Brevity Review: Razer Naga 2012 Edition


It’s another review where I reference some incarnation of the same gadget before I get to the actual review. It’s true; the Razer Naga has appeared on LaptopMemo once before, but the new 2012 edition offers some updates to one of Razer USA’s best gaming mice for just about any computer. Plus, a new lighting color scheme and new texture makes the Razer Naga MMO 2012 the best wired mouse I’ve used in a while. Razer also includes 3 interchangeable right side panels to make the whole mouse more comfortable. It may be 2013 now, but the Naga 2012 fits right in.

Curiosity Drilled A Hole On Mars While Looking For Water

Curiosity Hole On MarsThe Mars Curiosity rover on Mars has just accomplished another feat: a hole on Mars on Gale Crater, a supposed area where water used to exist on Mars. The hole was drilled by the rover’s drill attached to its seven-foot robotic arm and measures 0.63 inches across and 2.5 inches deep. What’s even better about the experiment for science is that a sample from the drilling operation has been collected, and now scientists back on Earth can verify if it houses evidence of water that used to be on Mars, or if the rover has been contaminated with more Earth material.

Hoorah, for science!

Via: NASA, @MarsCuriosity (Twitter)

Microsoft Surface Pro With 128GB Sold Out, Blizzard Or Not


So it may have snowed a foot at least in some parts of the North East United States, but it hasn’t stopped BestBuy and Staples, as well as the Microsoft Store from completely being sold out of Surface Pros with 128GB of storage. The 64GB still remains in stock in some places, but this whole situation begs a certain question: is the Surface Pro really that popular or has Microsoft just produced very few units?

No matter what the case is, it’s Microsoft’s first time making their own PC, and it seems like a decent start.

Via: TC

Electronic Arts Debuts Origin Games For Mac


Electronic Arts has made a major addition to their library, putting them in full competition with Steam (as if they weren’t already) by adding support for Mac computers. The first few titles available are Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition and Lego Harry Potter. EA is also running a launch promotion, offering The Sims 3. Much like on Steam, games available on both PC and Mac can be downloaded from the same account to different PCs. Other than all of that, that’s all there is to Origin right now.

Via: Origin

Injection-free Vaccine With Help From Melinda-Gates Foundation Actually Works

Researchers have been working on injection-free vaccinations for months now, a new method to inject a vaccine into the human bloodstream to trigger and immune response. The purpose is not only to make your immunization shots easier, but in third-world countries where the use of hypodermic needles is somewhat scarce and the refrigeration of the vaccine is needed in order to keep everything in check, a major roadblock in trying to help people in these regions.

The way it works: dried sugar, which was laced with a proposed HIV vaccine (also in development), which dissolves when inserted in to the skin, effectively triggering an immune response like any other annoying needle. Better yet, Dr Linda Klavinskis of Kings College says the work “could potentially reduce the cost of manufacturing and transportation”.

Standing ovation for science? I think so. Video of it in action is after the break. Via: MedGadget, Verge

Those Blizzard Emergency Alerts Really Do Work By Making You Jump

cellbroadcastSo, just about everyone is posting this in real-time: a crazy vibrating alert that literally makes you jump if your phone was in your pocket or on your desk. It was just a nice little notification from NOAA, FEMA, FCC, CTIA, who with other organizations, created the Wireless Emergency Alert system. It launched last year and its main function is to alert you to the threat of human life: things like this upcoming blizzard, Amber alerts, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.

Want to know how to prepare for the snow? Check out Google’s handy Public Alert page or Giz.

Sony Nex-3N Seen With Electronic Zoom Control Button

First of all, it’s worth have some history when it comes to speaking about the Nex-3N. It’s an unannounced camera that will be supposedly announced soon, with one of its main features being that it has electronic zoom, despite the fact that up till this point, all Sony Nex cameras had manual zoom. It’s also going to sport the 16-megapixel sensor of the NEX-F3 and will be released sometimes later this season. Unless of course, this is Photoshopping, in which case this all goes to the sewer, which doesn’t always happen but can happen when speaking about cameras.

Via: Sony Alpha Rumors

J.J. Abrams And Gabe Newell May Work On Big Screen Projects

Gabe And J.J.Abrams

Gabe Newell of Portal, Counter Strike, and Half-Life gaming fame is partnering with J.J. Abrams of Cloverfield and Star Trek fame. For what you might ask? Creating movies and games, via their respective companies, Bad Robot Productions and Valve Software. “We sort of reached the point where we decided that we needed to do more than talk,” Newell said of the partnership at the DICE 2013 conference in San Francisco. For example, J.J.’s team could craft a Half-Lifeor Portal film said Newell, something that would no doubt be very interesting.

Via: Joystiq