Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless Review: Monochrome Bass Drop

20150623_133101Last year I reviewed the Urbanite XL and said it was clearly unsuitable for certain tasks: communication or gaming. Afterwards, I said one could “use them for everything else.” Enter 2015, and the German audio maestros at Sennheiser have introduced a wireless model, using Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX and NFC. So, how is the wireless experience in comparison to the wired one?

Sony’s ‘Ultimate Player Edition’ PS4 Is Really Just 1TB Of Storage

ps4Don’t get too excited, as it’s not a major update to the next-generation games console that’s currently winning in terms of sales. Much like their competition in Redmond, Sony is getting ready to release a 1 terabyte storage (1,000GB) version of their console, for an as-of-yet undisclosed price, but with a debut across Europe on July 15th.

As for the earlier 500GB version? The glossy section has been replaced with a matte finish and has been tweaked to be 10% lighter and 8% more energy efficient. So, there’s that.

Via: PS Europe

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Sleek, Fast…And A Little Warm

L1010588 copy

Now in its sixth iteration, the Galaxy S6 is supposed to be a representative (if not the general) of the Android platform. The Nexus 6, while Google’s own flagship for the platform, only does that from a limited developer/enthusiast perspective. Thus, the responsibility of carrying the Android banner forward and not creating a simple new iteration is Samsung’s de facto role in the industry.

Some have tried, while others have practically succeeded — how does the S6 fair then?

Nokia Will License And Release New Phones Again…Soon

20150128_143544The word comes from none other than current CEO of Nokia (post-Microsoft acquisition and integration): “We will look for suitable partners,” said Rajeev Suri in an interview with Manager Magazin. He went on to say that:

“We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to license.”

Essentially, the devices would carry familiar Nokia aesthetics (polycarbonate, PureView cameras) but with evolution, and ownership by Microsoft and the building of devices by another party. It will be interesting to see the execution of this plan in the coming year.

Via: Reuters, Manager Magazin

Intel Buys Recon, The Company That Started “Glass For Fitness”

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.49.11 PMWhat a fun turn of events!

Recon Instruments, the Canadian tech company renowned for the development of the unreleased “Google Glass for fitness” was just bought out by Intel. If any of you were keeping up with me on the company’s exploits like I was with their PR agents, then you’d know that Intel injected some cash into the project in 2013 — but now reports indicate that INtel bought the company for “around $175 million”.

From here on out, Recon has the money, hardware and expertise of one of the most important companies in tech. Intel meanwhile, has the opportunity to partake in a very interesting (in progress) eyewear wearable war.

ViaRecon Instruments, Intel

Former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Is Out At Microsoft As Company Restructures

stephen-elopIn what can only be called unexpected (and maybe a little sad), former Nokia CEO will soon be leaving Microsoft as part of a restructuring of the company near the end of the fiscal quarter. This is what Microsoft is calling a “designated transition period”; Elop served as the executive vice president of the Devices and Services group (after Nokia was purchased by MSFT), so to take his place, operating system head Terry Myerson will take charge of a new, combined division called Windows and Devices Group.

Via: Microsoft

Xbox Elite Controller: It Does Look Pretty Legit

xbox-elite-2Ah, yes indeed: “an elite controller for the elite gamer”. Microsoft is hurling new developments at the world at this year’s E3 (and at Sony). In doing so, one new addition to the Xbox war chest is the Elite controller: swappable components, stainless steel, four new rear paddle buttons, custom game settings, trigger sensitivity, button mapping, and customizable thumbstick sensitivity — the whole package, really.

Asking price? A elite $149, with support for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Via: Xbox

Saddleback Simple Backpack Review: In For A Long, Stylish Haul

L1010621There are commuter backpacks, Cordura backpacks, urban backpacks, and then there are leather backpacks. A cow all-leather backpack is the quintessential of a high-end backpack (granted that you’re not a vegan, of course), and it turns out that the crew at Saddleback Leather are masters of the craft.

Based out Texas with a story that is more an epic than the creation of a leather bag company, the medium-sized 14″ Simple Backpack is their lightest offering and is made from just two cuts of leather, folded and sewn to achieve the desired form.

But does it make a good backpack for, say, jaunting around SoHo or doing a photoshoot? Well then…