The Strike 7 Is The Coolest Gaming Keyboard Out Right Now

The Cyborg Mad Catz Strike 7 keyboard. Yes, it is a long name, but it pretty much stands for the coolest gaming keyboard you could buy, all for $300. For that, you get an all-metal keyboard, with five constituent parts — the main keyboard, function pads and wrist rests — fully adjustable to different positions. There also is a touchscreen display, which lets you quickly reprogram and assign a total of 24 function buttons that are on the keyboard, plus it can also be used to launch and control programs on the PC.And here’s what is really the cool part: there interchangeable WASD and cursor keys and the entire keyboard’s backlighting is capable of 16 million color variants.

Let that sink in. Via: MadCatz

Flash for Android died today: so long, full mobile web experience

Adobe has been fed up with the mobile Flash experience. First on Android, then some mess on webOS, and Adobe has called it quits, now support HTML5. From now on, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices will not receive support to use Flash, and existing phone and tablets below that version number will be unable to start any fresh installs from the Google Play Store.

Long live the web/internet. Long live HTML5!?

Gran Turismo 6 is in development, will be released in the future

Sure enough, Gran Turismo 6 is in development. The world’s most famous driving simulator is also famous for its incredibly long release cycles. When asked about a potential release time frame, the GT’s creator, Kazunori Yamauchi said at the Gran Turismo 5 Asia Championship 2012 event that, “If I carelessly say when it will be released, you’ll end up with people saying things like ‘it’s been delayed again!?’ “So I will no longer say at this type of event.”

That’s all for now from Polyphony Digital. ViaAndriasang

For Your Spy Operations: A $400 Remote-Controlled Drone

Hey, it costs (£250; roughly $400) and for that you get — the Spy Hawk — a remote-controlled drone. It has a built-in 5 megapixel camera that streams live video back to the 3.5″ LCD (iPhone sized) on the controller, which also holds an SD card for recording your flights. Also, it has a range of 2,000 feet with the capability to hold 15 minutes of flight on a single charge. And in case you really want to get serious about spy work, it has an intelligent autopilot that can sustain flight in gusty conditions, keeping your live video feed of all the activity down below.

This is Bravo team, reporting to HQ. Tango down.

Audi’s electric R8 e-tron completely owns the Nürburgring on video

You haven’t exactly seen electric sports cars worthy of fantastic styling, brand name, and speed, right? Enter the Audi R8, which just went around the key track for any high mark sports car — the German Nürburgring Nordschleife. It clocked a time of 8:09, about just a minute slower than the world’s most extreme production vehicles but only a few seconds off of the R8 equipped with its standard V8 engine. Check out the video after the break, or at the source link.

Via: Autoblog

Brevity Review: Côte&Ciel Chromatic Zip Sleeve

Having just found this zippered sleeve from Côte&Ciel in the mail (among other things, but that is for another review) and I instantly started liking it. It’s flexible, so it could carry tablets that are not specifically iPads (which is what it was designed for) and costs only €39.00 which is roughly $47 USD while being water resistant (we tried that, it actually is). Only thing is that it has no extra pockets besides the main pouch.

Côte&Ciel Chromatic Zip Sleeve Gallery

But by not only being high-quality with a vibrant color selection — the sleeve seen here is in a grey melange — the Côte&Ciel Chromatic Zip Sleeve is also easy to hold (even though it has no handles) because of the dry but lightly textured fabric. It’s a great sleeve, despite being pricey.

[Available at Côte&Ciel]

Ouya console now up for pre-order at $109, completed $8.5M in Kickstarter funding

After having completed an $8.5 million Kickstarter campaign, Ouya is now offering its console online for a $109 pre-order price which gets you the console, controller, and (of course) the shipping costs; $119 for those outside of the United States. The Ouya will start shipping next year, scheduled in April. Here’s one to next generation open-source gaming. Via: Ouya