Sony’s Two Newest Cameras: The Mirrorless NEX-3N And A58 DSLR

sony_nex-3nRealistically, it’s the NEX-3N that would interest the modern photographer. Featuring a 16-megapixel sensor, a 180-degree tilting screen, and a zoom lever — Sony calls it the “world’s smallest, lightest interchangeable-lens camera with a large APS-C sized sensor” at just 210 grams. Support for the proprietary “Triluminous Color” for an expanded gamut when images and videos are played back on the company’s Triluminous Bravia displays is also part of the feature lst. The NEX-3N is coming to Europe next month; no word on American or any other availability.

Sony’s A58 gets by with a new 20-megapixel APS-C sensor and processing engine designed for low-noise results with poorly lit areas. A new OLED viewfinder, 8 frames per second shooting and a 15-point autofocus system with subject tracking and the whole catalog of Sony Alpha lenses round out the A58’s resume. It will come out in April; both cameras lack pricing details.

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NVIDIA Readies The Tegra 4i CPU Processor With LTE

NvidiaNVIDIA, always ready with new Tegra system-on-a-chip designs, released their latest processor for smartphones: the Tegra 4i. Clocked at 2.3GHz in quad-core configuration, it is assisted by 60 custom GPU cores, a 5th processing core for battery conservation — a new addition — an integrated NVIDIA i500 4G LTE modem. To top it all off, NVIDIA Chimera assists the capture of HDR shots without using a single-direction sweep. Lastly, NVIDIA knows that this is a great processor and brags that the Tegra 4i has “amazing computing power, world-class phone capabilities, and exceptionally long battery life.”

NVIDIA’s press release is after the break. Via: NVIDIA

Apple Attacked By Hackers, Patching All Systems This Evening

Apple iPad 2 And Macbook Air 2010Apple today reported a security breach in a “small number” of computers today that took advantage of a Java exploit. As Reuters originally reported, the company says “there was no evidence that any data left Apple,” and no user information is said to have been compromised in the attack. However, Apple did make mention of a correlation between this attack and the attack on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other corporations in the United States and is currently working with law enforcement to track down the hackers responsible.

A software patch will be issued later today to Apple’s internal and consumer systems in order to address that and any other problems. Apple’s statement about the breach is available, after the break.

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HTC One: 4.7-Inch Screen, 1.7GHz Quad-Core, New Sense Interface

IMGP1627Time has passed with rumors and speculation aplenty, but the HTC One is finally here. Sleek and ready to be held, it’s an incredible device to hold and look at. The new HTC One sports every innovation that HTC has learned over the years, including a new camera and Beats Audio.

First off, the new HTC Sense interface: BlinkFeed, a homescreen feature where constantly updated images and information will populate your homescreen, with large images and clean text. 1400 content partners are on board to assist the management of new content, including ESPN, AP, and others.

Hardware-wise, the HTC One has a 4.7-inch screen with 1080p resolution, Gorilla Glass, and a 468ppi, a new UltraPixel camera, a new Snapdragon 600 SoC on quad-core configuration at 1.7GHz. There’s also 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage as standard (a 64GB option is also available), a 2300mAh battery, GPS and GLONASS, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, and even 802.11ac Wi-Fi, plus an IR blaster. Support for 4G LTE is also available on Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T in the United States starting in March of 2013, in either silver or black in either 32GB or 64GB configurations.

The Russian Meteorite Exploded With 30X The Energy Of The Hiroshima Bomb

russianmeteor Just a few days after meteorites and asteroids thought to would be cool the come around Earth, scientists have been busy figuring out what exactly happened in Russia, where on meteorite exploded and caused structural damage to some buildings.  Peter Brown, from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, has been using low frequency sound waves detected during the incident to calculate the intensity of the explosion. As it turns out, as the ESA explains:

The object is estimated to have been about 17 m across with a mass of 7,000–10,000 tonnes when it hit atmosphere. It exploded with a force of nearly 500 kilotons of TNT –- some 30 times the energy released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb — around 15 to 20 km above the ground.

Amazing, but scary.

Brevity Review: Casio G-Shock Aviation GWA1000FC-1A Watch

This G-Shock Is Grounded It’s back. The G-Shock Aviation watch has a brand-new lead timepiece. Casio has spared nothing when it comes to outfitting the G-Shock Aviation watch with features. First of all, it’s an atomic watch (automatically switches to correct time in your area, if a signal is available), is triple G resistant, waterproof to 200M, solar powered, a calendar, has a Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometer, chronograph, stopwatch, world time for 29 different zones, is shock resistant, and finally has a beeper alarm.

Plus, it looks great. What pilot of the air force or just about any person wouldn’t want the GWA1000FC? It’s a cool watch; review after the break.

We’ll Be At HTC’s Big Event Tomorrow Morning!


Whatever it may be — an official name, release date, a new flagship smartphone, or imaging technology — it’ll be announced sometimes after 10AM tomorrow in New York and simultaneously in London. Word has it that the latest iteration of Sense will also debut alongside the latest version of Android; sounds good, if you ask us. Before the event even starts, follow @stefanetienne on Twitter to get glimpses of action, and then straight here to the homepage, where the announcement will be posted.