Microsoft video shows us how fancy the new Windows Phone Start Screen is

So, Microsoft feels very confident about all of the new features in Windows Phone 8, but of course, there is a distinct lack of public optimism when it comes to legacy devices getting the upgrade this fall; Microsoft says it isn’t possible. So, what’s a multi-billion dollar manufacturer to do? Well, you could release Windows Phone 7.8, which has a couple of the features that WP8 has, like the redesigned Start Screen, which is demonstrated with as much upbringing as possible, by Microsoft in the video above.

Mozilla’s new Firefox for Android: it’s faster, has Flash, and looks better

There’s a new build of native Firefox rolling about the Google Play Store for Android, specifically version 14. It adds Flash support, speedier browsing, a new welcome page, those new Australis style tabs, and HTML5. Most reports make mention of the fast startup times and overall quicker browsing experience, so don’t mind me while I go load it up on our variety of dual-core Android handsets, like the Galaxy S III. Anyways, let’s not forget a better  phone makes the experience even faster. Press release below.

Samsung Galaxy S III Review (Sprint)

Coming from the world’s largest manufacturer is the successor to one of the most successful smartphone lines of all time — the Galaxy S III. It is a artwork on its own, with an extremely sleek design, complemented by the now subtle yet useful touches of Touchwiz on the Android 4.0 platform. This particular unit belongs to Sprint, who’s upcoming 4G LTE network it sill support, but in the meantime uses a simpler, but usable 3G connection. Complete with the latest processor technology, screen, design, networks, and a rise of amazing apps, the Galaxy S III has what it takes.

But, now it’s time to see if the Galaxy S III has a place in Android’s great journey. Read the LaptopMemo review below.

Nintendo debuts the 3DS XL, coming out August 19th, is not of great interest

In other news, Nintendo announced a big 3DS, called the 3DS XL. What additional value this will add is unknown to me, but it will cost $199.99 and include a 4GB SD card. The 3DS XL sports a 4.88-inch top display and 4.18-inch bottom display, and launches on August 19th in red and blue. Oddly,  Japanese and European models will ship sans their AC adapters in an effort to keep costs down, and it is unknown if North American models will follow in an identical fashion, but it would be a laughable proposition in this market.

Via: Nintendo

HTC baits the internet with an image of its upcoming voice control app

So, while big players like Samsung and Apple have S Voice and Siri, respectively, as their voice control/assistant applications, HTC has been left out of this particular playing field, and it would be a shame for everyone not to see what HTC’s crack at a voice control app would work and look like. Anyways, HTC only produces some of the best hardware and software on the market, so it would be well-timed and a smart business decision for the Taiwanese phone manufacturer to give it a shot.

Now just hopefully it will be more serious than the official photo above, which seems as if a dog is using the app. Very funny, HTC.

Update: Now HTC is stating it is mostly a joke. Hrm. Via: HTC (Facebook)

Flipboard officially released for Android, comes on every Galaxy S III

Flipboard, the best app when it comes to combining your favorite social networks, feeds, news sources, and websites into a magazine format finally debuted on Android. And while all that is nice and well, Samsung has a deal going with the team at Flipboard, where every new Galaxy S III in the United States has the app, pre-installed. And hey, it is a pretty great app anyways, so there’s no hard feelings right? Right.

Oh, and just a heads-up: Flipboard for Android, now out of its beta, has integration with YouTube and Google+. Flipboard is now available at the iTunes App Store, the Google Play Store, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Store, Amazon’s Appstore for Android, and Samsung Apps.

Samsung Galaxy S III launches in United States, units under heavy strain

While today was supposed to be the flawless debut of the Galaxy S III in the United States, consumers had other ideas: the SGS III is actually somewhat troublesome to find, as it is being pre-ordered more than any other Samsung device before it. T-Mobile is actually the only carrier with Galaxy S IIIs readily available — AT&T, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular all are releasing their Galaxy S III units “in the coming weeks”. Sprint, which was supposed to also launch their Galaxy S III today on 3G (with 4G LTE debuting later this year on the device), low supply has foiled their plans. Still, in only my 24 hours of using it, the Galaxy S III is the best Android phone on the market — but let me leave the real details for the upcoming review. Samsung’s press release is available below.