NYPD Arrests Artist Responsible For “Drone” Posters

In a display of both authority and maintaining public image (as well as upholding the law, ironically), the NYPD has arrested the artist responsible for several posters around New York City illustrating the NYPD taking out New Yorkers using a UAV Predator drone, weapons-free and projectile inbound. Since his arrest, the artist has been identified as Essam Attia, and he used fake uniforms and a fake Van Wagner maintenance van to appear as if the crews pinning up the posters were actually working for the city. Crafty indeed, yet dangerous with high implications? Yes.

What really makes this story interesting is that the posters were a response to the NYPD’s increased surveillance arsenal: officers can now create fake social networking profiles to track down potential targets. Ironically, the NYPD last Wednesday successfully tracked down and arrested the 29-year-old art school vandal, who identified himself in the video as a former “geo-spatial analyst” serving US military operations in Iraq. He is currently being charged with Attia now faces 56 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument and grand larceny possession of stolen property, as well as an unlicensed weapon.

Long live the NYPD and surveillance technology?

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Apple Begins Selling Unlocked iPhone 5s Start At $649

That’s the traditional price point for an unlocked white or black, 16GB iPhone 5 on a GSM carrier like AT&T, or similar networks overseas. It is expensive after all, and a similarly unlocked smartphone called the Nexus 4 by Google is available unlocked for a much more moderate $349, but lacks the LTE. Both devices have their pros and cons, with each leaning towards different advantages that make one more appealing than the other. Either way, unlocked smartphones are more expensive in this day and age than their carrier subsidized variants, so get used to it.

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Microsoft Surface Pro Gets A Release Month And Price — And It’s Not What You Expected

Today, Microsoft gave the Surface Pro, a Windows 8 tablet that is more powerful than the Surface RT, a release date and price. Starting from $899 and up, the Surface Pro will get you 1080p HD display, Windows 8 Pro, approximately half the battery life of the RT model, and of course the ability to run legacy (meaning literally every Windows app), something the RT version can’t do because its kernel is based off of AMD architecture. Other than all of that, it’s powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, and will launch in January of next year, with no specific date mentioned — yet.

The full price range is as follows: a 64GB model will cost $899, while a 128GB edition will be available for $999. The tablet includes a USB 3.0 port and a Mini DisplayPort, which can drive a screen of up to 2560 x 1440 resolution, and always comes bundled with a Surface Pen.

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UN Nuclear Agency Breached, Email Addresses Outed By Hackers

That is not a comfortable position to be in at all. About 100 email addresses have been outed by hackers who attached the International Atomic Energy Agency. But it may not be too bad, as it’s outdated information, as the IAEA claimed the addresses were “stolen from an old server that was shut down some time ago.”

As for the identity of the aggressors? A hacker group known as Parastoo has claimed responsibility for the intrusion and released the full list of email addresses via Pastebin, expressing their purpose of the breach was to shed light on Israel’s nuclear weapons program(s). Keep in mind Israel has kept their atomic arsenal under wraps, with some wondering if it exists simply as a trump card bluff. The IAEA is continuing to investigate and patch their systems.

Via: Reuters

Google Expands Gmail Attachment Limit To 10GB Of Just About Anything

Just in case you’re on-the-run like the characters of Nikita, making a big file transfer via email could be rather useful. Using existing infrastructure, Google has managed to expand the limit for attachments in Gmail to a sound 10GB. To utilize the new feature, just go ahead and click the Google Drive icon instead of the useful paperclip representing attachments and you;ll be on your way — this new method is about 400 times larger than the original 25MB limit. Talk about progress!

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Microsoft Sold 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses — So Far

So, there’s improvement on the Microsoft front! Windows 8, despite being an awkward transition that caught many consumers by surprise, has started to pick up upgrade users. In fact, according to Tami Reller, the Windows Chief Marketing and Financial Officer, 40 million licences of Windows 8 have been sold to date; she revealed the figure during a speech at Credit Suisse 2012 Annual Technology Conference. These sales were purportedly achieved during the first few days of availability, back in October. This comes after initial reports that MSFT was displeased with early sales. Perhaps that is no longer the case?

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