Battlefield 4 Is Coming, Arriving Autumn 2013

It is coming. In Autumn 2013. As the developer puts it, “The team at DICE is hard at work on the next entry in the Battlefield series,” reads the message from the team at DICE. “To ensure access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 beta, shooter fans can pre-order Medal of Honor Warfighter today.” So, pre-order Warfighter and you get access to the BF4 beta? Sounds good. But show us something? “While there is no further Battlefield 4 news at this point – remember, if you don’t see it published here, it’s just rumor and speculation.”

DICE is no fun when it comes to giving the internet (and the press release that was sent out) more info on Battlefield 4. “We’re not ready to talk about Battlefield 4 yet – in the meantime, we hope you will continue to enjoy Battlefield 3 and all the Battlefield 3 Premium content still to come.”

We can hardly wait. Via: VG247

Google’s Marissa Mayer is now the new CEO of Yahoo

In what is currently trending for Yahoo company news, Google’s Marissa Mayer (of 13 years service) is defecting from the big G and headed to the big Y — that being Yahoo!, as The New York Times reports. She not only will begin service on Tuesday, but also will be part of the Yahoo board, further proofing and solidifying her new position at Yahoo is intended to be a long-term one.

Via: NYT

Microsoft Office 2013 announced, Consumer Preview available for both Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft Office is one of the most iconic and recognizable computer applications in recorded history, but Microsoft has no plans of simply refreshing it. This time with Office 13, the Redmond-based giant plans to include  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, and make available online a public Consumer Preview for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Office 2013 works on both tablet PCs and traditional computers, thus it supports touch, stylus, mouse or keyboard input.  The main selling point of Office 2013 is sharing, in which it will allow for documents to be delivered to users through an up-to-date cloud service, that will be at its best when optimized for Windows 8 when it launches of October of this year.

Press release below. Via: Microsoft Press Center

Comcast Buys Out Microsoft’s Stake Of MSNBC

Short and simply put, Comcast bought out Microsoft’s stake of MSNBC, turning the well-recognized media company back into NBC. Another change associated with the deal is that NBC will be moving headquarters from Redmond to New York, and writers there are seeing great new posters in the New York office that represents the new change. In the meantime, Microsoft plans to start their own news service later this year, but really who would sway from the classic NBC, yet now with a new face?

Via: Physorg

How The Mighty Have Fallen: Nokia’s Lumia 900 Is Now $50

While it may the best Windows Phone out there  (comparing it to the other “best” smartphones is very hard, as the Lumia 900 can sometimes just fall short), it’s not exactly super popular. If readers remember correctly, the Lumia 900 was supposed to be the pinnacle of Window Phone innovation and would take other smartphones by storm. And then it was announced that Windows Phone 8 would not be supported on the Lumia 900, and that Windows Phone 7.8 would  be the only major update the Lumia 900 sees, thus practically dooming anyone who bought it or would have, had Microsoft not imposed such restrictions.

And so, after all that, AT&T has downgraded the Lumia 900’s price point: to fifty bucks. Yup, now it’s a $50 low-hanging fruit that will soon rot. Via: AT&T

Carbon for Android will launch for free on the week of the 22nd of July

Primarily the launch of Carbon for Android is Google’s fault. It was originally supposed to a paid premium app, after its solid start on webOS then its jump to Windows Phone. Carbon’s developer, Dots & Lines said in a Google+ post that it aims to submit the Holo-themed app to Google Play the week of July 22nd along with private testers who have had access to alpha builds of the app who will be receiving an update to a near-final beta version.

Best of all (and the worst for Dots & Lines) is that Carbon will be a free, premium app, but with no ads. The main reason being is that even at this year’s Google I/O developer conference, the search engine and smartphone giant did not extend paid apps to the United Arab Emirates, so Carbon’s developers had no choice. At the very least, they may have designed the best Twitter Android app on the Play Store, but that still remains to be proven.

Via: Dots & lines (Google+)

Microsoft Announces Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle At This Year’s Comic Con

Lookie here! It’s a Halo 4-themed 320 GB Xbox 360 with custom sound effects; two Halo 4-skinned controllers; a wired Xbox 360 headset; and a copy of the standard edition of Halo 4, all for $399The console’s ring of light and the Xbox Guide button on each controller will now glow blue instead of green and the bodies of both console and controller are translucent. Plus, there’s some tokens for exclusive Xbox Live avatar content and in-game DLC.

The release date of this limited edition bundle? November 6th.

Via: Major Nelson