Dropbox Buys Mailbox App For Around $100 Million

Mailbox + Dropbox = ?This is perhaps the most hipster acquisition of 2013 — Dropbox, the famous online cloud storage service of excellent reputation — has purchased the up-and-coming iOS Gmail app called Mailbox. Essentially, this creates what could rightly be called “DropMail”. How much does it take to purchase a super-modernized Gmail app for the iPhone and integrate it into your company?

Well, for Dropbox it cost well over $50 million, with close to $100 million in combined cash and stock. Now what remains to be seen is the integration of Mailbox into Dropbox, or maybe even the other way around.

Via: Mailbox (Tumblr)

Samsung Galaxy S IV Announced In NYC: 8-Core Processor, Full HD Screen, Etc.

Galaxy S 4 Announced JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung Electronics, and the rest of Samsung have unveiled the Galaxy S IV, complete with an eight-core processor, with a launch backed by over 357 partners, the Galaxy S 4 launches in April. A 5″ Super HD AMOLED screen backed by full 1080p resolution, Android 4.2.1 with a completely revamped Touchwiz interface. Uploads at 50MBps and downloads at up to 100MBps via 4G LTE is backed by Wi-Fi on a/b/g/n/ac bands with Bluetooth 4.0, an IR blaster, and NFC.

There’s tons more to absorb and understand about the Galaxy S 4, so you can read the details after the break!

CERN Releases Premlininary Results: They Think Higgs Boson Particle Is Real

Higgs Boson ImpactScientists at CERN have a small update that they thought you (and the rest of the world that’s interested) should know: that their purported finding of the Higgs boson “god particle” seems to be getting closer and closer to specific characteristics and formula that would classify it as the particle they’re looking for; as they said simply, the particle they’ve been working with is “more and more like a Higgs boson.” The researchers weren’t very specific after that, which makes us sad/mad, but I’ll leave it at that.


Once More Into The Breach: Galaxy S IV Images Leaked

galaxysivchinaleakJust hours from the press unveiling that I will be attending tonight in New York City for the Galaxy S IV, a Chinese forum called it168 has published images of the Galaxy S IV, in an incredibly clear and understandable set fo images. The specs from the leakers are purportedly stating that the Galaxy S IV is 7.7mm in thickness and weighs 138 grams. The screen is a large 4.99-inch full HD 1080p display, with an 8-core 1.8GHz Exynos 5410 processor accompanied by 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage with microSD slot for expansion, and lastly, a battery with 2600mAh capacity.

Once more into the breach we’ll talk about what we think is the real Galaxy S IV — and that will be when we actually see it, come 7PM ET, tonight.

Viait168, Engadget

Twitter Releases Official App For Windows 8, Finally

windows8-twitter-appReady for an official Twitter app on Windows 8? Sure you are; the app which is now available for free on the Windows Store comes in 22 languages and brings the usual Home / Connect / Discover / Me tabs that you’d see on the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps. An added plus of the app is that it takes advantage of Live Tiles, with support snap view, the search charm, notifications and animations. Get ready to load it up on your Windows 8 PC or Windows RT tablet at the source link.

ViaWindows StoreTwitter Blog

Andy Rubin No Longer Leads Android, Sundar Pichai Will, With Chrome

rubin-androidA big shindig is going on at Google: Andy Rubin, one of the creators of Android, has stepped down as lead of the platform, in order “start a new chapter” at the company. In order to lead the division, Sundar Pichai, who currently oversees the Apps and Chrome projects, will also lead Android. So, Andy Rubin isn’t leaving because of corporate shuffling, but on a high note, as CEO Larry Page mentions 750 million Android device activations as of Rubin’s move, and over 25 billion cumulative Google Play app downloads.

ViaGoogle Official Blog