New Xbox Dashboard Update Adds Internet Explorer, Gamers Rejoice!?

Today, Microsoft will begin rolling out an Xbox 360 Dashboard update that makes the console a computer, officially (in most people’s regard, at least) — the ability to browse the internet, using Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer. It’s fantastic, right? Reflecting on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, the IE interface on Xbox is mimicked, along with minor adjustments to tabs and the positioning of certain things in the Dashboard.

Other than IE being added, that’s all there is to this update. So, enjoy, and tell us what you think.

CyberPower Launches The Fang III Taipan, A $2000 Ferocious Laptop

This is CyberPower’s latest laptop: the Fang III Taipan. It’s a heft 8.6 pounds, and features an amazing feature list for running the most processor and graphically intense programs (i.e. games). First of all, starting at $1,819, you would receive a 2.4GHz quad-core Core i7 processor, 16GB of DDR3 RAM and pair of Geforce GTX 670Ms in an SLI arrangement (basically, more power for gaming). There’s also a 60GB SSD and 1TB hard drive under the lid to close the gap between performance or storage.

As for the screen? A 17.3-inch 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD LED panel and an Onkyo sound system with a subwoofer for your audio bliss. At $2000, it’s actually a great deal, on paper at least.

Via: CyberPower

Minecraft Creator Notch Displays ox10c Gameplay For The First Time

There isn’t much known about when and if Notch’s latest game, ox10c, will be released. But there is a gameplay video that has been released for the first time, and frankly, it looks promising. The Mojang AB video games development team did stress that “we don’t know where 0x10c is really headed,” and that they shouldn’t “raise too many people’s expectations.” Until then, gaze at the video below.

Via0x10c.comPC Gamer

AT&T Will Carry The LG Optimus G Starting November 2nd

This is LG’s first try (in my book) of really trying to bring its motto, “Life’s Good”, to the United States. That’s via the LG Optimus G, which we had at a chance to play with at an AT&T get-together, which packs a punch with a 4.7-inch 1,280 x 768 True HD IPS PLUS display, Android 4.0, a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4, 8MP camera (rather than the 13MP module on the global and Sprint models), 2GB RAM and dual-band AT&T LTE. Pricing goes for $200 on a 2-year contract; pre-orders start tomorrow.

Via: AT&T

Watch The Head-Cam Video From Felix Baumgartner’s Supersonic Free Fall!

Yesterday, RedBull and Felix Baumgartner made history: as the first man to fall as far down as he has: 128,000 feet (24 miles) above New Mexico’s desert. This practically puts him in the grasp of space, and as a result, his jump plummeted him in free fall for around 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Despite figures still needing to be confirmed by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the team estimates Baumgartner reached a maximum velocity of Mach 1.2; more than 833 miles per hour, which is faster than the speed of sound.

Felix himself couldn’t believe it himself; due to low atmospheric pressure, he didn’t know how fast he was traveling, because there are no ways of telling: “I had no reference points — normally your suit is flapping.” Redbull will soon publish the official video.

Dishonored (PC) Review: Welcome, Glorious Assassin Of Dunwall!

It’s been covered for months now, and was just released  — the first-person assassin game, Dishonored. Set in a steampunk world where an empire of swords and cloth uniforms has discovered whale oil, transforming it to an industrial superpower of guns, war ships, and advanced defense technology. On the flipside, assassins also have access to magical power granted by the Outsider, an unknown, yet powerful entity who alerts you of your possible actions while playing the game. And this all happens while the city is under a deadly rat plague.

Dishonored is the perfect recipe for mayhem, cloaked in revenge for being betrayed. And this all really hits the fan because the Empress is murdered, and her only heir is Emily, the daughter (that apparently it seems like you, Corvo the Lord Protector, conceived with her). Damn.

Bethesda was kind enough to hand us a Steam code for the review of the game, and my full impressions of the game can be read, after the break.

Nikon D5100 Review: It’s A Veteran, And A Fit One At That

While it may have been more then a year since it was released, the Nikon D5100 is one of the company’s best entry-level DSLRs. A 16.2 megapixel DX format sensor, kit 18-55mm lens, full 1080p HD video recording with autofocus at 24, 25 or 30fps, the famous 3-inch 920,000-dot articulating LCD display, continuous shooting at 4 frames-per-second, option for RAW shooting, and Nikon’s EXPEED 2 image processor. It’s been great to use for the past few weeks, with image quality that is superb, compared to even new DSLR camera systems from early to mid-2012. The review? Available after the jump!

ASUS Padfone 2 Appears On Video In Brevity For Seconds

The ASUS Padfone 2, which integrates into a laptop/tablet hybrid? It’s been leaked and talked about in the past few days, but in a video recently posted, the ASUS Padfone 2 has some of its specs nearly confirmed: a 4.7-inch HD (presumably 720p) screen and 13-megapixel camera. ASUS’ CEO, Jerry Chen, demoed the Padfone 2 in the video below, precisely at the 1:40.

As for the press announcement? It’s scheduled for next Wednesday.

Via: Bloomberg