Facebook IPO Official For $38 A Share Under Ticker Symbol ‘FB’

So, Facebook’s IPO is now official, for $38 a share. Now that the company is public, 421,233,615 shares of its common stock will be up for shots at a price to the public of $38 per share. Trading begins on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “FB,” with the outfit offering 180,000,000 shares of Class A common stock and selling stockholders offering 241,233,615 shares of Class A common stock. Closing of the public offering is expected to occur on May 22nd, subject to the usual “customary closing conditions” of some sort.

Good stuff. ViaFacebookTechCrunch

Porsche 918 Spyder Prototype Now Sporting Black And White Body

This time, the Porsche 918 Spyder prototype that costs $845,000 was seen sporting a new black and white shell, rather than the prototype camouflage used to ward off those pesky spies and auto/tech sites. The 918 Spyder (in case you were wondering) contains 770 horse power, and obliterates 100 kilometers of road for every three liters of petrol (78 miles/gallon). It is able to achieve such astounding numbers by combining a combustion engine with electric motors, a carbon-fiber reinforced-plastic monocoque (self-supporting) shell, rear-axle steering, and a fantastic upward-venting exhausted system (it looks awesome, right?). The 918 Spyder is booked for its initial production run beginning in September of 2013; the first units are making their way to American customers late next year.

Via: Porsche Drive

Halo 4 ‘Spartan Ops’ Will Be A Weekly Feature

Starting November 6th (the release date), Halo 4‘s Spartan Ops co-op missions will be episodic, giving players a new mission and cinematic back story every week as they progress through the game’s multiplayer offerings — which is fantastic within itself. As for the “War Games” mode, it will allow players to participate in standard competitive matches, while “Spartan Ops” will tell the tale of the Majestic Squad that serves aboard the UNSC Infinity freighter through weekly, single player or four-player co-op missions, which is were the Squad is located.

As for the Halo 4 limited edition which will retail for $99, it was detailed in a press release earlier today:

  • Free access to nine additional competitive “War Games” DLC map packs scheduled for post-launch.
  • Early access to six Specializations, which players can use to custom tailor their character and unlock new customization options.
  • A USNC Infinity Briefing Packet, which includes concept art in the form of schematics for Spartan armor, as well as Blueprints for the Infinity, the freighter upon which the game’s entire multiplayer experience takes place.
  • Unique skins for your Spartan-IV armor and Assault Rifle, and an exclusive in-game emblem
  • Props and armor for your Xbox Live Avatar
  • An extended, 90-minute version of the “Forward Unto Dawn” live action series, complete with bonus videos and featurettes about its creation. The series will also be available online starting in October.

Very promising. And hopefully we’re looking at a game of the year, starring Master Chief.

Firefox For Android Takes New Form, Is Native Version With New Design

For months now you’ve had access to Firefox for Android, but it was mostly quaint compared to the desktop version, whereas Chrome for Android very much feels like you’re using Chrome on a laptop, just much smaller.

That all changes. Starting today, Firefox 14.0 Beta for Android offers Flash support, a new starting page with top sites (very pro), secure Google searches and a slew of load time and responsiveness upgrades over the slower, XUL-based version from before — and it all runs like a native browser for Android. Nice change of pace, Mozilla.

ViaGoogle PlayRelease notes

Samsung Galaxy S III Now Allowed In The States Due To FCC Certification

Fantastic news, even if minor. The Samsung Galaxy S III, just coming off of its big announcement earlier this month, has received the mandatory FCC certification in the United States, but LTE is not on-board, rather the handset would handle HSPA+ on AT&T or just EDGE on T-Mobile if it was (now legally) carried into the States by either one of the carrier. An interesting fact is that it also needed approval for its 2,100mAh battery, which for its size, is unusually large. The global edition is available May 29th, in case it was crucial in you knowing. Via: FCC

Rdio Has A Major Desktop And Web Redesign That Was Just Released

In the continuation of on-demand music streaming competition between Spotify, Rdio, and MOG, the must design-focused of the three since the start — Rdio — has redesigned their mobile and desktop apps (however Spotify is jumping up on amazing designers). I usually hate to cover or detail redesigns, because to truly experience a new design, you must either practice it or experience it. That being said, the new Rdio makes sharing easier and finding music as well as playing it more of a prominent feature than before. The update is live via both the desktop and web Rdio apps. Via: Rdio