Google Glass app will find friends based on what clothes they’re wearing

Google GlassWho cares about real-time data feeds, video and photo sharing, translation, weather, or reality technology? Not Duke University, where an app being developed for Google Glass, called InSight, will help you find friends in a crowd based on what clothes they’re wearing. The app would require friends to submit a general photo of themselves, and Google Glass would interpret the image as a spatiogram — identifying the colors, textures and patterns with which they’ve equipped themselves — then you’d find your friend.

Talk about having a computer strapped to your head — it’s a full-on tactical system.

ViaNew ScientistDuke University (PDF)

Facebook Unveils The New Newsfeed UX For Years To Come

Newsfeed on Facebook '13The Facebook Newsfeed was introduced in 2006 and hasn’t changed so much then, but in 2013, it was really time for a change. Enter the new Newsfeed UX, complete with larger, wider, crisper views of everything Facebook. In retrospect, Mark Zuckerberg says it’s like, “a newspaper.” Everything from apps, games, links, photos, albums, music, posts, and sharing have all been curved around the new design, so for example, a song being shared is a simple pop-up, while a photo is now a large, blown-out image in the middle of the Newsfeed (make sure you’re photos are worthy). There’s also lots of “chrome”, which consists of many attractive icons, navigation bars, scrolling, and speed, all of which is a unified experience on tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Announcement video after the break.

As with everything Facebook, you can either keeping refreshing until you find the new features, to get put on a waiting list to speed things up. Your call, friend.

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What Features Do Current Samsungs Have?

Samsung Galaxy S III Launch EventThe Samsung Galaxy range and in particular the S3 have become renowned for their feats of innovation and portable power but being a market leader isn’t simply about purveying only the most ground breaking range of products.  Samsung also cater perfectly for the mid-range market with the new Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini set to take all plaudits in the market just outside of ‘superphone’

Microsoft hit with $730 million fine in Europe over browser choice glitch

MicrosoftNo matter how big Microsoft really, is offering the browser choice screen on new computers in Europe was a move that required swallowing lots of pride, nearly 20 years ago. In the screen, you get an option other than the default Internet Explorer as to what kind of browser you want — Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera. However, the European Commission is fining Microsoft, yet again, for non-compliance on MSFT’s part for not including the screen in Windows 7 SP1.

The only way this becomes more of a burn is that Microsoft states it was simply a error, as they had been complying with the policy for an extended period of time. Whatever it is, $730 million is a fine that Microsoft will feel.


Android 4 Surpasses Gingerbread, Jelly Bean Takes 17% Spot

android-versions-march-2013Android is slowly becoming more and more unified in the features offered in smartphones and software versions available. Finally, Android 2.3 Gingerbread has been overtaken in market share by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Android 4.1/4.2 Jelly Bean, collectively being 45.1 percent over Gingebread’s  44.2 percent. Specifically, Android 4.1 and 4.2 which represent Google Now have a 16.5% share  — there’s still a long way to go.

Via: Android Developers Dashboard

Ferrari Announces The Fantastic LaFerrari Hybrid With 949HP

ferrari-laferrariFerrari has made its first (awesome) hybrid: the LaFerrari boasts a mighty 789HP V12 engine mated with 160HP of electric power, the 949HP combination of which takes the supercar to 62MPH in just under 3 seconds — that’s serious stuff right there.

Besides being eco-friendly and the expulsion of low emissions, event he richest will be unable buy the LaFerrari — all 499 units of the €1 million ($1.3 million) required to purchase the supercar hybrid have been allocated to owners. However, the technology is already planned for future cars.

Via Ferrari, Autoblog

The Latest Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Completely Hardcore

Iron_Man_3This trailer is full of Tony Stark getting his butt handed to him, handing it back, and the world falling apart and seeing new technology, all tat the same time. It’s awesome. All the while, Iron Man 3’s main villain  the Mandarin, is taunting the genius Tony Stark at every turn.

To add to the epic that Iron Man 3 will be, Dolby Atmos is a new surround sound system destined for 450 theaters worldwide that will show off the movie that 5 different VFX studios worked on. Check out the theatrical trailer, after the break.