Apparently The Apple A6 Processor Can Reach 1.3GHz

In a test by GeekBench’s own John Poole, the latest version of the aforementioned app has a more accurate reading on the iPhone 5’s main Apple A6 processor chip. Specifically that the Apple A6 can reach 1.3GHz at the most, as a dual-core system on-a-chip. So in this case, it acts like many other x86 processors of today: it can improve performance if the occasion requires it.

Via: Primate Labs, 9to5mac

California Has Made Self-Driving Cars Legal, Thank You Google

Holy moley. Thanks to Google’s self-driving car experiment and years of testing, the California Governor Jerry Brown has signed bill SB1298 into law, formalizing the legal permissions and safety standards needed to let automated vehicles speed on state-owned roads. And all the while it opens the automotive industry to a new technology, it’s clear from the ceremony that local technology whiz Google is the primary pen-pushing element for the new law: Brown visited Google’s Mountain View headquarters to make it the law.

Better yet, Google CEO Sergey Brin was wearing Google Glasses the whole time. Way to go. Via: Google+

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 Picasa Shows That It’s In Testing, Maybe?

Not many details have leaked from this photo published on Picasa, but it seems as if Samsung is testing their new Galaxy Nexus (2, perhaps?) in a laboratory in Korea. While sitting down, apparently. The metadata for the photo fits in with the Galaxy Nexus naming scheme: GT-i9260, which you might logically expect to be an update of the phone known as the GT-i9250 – last year’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Time to wait and see.

Via: GSM Arena, Picasa

Google Updates Chrome For iOS To Support iPhone 5, Doesn’t Publish Maps

While Google may have just unveiled the updated Chrome web browser app for iOS 6, which now supports the iPhone 5. Otherwise, new features are absent, sans that Mountain View also bundled in some undisclosed stability and security improvements in version 21.0.1180.82 (whoa) of their hit web browsing app. Link at the source.

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Nuance Wants To Enable Voice Recognition While Your Phone Is In Sleep

New (future) rule: wake smartphone with voice while it’s in sleep mode.

That’s what Nuance, the company behind Siri, wants to pull off in the next year or two. Vlad Sejnoha, Nuance’s chief technical officer, believes that “within a year or two you’ll be able to talk to your smartphone even as it lies idle on a desk”. This in itself would be groundbreaking, as the advantage would be not having to actually touch your device to give it commands. The issue that remains is a glaring one, however: battery life. It can’t be helped that a feature like that would suck the juice out of a battery in just a few hours.

But Nuance would also have to take in account that the phone doesn’t react to every single thing you say, to avoid waking it every minute. It’s complicated indeed, but it is possible.

Via: Technology Review

Brevity Review: Salt Optics Lawson Aviator Sunglasses

These are the Sal Optics Lawson sunglasses. Designed in the aviator style, Salt has created some very epic looking shades. And while aviator sunglasses are not always suitable, they are perfect for a laid back, casual look, while also looking somewhat stern, serious, or simply interesting.

For those of you wondering who Salt Optics as a company are, I will reference their launch in coastal California in 2006, with a modern, well-fitting focus, with excellent craftmanship. All great things to say, but how exactly do they hold up in daily usage? Having worn them for a few days, let me describe my experience wearing the Lawson aviator sunglasses.

They make the classy, smart, or hip gentleman or woman twice as interesting as they were before. In two words: new hotness.

Twitter Will Allow Users To Download All Old Tweets By Year’s End

In a flipside from all the tweaks, removals, and additions to Twitter in the past couple of week, a primary source will allow you to download all of your past tweets, says Twitter CEO Dick Costolo; his statements available at the source link. And that settles a long-time issue for Twitter users who want a more tangible way of preserving tweets, besides starring them or using third-party solutions. that.

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