Samsung Boasts Its 30 Million Galaxy S III Sales Worldwide

This is the Galaxy S III’s new milestone: 30 million units sold, worldwide, without a doubt that a major chunk of that comes from the 5 or 6 carriers that have the Galaxy S III in the United States. This information comes from a primary source, but could possibly be questioned: the official Twitter account for Samsung Poland, is where the claim comes from, stating that SAmsung sold over 30 million Galaxy S III units worldwide since its debut in May.

As for specifics, there are none, but it is certain that the GS3 has been a success for Samsung, no?

Apple’s iPad Mini Goes On Sale Today, You Gadget-Loving Humans

Apple has released the iPad mini today, via their retail brick-and-mortar stores, or just via 3rd-party authorized retailers. Either way, whether you think the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, or iPad Mini is worth your sub-$400 tablet Benjamins, just let it be known that the iPad mini is perhaps the least powerful, but most aesthetically beautiful of the three, and with the most applications at its disposal. And if you’re in NYC, which just survived Hurricane Sandy, just keep in mind that the flagship Apple store has already sold all of their iPad minis, so you’ll have to look, elsewhere.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Reaches 3 Million Sold Internationally

Coming from a sales report by South Korean technology giant Samsung, the Galaxy Note II, a 5.5-inch behemoth Android phone with the highest-end specifications on the market (as of this season) has reached 3 million units sold, internationally. Better yet, according to Samsung, this only took 37 days within the July-September quarter to reach this mark. We also think it’s worthy of such sales, as noted in our review of the Note II. Via: AP/Technolog

Science Has Taken A Blow: NYU Hospital Has Lost All Research Mice And Samples

Oh, crap. An executive at another New York City hospital, the New York University hospital at the medical campus, who asked to remain anonymous, emailed DeadSpin the following:

I just spoke to a friend at NYU medical campus and she is just shocked at the surroundings. The research labs lost ALL their mice (1000s) and most of their research samples. The labs are destroyed, the smell is apparently intense. The hospital is empty—and they’re devastated.

Beyond the obvious impact on patient care—and I just heard Bellevue is now evacuating all the patients they didn’t already—this has a domino effect for patients at other hospitals: Can we all expand to accommodate more than our own patient loads?—the impact on the science will be terrible. It is a sad sad day for science.

Not. Good. At. All.

Via: DeadSpin

ASUS Exec Reveals That Google Is Close To Selling A Million Nexus 7s — A Month


Recently, Chief Financial Officer at Asus, David Chang, has told the Wall Street Journal that Google is nearly the 1 million monthly sale mark for Nexus 7 tablets. Better yet, that figure looks like it might rise. Of course, Apple is smashing that milestone with 14 million iPads for the last quarter alone, but Google is picking up sales, and all those analysts saying that Android tablets are cutting into the market share are actually speaking something of merit.

As Chang told the WSJ:

“At the beginning, it was, for instance, 500K units a month, then maybe 600, 700K. This latest month, it was close to one million.”

It comes to show you that quality offered at an inexpensive price (200 vs. the regular iPad’s $500, and the iPad mini’s $330) can catch on, like wildfire.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review: This Is Android’s Battleship

We reviewed the Galaxy Note from Samsung. People liked it. People hated it. Some thought it was too big. Others thought it was the perfect size. Whatever people thought (and by “people”, I mean us, the tech press) consumers bought into it, and Samsung has sold millions. So, fast forward to an extravagant press event in New York City, first calling out to the press and then the public, to come and celebrate the coming launch of the Galaxy Note II — a bigger, faster, and better looking successor.

And you know what? In this case, the sequel is better than the original. In fact, it’s the best Android smartphone I have ever used.