Mojang gets sued for ‘Minecraft’ patent infringement

It seems to be a patent troll case from the likes of Uniloc, which claims it is the exclusive license-holder of patent ‘067, a “system and method for preventing unauthorized access to electronic data,” said to be infringed upon in Mojang’s Android version of Minecraft, a game which was created by the famous Markus ‘Notch’ Persson. How exactly is Mojang supposedly infringing on the patent? Purportedly, “by or through making, using, offering for sale, selling and/or importing Android based applications for use on cellular phones and/or tablet devices that require communication with a server to perform a license check to prevent the unauthorized use of said application, including, but not limited to, Minecraft“.

Notch isn’t so easily swayed in such legal situations: “Unfortunately for them, they’re suing us over a software patent. If needed, I will throw piles of money at making sure they don’t get a cent.”

And for proof of Uniloc being a patent troll, they’re also suing Halfbrick, creators of both Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, Gameloft, Square Enix, X-Plane creator Laminar Research, and Electronic Arts.

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Canon EOS M mirrorless camera arrives: 18MP APS-C sensor, $800 in October with 22mm lens

This is Canon’s shot at a mirrorless camera: the EOS M. It sports an 18 megapixel APS-C sensor, DIGIC 5 processor, 3-inch 1.04MP smudge-resistant touchscreen and the T4i’s new hybrid autofocus system.  ISO ranges from 100 to 25,600 (extended) in still mode and 12,800 (extended) when shooting video — which can be captured in 1920 x 1080 HD format at 24, 25 or 30 progressive frames per second. Not bad, Canon. There’s also continuous shooting for at 4.3 frames per second and a 22mm lens that will be included as part of a kit starting in October at $800 in black at retail stores, whilst Canon will sell a white version at its online store with a black lens.

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Samsung Galaxy S III reaches 10 million in sales, prompts a little dance

While there may not be specific numbers and data for us to analyze, word of mouth from Samsung’s mobile head Shin Jong-kyun reportedly states that the Galaxy S III has sold 10 million devices since it was released on May 29th of this year, as well as according to the Yonhap News Agency. That, dear readers, redefines Android smartphone competition: Samsung set and goal and reached it, and it can only go straight up for the official Olympics phone from here on out.

Via: Yonhap News Agency

Final version of Windows 8 screenshots leak: new boot screen, colors, and more

This is just a short update in the whole scheme of Windows 8 news, but it’s pretty interesting to know that Windows 8 is nearly ready for release (production-wise), thus Microsoft is prepping the RTM version. That means the final touches are being added, like new wallpapers, window styles, the boot screen, and even colors to complete all of the aesthetics. For example, above is a look at how the windows have changed from the old “Aero” design from Windows Vista and 7 to the new “Metro” look employed on the new Windows 8, coming in late October.

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Spotify’s first anniversary in the United States is composed of 13 billion listens

It’s just a year since Spotify first came to the United States — and they’re really, really happy about it. During the first 365 days that Spotify was available in the US, 13 billion tracks were listened to and then shared more than twice as many in the same period of time — 27,834,742, to be precise. And now, with year two stopping by, Spotify has some more plans up its sleeves for you to “love”. OK then, sounds good.

Samsung wants to show the press a new Galaxy device on August 15th

There’s not a single bit of evidence pointing towards what Samsung is prepping us press for on August 15th. OK, there’s a possibility of a Galaxy Note successor or a completely new Galaxy device, but otherwise, those all have just been rumors. So it’s another one of those waiting games that multi-billion dollar tech companies like to play. Pay $200 to pass jail? Perhaps.

Google acquires…Sparrow, the hit iOS email app

This is monumental. A third-party app for email, Sparrow for iOS redefined what an email user interface should be like, and Google has just gone and bought it, according to the company on its blog and Twitter account. This either meaning that Google will purchase the company to leave it to stagnant or improve it further, even by integrating Sparrow with push notifications (currently reports are going with the leaving the app alone scenario). It’s all just a wait and see game, unless otherwise notified by Google.

Via: Sparrow (Twitter)