Motorola Is Holding A Big Press Event On July 28th

moto-invite-28thIt’s about time Motorola got onto our radars again. Press invites have been sent out for an event at 9AM ET in New York City, on the 28th of July — and I’ll be attending, of course. While most educated guesses would point towards the next version of the Moto X and refreshes of all other hardware, no one honestly knows what the Lenovo-owned smartphone (smart watch) manufacturer is up to.

Oh, and as Motorola put it: “your relationship status is about to change.” I kind of don’t need help in that department, but moving forward is always fun, no?

Apple Refreshed The iPod Touch, Albeit Very Quietly

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 4.26.53 PM

Typically when you release a new version of a product with an astounding legacy, you’d talk about it. But Apple hasn’t taken the expected course of action with the iPod series — as everyone might understand that the dedicated music device is archaic in a sea of smartphones and other devices.

Still, the iPod Touch is here for another generation, receiving the same 8 megapixel camera seen in the iPad Air 2, the same 64-bit Apple A8 processor from the iPhone 6 (running at lower, 1.1GHz clock speed), and the same color choices from other current Apple products: silver, grey and gold; blue and pink being exceptions.

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Razer x Gunnar Cerberus Review: When Green And Yellow Look Good

20150714_113656Yes, these are just glasses — but they’re not. The Gunnar eye strain-prevention lens is something of a worshipped apparatus of mine, having already reviewed a pair. Actually I’ve looked at twothree, or four, in fact five different pairs. Each and every time I say just about the same thing: that the lens really does eliminate some of the eye strain and discomfort associated with mid to long-use of a screen.

Now all there is to talk about is styling. It turns out that one of the main representatives of gaming hardware — Razer — decided to get in to the fun and design two pairs with Gunnar Optiks; the one seen here being the Cerberus.

Samsung Developing 11K Mobile Displays That Give 3D Illusion

L1010577 copyYes, Samsung is taking the screen game to next-gen levels. Currently their flagship phones have quad-HD displays, but the South Korean conglomerate is looking to increase that state to 11K — yes, higher than a 4K display, which is just gaining traction, and even more pixel-dense than an 8K display, which is just making its technological debut. 11K would represent a whopping 2,250 pixels per inch and in doing so, would replicate a 3D effect sans glasses, so says Samsung.

That’s one of the main reasons Samsung is partnered with 13 companies to work on the “EnDK” project, and with the South Korean government investing $26.5 million over five years — this isn’t a science fair project, by any stretch.

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The Smallest GoPro Ever Announced: The Hero4 Session

gopro-sessionSmaller and lighter than any other GoPro before it. The Hero4 Session is the answer to a question that many action capture enthusiasts have been looking for: size reduction. To keep footprint small, the Hero4 Session drops the LCD, instead opting for a simple one-button control scheme to start recording — connecting to the GoPro app allows for more robust controls.

Other physical features include compatibility with existing GoPro mounts, waterproofing down to 33 feet without need for separate housing, and the ability to record in 1080p60, 720p100, or 1440p30 video. GoPro will start selling their latest gadget online for $400.

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Côte&Ciel Isar Review: Hello, Modern Backpack Design

20150702_152545In Paris exists a designer bag company named Côte&Ciel. Its fashion mark is through bags and accessories that illustrate functional, futuristic designs that can also be durable enough for travel.

The Isar backpack is one such example: it’s a duffle bag fused with a traditional rucksack, and comes in a variety of materials: leather, canvas, and Eco Yarn (a smooth, environmentally-friendly and water-resistant fabric). It turns out, the Isar also has a few tricks, including the concealed pouch seen above (can you spot the zipper?).

So, is it a great backpack to carry in New York City — or anywhere for that matter?

Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones Review: ‘Tis Dashing

20150701_152422Based out of Manhattan exists a luxury audio company — it goes by the name of Master & Dynamic. Their flagship, the MH40 is designed to be a “modern thinking cap”: warm, enriching sound whilst being comfortable and encapsulated. At this price point, the MH40 fits snugly into expected build quality, sound, and style — but comes only as a wired pair of headphones.

Can I (or M&D rather) convince those who rather enjoy wireless headphones to stay true to the better quality that is usually in store for a wired pair — for around the same premium — and consider giving the MH40 a listen?

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.

Reminiscing With An LG G4 On Verizon

20150629_173000Earlier this year I reviewed the G4, to much fanfare. In comparison to my reviews of the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, the G4 came out to be the most well-rounded of the flagship trio, but the S6 took the design and futurist categories.

However, the G4 I reviewed was a South Korean pre-launch model, and while practically 100% reflective of the American variants, it wasn’t an actual U.S. phone, but rather, an unlocked one. Thus, I had to rectify that.