounced, highly-improved Ivy Bridge quad-core Intel Core i7 chip, a beefed-up Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M graphics card, two hard drives for storage — a 64GB SSD and a 500GB HDD, and the rest of the design remaining the same as the last model — very thin frame, gaming performance, a weight of 6.6 pounds, and a “sharp” name (sorry for the pun, had to).

Expect the Razer Blade to enter pre-order status on September 4th with shipments expected to begin on September 30th. Via: Razer

Nokia Lumia 920 may just be the new flagship Windows Phone 8 phone

Oh, and awkward headline and a possibly leaked press photo of a smartphone set to be announced on September 5th in New York City. Above these words is the Lumia 920, which is supposed to be a Windows Phone 8 smartphone with a super high-resolution PureView camera and a 4.5-inch screen, with a polycarbonate body available in different colors, on either AT&T 4G LTE or T-Mobile networks.

It’s all very exciting in some ways, and we’ll all know in less than a week what really happens.

Via: evleaks

Brevity Review: The Voltaic Array Solar Power Backpack Is A Win

Imagine having a backpack with three 3.4 Watt solar panels on the back, capable of charging a 60 Watt battery that supports devices up to 19 Volts of output. That means you could charge a laptop, tablet, multiple phones, and just about anything that uses a USB cord or is included in the variety of connectors that work on different laptop power jacks. It’s all very nifty, fine and dandy.

New Goal: Reach Virgin Atlantic Galactic Status And Head To Space

In classic sir Richard Branson style, Virgin Atlantic has a rather unique challenge set up: the flier with the most miles by August 7th, 2013 will have reached “Galactic” status, and will be flown out to space using Virgin’s  SpaceShipTwo by riding along with WhiteKnightTwo at 50,000 feet before being launched into space. This should be exciting for whoever has the most miles and reaches spaaaaaace.

Via: TechCrunch