LG’s Upcoming “Share The Genius” Press Event Is About The Optimus G Pro

image001Another press event to attend here in New York City for early March, and it’s from LG! This event, dubbed “Share The Genius”, will bring the Optimus G Pro smartphone to American shores, hopefully without being watered-down. It looks like a good chance for LG to freshen up their mobile image, regardless of what the device they’re announcing is like.

Brevity Review: SteelSeries Siberia V2 Gaming Headset

The Siberia V2A gaming headset that works on all three main gaming platforms — PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 — is usually pretty hard to come by, and if you do happen to find one,it isn’t entirely awesome. Enter the Steelseries Siberia V2 headset, with comfortable 50mm sound drivers, lightweight suspension fit (So you’ll never need to adjust it; it’ll simply fit your head size), a retractable microphone, and in-line volume control all make it worthwhile to have a home on your head and ears.

So! It’s easy to see what makes the Siberia V2 an interesting headest (variety of color options, suspension fit, adaptive sound range) it’s time to let you know what I thought of it for the past few days.

Acer Teases Its Upcoming Tilt-Screen Laptop Inspired Star Trek

acer-darknessSo, this is interesting. A tilt-screen Windows 8 laptop due for a press debut on May 3rd in New York City will pay homage to Star Trek Into Darkness, so much so it would fit into the extraordinary 23rd century universe. While there isn’t much go on besides a teaser video you can watch that is with the rest of this post, it begs one to wonder: what laptop would Captain Kirk use?

Via: Acer

Check Out Google’s New Tab Page & Notifications On Chrome

Screenshot 2013-04-21 at 7
After a brief beta update for Google’s Chrome OS on the Chromebook Pixel, I encountered two interesting things: first, notifications that actually work and secondly, a “new” New Tab page, as seen above. It’s not anything groundbreaking, but little bells and whistles like this could make Chrome OS (and the normal desktop version, where this also is possible) so much more exciting for users of the Pixel and any possible plans for other devices in the future. Nice touch, Google.

A screenshot of a simple notification — a song that’s next in your playlist in Spotify — is available after the break.

Verizon Delays Its Galaxy S IV Launch Until May

samsung-galaxy-s-4-verizon-pr-1366323265While some of the other 8 carriers that will carry the Samsung Galaxy S IV has releases planned sometimes this month, Verizon Wireless has outright stated that their GS4 won’t come out until “sometime in May”. Is that entirely bad? Not especially, since T-Mobile and AT&T will have 4G LTE versions of the S4, so those looking for LTE will still have a place to go. Just some patience is required; that’s all.

ViaVerizon Wireless (Twitter)

Daft Punk’s New Single ‘Get Lucky’, Has Finally Been Released

Yves Saint Laurent Daft Punk CostumeThe hype and leaks that have followed Daft Punk’s upcoming album, Random Access Memories, can only be rivaled by the number of rumors for the next iPhone or Android release. It really has nearly been an asinine experience; many of the “leaks” have been fake, others well-played, and to put a stop to it all, Columbia Records and Daft Punk have released the song Get Lucky this Friday over iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio. The real deal, no less.

If you’re specifically wondering why so much hype exists, then perhaps you should think about the last time the Daft Punk duo released a studio album: some eight years ago.

Via: iTunes

Google’s CEO Larry Page States The Obvious: Glass Runs Android

glass-flyers For those of you wondering if the upcoming Google Glass will actually work as a device of Android: yes. In today’s earnings call, Google CEO Larry Page went full blast, stating that there is compatibility: “Obviously, Glass runs on Android, so [Android] has been pretty transportable across devices, and I think that will continue.”

What version can’t immediately be revealed, but due to the inclusion of card features, there is not doubt it’s the latest version, Android 4.2.2, or above. In the meantime, the waiting game continues.

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Twitter #Music Comes As An IOS And Web App That Makes Music Easier

Twitter MusicThe celebrities that have been praising Twitter’s new #Music app weren’t kidding: it’s seriosuly awesome. Starting off as simple iTunes Previews, Twitter users with Spotify or Rdio accounts (with more services being added in the future) will be able to stream, search, tweet about, and discover new songs based on what they’re interested in, find, or what others are listening to. And it’s all incorporated into an amazing UI on iOS or on the web. It completely is free to use (unless of course you have a Spotify or Rdio account which you’re paying for) and with the power of tweets and charts, will help you better understand and enjoy the music you already listen to.

Twitter #Music will hit the Apple App Store this Thursday and will slowly roll out to the Web, at music.twitter.com. Initially, the U.S., Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand will have access to Twitter #Music, with an Android version plus support for other countries in the works.

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