See The Dramatic Assassin’s Creed III Tyranny of King Washington Trailer

This is something for the record books — the narration, CGI, and artwork of the Tyranny of King Washington, an upcoming DLC for Assassin’s Creed III could make you wet your pants.In the upcoming alternate-alternate reality tale, George Washington is recast as a power-mad tyrant who crowns himself king of the US, but Connor is the sole man that stands in his way, and is fighting an uphill battle.

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Google Doodle Celebrates The Birthday Of Ada Lovelace, World’s First Computer Programmer

The beautiful Ada King of England, Countess of Lovelace. Today marks her 197th birthday; she was the pioneering mathematician who is regarded as the world’s first computer programmer. Responsible for the first algorithm designed for Babbage’s Difference Engine, essentially the first early mechanical computer prototype, even if the machine wasn’t built in her short lifetime, she already foresaw and had notes for a future where computers could create music and images. Every October, a day of celebration is held in her honor, designed to raise awareness for women’s achievement in the fields of science and technology.

And of course, every human should be grateful for her work and love of mathematics. You can check out Google’s Doodle to know more about her. Via: Google

A Gingerbread House Built Using CAD And Lasers Is Awesome, But Inedible

Ever tried to make a gingerbread house? You probably failed the first time, or at least there was too much frosting or crooked edges. Well, it turns out there’s a more technologically advanced way of taking care of this problem: Johan von Konow  designed the building using CAD and manufacture it using laser cutters. Johan explained on his blog that he wanted to create an accurate, miniature 3D representation of his delightful summer house—out of gingerbread. So he threw the plans into a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, and then cut the panels to make the house from slabs of gingerbreads using a 50-watt laser engraver.

The problem? The lasers, as he points out:

The biggest problem with the cutting was the smell. Lasers tend to create a lot of smoke, and this one was worse than usual. It was something between burned cake and burned hair… After tasting a piece of the left over we become aware that this house is never going to be eaten!

Alas. At least it’s possible, but of course someone will find a way to work around that, no?

ViaJohan von Konow, Giz

Valve Will Create Console For The Living Room, Will Be Very Controlled

While chatting on the sidelines of the Video Game Awards, Valve CEO Gabe Newell told Kotaku that any Valve hardware would involve a “turnkey solution” with a “very controlled” environment, not unlike a console. Furthermore, this would be a living room PC of sorts, which would come with Steam pre-loaded, as a sort of computer/console/Steam OS device. Other than the idea being a real concept, Gabe expects this hardware to be ready by next year, so it can compete with next-gen video game consoles. This will be mighty interesting.

Via: Kotaku

Apple And Google Purportedly Teaming Up For $500M-Plus Bid On Kodak Patents

After Kodak stated it was going out of business, it was time to get a green light for them to off their library of 1,100 digital imaging patents. Apple and Google were willing and ready to jump into the fry and secure some of the swag bags, but as Bloomberg reports, there are sources reporting that both companies may actually start working together to secure patents from the sale. In fact, they’re in a $500 million-plus bid for the patents. All three factions are remaining quiet about this — for now. And perhaps this may also dig Kodak out of bankruptcy? Or, maybe not.

[Image credit: Viktor Nagornyy, Flickr]

Via: Bloomberg

FCC Chairman Wants The FAA To Allow People To Use Gadgets During Takeoff

In a positive turn of events, the FCC is “urging” the FAA to let people use mobile electronic devices during flight takeoff and landing, reports The Hill. Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the FCC, sent a letter to FAA acting director Michael Huerta, this Thursday exhorting the benefits of tablets and computers, which he says (and I quote), “empower people to stay informed and connected with friends and family.” Genachowski added more sugar to sweeten the approach, stating further that, “both large and small businesses to be more productive and efficient, helping drive economic growth and boost US competitiveness.”

So basically, “you’re not letting America become more efficient and make more money using the Internet, so it would be great if you could let us use tablets during takeoff, kthanxbai”. In retrospect, that’s what Mr. Genachowski is saying.

Via: New York Ties (Bits)

T-Mobile Enters Agreement With Apple To Release Products In 2013

The long story, cut short so that you can understand it, and be on your way: a new deal between Apple and T-Mobile is valid from 2013-2015, where T-Mobile states that it will carry and sell “Apple products”. The T-Mobile CECO John Legere has confirmed that this also includes the iPhone. So, it is finally happening: T-Mobile is getting the iPhone, and Apple will have the monopoly of all four major wireless carriers in the United States. Talk about power, eh?

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NASA Releases New (Awesome) Photos Of The Earth At Night

Oh, nothing revolutionary. Just some really great looking photos, of the planet Earth, during our perception of “night”. With all the lights turned on, of course (or as many as possible). Regardless, it’s spectacular to see. To make the shots, NASA  filter scans photos multiple times in order to detect the amount of light in individual pixels, boosting and dimming different parts of the image, as necessary. Using the day-night band technique allows them to produce photos as seen above — for science.