Some Photos Of A Supposed New PlayStation 3 Surface

There are new photos supposedly displaying the newer and even slimmer PlayStation 3 model. The fact is that these are definitely not completely bogus shots, as they have the (supposedly authentic) model numbers CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B and CECH-4011C, all of which the source of the images — Tecnoblog — says corresponds to systems with 16GB 250GB, and 500GB storage. This all heavily contrasts to the latest PS3 Slim, which has a model number of CECH-30xx. Some diagrams showing up at the American FCC also seem to back up this rumor, so it’s time to see what else happens; i.e. start waiting.

Via: Technoblog, Joystiq

Aerographite Is Now The Lightest Material Ever Constructed

Aerographite. That’s the name given to the lightest material ever made, with a density of less than 0.2 mg/cm³, it is mostly just hollow space but can support weight 35 times more than say, aerogel. And it can conduct electricity. Researchers at the Hamburg University of Technology and the University of Kiel, both in Germany, made it from a network of hollow carbon tubes grown at nano and micro scales, and soon enough, it could be all the rage in ultra lightweight construction building. Via: Wiley Online Library, New Scientist 

Digg Just Got Sold To Betaworks For Something North Of $500,000

Current CEO of Digg, Matt Williams, has told All Things D that Digg was sold for an amount more than $500,000 including cash and equity. The approximate number is unknown, but it is known that Digg has been declining rapidly in the last few years due to the unpopular 2010 redesign, which forced Kevin Rose, founder of Digg to resign from the company in March of 2011. Currently Digg sees something between 4.5 to 7 million unique visitors each month. Betaworks, the company that has purchased Betaworks will integrate the social networking service into, another service that compiles content for the user in the form of an app. Via: Wall Street Journal

AT&T shows us what a red Galaxy S III that comes out July 15th looks like

Same great smartphone as before, but in Garment Red, as according to AT&T. Yup, the Galaxy S III from Samsung still has 4G LTE internet speeds, one very slim profile, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a massive 4.8-inch 1280 x 720 HD screen, and an 8 megapixel camera capable of full 1080p HD video recording, but now in red exclusively on AT&T starting July 15th, for the usual $199.99 for 16GB pricing on a new two-year contract.

Via: AT&T

HTC One X Review: Style, Power, And Great Technology All In One

Rocking it on the Porsche wheels. Clearly, there has been a lack of white, large smartphones with dual-core processors and HD screens, paired with the latest of 4G LTE data speed technology in the United States, so it’s the perfect spot for the HTC One X on AT&T to cover (even though it’s also available in gray). Being a manufacturer like HTC, known for some of the greatest smartphone designs, it takes a great deal to understand what is necessarily to knock back a very powerful and positively reviewed smartphone like the Galaxy S III — but the One X may have the exciting fighting chance, in this review.

Tweetbot for Mac alpha released, is pretty good

Tweetbot, one of the best looking iOS apps for Twitter ever released, just emerged on Mac as an alpha release available to the public. Everything is pretty much the same as it was on the iOS version, except now it’s oriented towards a mouse and a larger screen. You can get notifications and respond to tweets as well as RT them any way you like, just as you can on the iOS app. Now the only drawback: Mountain Lion or iCloud notifications aren’t ready yet; they will be when Tweetbot hits its official release.

Via: Tapbots, Official Blog Announcement 

Samsung announces Galaxy S III Developer Edition on Verizon for $599 with unlocked bootloader

For developers and Android DIYers, having a locked bootloader can be troublesome. While other Android smartphones are easier to unlock than other, the Galaxy S III on Verizon is one of those where it just is plain annoying. So, Samsung has “addressed” the problem be launching an unlocked bootloader version of the Galaxy S III on VZW — for $599.99 on their own developer site. Till then, the $199 locked bootloader version on Verizon seems like the more compelling offer, also considering that all other carriers offer the Galaxy S III with an unlocked bootloader, without the premium charge..

Via: Android Central