Verizon Wireless Will Gets Its Own BlackBerry Z10 Come March 28th

bb10-vzwIn order for the BlackBerry Z10 to further extend its wings and to promote the new BlackBerry 10 platform that is “supposed” to bring the whole platform to the forefront of the industry, where the iPhone and Android phones are, you need Verizon Wireless’ help. And so, the BlackBerry Z10 will launch on March 28th in-stores and online, with pre-orders beginning tomorrow at 8AM ET, for Verizon Wireless. BBM, and 4G LTE await those who take the $200 plunge.

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Unannounced Motorola Android Phone Seen Making The Rounds

motorolaxt912aThis totally is an unannounced Motorola Google Android phone, but right out the gate, the people who have their hands on it at Tinhte in Vietnam already have stated it’s not the rumored “X Phone” of amazing power and screen — rather it just has a 4-inch 720p AMOLED screen with a Snapdragon S4 Pro (or better), an Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB of RAM and a 2,000mAh battery. Again, it seems to also sport Google’s influence due to a lack of skinning over the core Android 4.1+ experience, sans a Motorola widget. Maybe it’s a DROID RAZR M replacement, or something?

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Google Now For iOS Seen In Leaked Video, Is Totally Awesome

3-11-2013googlenowioslolololoIn what sounds and looks like a completely official but leaked Google promo video for the iPhone and iPad, the Google Now feature that has been a part of Android 4.1+ seems to be perfectly suited for the iOS Search app. The whole video is done in Google’s style, along with demonstrations of Google Now. Despite reaching out to Google regarding the authenticity of this video, it remains (at least in our minds) that Google now is really coming out for the iOS platform, via the Google Search app.

Video after the break. Via: Engadget

Google Now Headed To Chrome OS And Windows, Beta Version Reveals

googlenow-chromium-flagIf you’re gutsy enough to install Chromium, the browser of which Google Chrome is developed, before it turns into, you know, Chrome, you may find flags in the backend section of the app that tells you about upcoming features. In this case  Chromium enthusiast François Beaufort found a flag pertaining to Google Now for Chrome OS and the Windows web browser version (no info for Mac users). If enabled right now, it wouldn’t warrant any cards or notifications, so it’s still very much WIP (work-in-progress) with no word on a release date.

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Two Days Away From Announcement, Purported Galaxy S IV Video Appears

gsiv-leaked-videoYou can’t get enough of pre-event leaks, can you? In this round, it’s the Galaxy S IV (purportedly) with a 5-inch screen, thinner bezel, two SIM card slots, aluminum at the sides, and polycarbonate back. In the video, you see a perfectly functional smartphone, with the unmistakable “bloops” of Samsung’s Touchwiz interface, that when steered towards the Settings page, reveals it’s running on Android 4.2.1.

Is this what I’ll see on Thursday here in New York City at the Unpacked press event? No idea, but evidence continues to point in the leaked Galaxy S IV’s direction. Video after the break.

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Google Glass Will Have Gmail, Path, And New York Times Apps

Google-Project-GlassGoogle has been fleshing out the Project Glass hardware at SXSW today. Bringing Google Glass to SXSW meant more than just bringing in the hardware: new features. First of all, by tilting your head a certain way, you’ll get breaking news headlines from the New York Times, or have Google Glass just read the headlines to you. The Google Glass Path app allows for pictures to be uploaded to the social network, and users to be alerted with notifications from Path regarding their images.

As for Gmail? That’s covered. You can see the email sender’s photo and the subject, while responding by dictation. One con? Google Glass will not have any streaming of video, unless it’s in Google+. A sweet little video of how it all works is after the break.

BlackBerry Z10: $200 On AT&T, March 22nd, And 4G LTE

AT&T has announced the dates and prices for the BlackBerry Z10. Starting March 12th, customers will be able to pre-order the Z10 for $199.99 on a 2-year contract, with an official release across all AT&T assets on March 22nd. The Z10’s typical specs will be included, alongside 4G LTE. So, is anyone going to take the plunge? Quarterly results and plenty of tweets will inform us, later on of course.

BlackBerry Z10 AT&T

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